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Stateroom removed from fully paid booking

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2 hours ago, BusyBea said:

Exactly what I do.  I've received great perks and have never had a problem prior to this.  That's why the ongoing issues with this transfer are so noteworthy.  


Me too - never a problem - I like booking via Princess website then transferring once I'm happy to get the extras.  Sounds like they really messed up this one - wow - just wow!

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, BusyBea said:

Jagofee, OP here... No, the wound was not self-inflicted.  Despite the fact that I sent a Transfer Request Form to Princess including all the correct information, Princess transferred my booking to an entirely unknown TA.  Please explain how I could possibly have inflicted that on myself.  When Princess told me it was too late to process the transfer prior to the booking deadline I paid Princess directly and let my travel agent know the situation.  My TA contacted Princess because she thought it was wrong for me to miss out on the extra perks she was offering simply because Princess couldn't manage the transfer correctly.  That was when Princess added the 2nd booking, then canceled my original booking and stateroom.  Yesterday things were back to us having the new booking but with our original stateroom.  Today we have two bookings again, with two separate staterooms.  My TA says she's never seen such a mess, and the people she worked with at Princess admitted that to her as well.  I've requested booking transfers to TAs before and my TA has handled transfers before. Before you assume that my problems were self-inflicted, you might want to consider the possibility that someone at Princess messed up big time.   

I did not actually assume it, I just said it seemed like it.  I do understand your point.  You requested the transfer within 60 days of making the initial booking, submitted the transfer request,  and Princess told you to make the payment directly to them although it was three days early.  (Because there was not enough time to make the transfer)  It does seem like you had no choice.  

Princess has messed this up and it is hard to defend Princess. 


Obviously you want to submit the transfer earlier next time and not make a final payment directly to Princess before the final due date.  But I do understand you were following Princess’s instructions that the booking would not be transferred.  


Here is the statement on the form that you submitted:


”Bookings may only be transferred within 60 days of booking creation so long as (a) the request is made outside the Final Payment period, and (b) the booking is not paid in full.”


I hope you are successful in getting this resolved although it is painful. 

Good luck

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10 hours ago, trbarton said:


Here’s why I’ve done this. First if I want a certain stateroom & I'm not able to reach my agent so thus my going onto the Princess web site. Second I’ll contact my agent to see what perks/price they can give me. With this information I can decide to transfer my reservation to my T/A or keep what I have. 


If your booking is with a T/A everything regarding money is done with them. 



Things are different in this country. (Wales, GB)

Not sure if transferring from Princess to an agent is even possible. 


We research on the internet, choose the cabin we want. Have quotes from a few online agents,(including Princess) then take details to local travel agent who price  and perk matches. If the chosen cabin does not come up as available, the TA will speak to Princess directly and so far we have secured our chosen cabin.  


Bit of a chore, to begin with but no fussing or transferring once it's booked.

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8 hours ago, jagoffee said:

Obviously you want to submit the transfer earlier next time and not make a final payment directly to Princess before the final due date. 

That's what I would have normally done, but I booked just a few days before requesting the transfer.  It was a great last minute fare for Alaskan residents so I jumped on it to get the stateroom I wanted, then started looking around at TAs. You're right about not paying Princess until the final due date, although I'm not sure how much of this would have been avoided if I had done that.  The problem started well before I paid, when Princess transferred the booking to an unknown TA.  Now we have two separate booking numbers and are reserved in two staterooms!  I'm almost afraid to have my TA talk to Princess about the double booking; it might be safer just to leave it alone.  🙄

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i would hope that since you Princess direct booking is fully paid and probably shows as paid that you would be OK.  The false one should cancel if not paid, but I guess you cannot be certain. A call to Princess might be a good idea, just to get the false booking removed from the system.


Best of luck.


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