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Hello from Armonia LIVE


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Or a small ship, it packs a punch.

I can’t believe my balcony cabin has a walk in closet! (1220, top deck, last cabin, starboard)

Plenty of storage space and there really is a bath tub


Check was fast and easy, though some didn’t really seem to understand what Aurea meant and that priority boarding came with it, but have to remember, they work for PortMiami, and not MSC, even if they have an MSC pin (my SIL does check in’s at Port Canaveral, so I know how it is)


Arrived earlier than intended, traffic wasn’t bad, got here at like 11:20am, was in waiting by 11:35 or so, and they let us on promptly at noon.

Went right to the credit card registration kiosk and no line, no waiting

Was surprised many of the prime massage times for tomorrow’s sea day was already booked up (midday), so we booked our comp massage in the morning tomorrow. The comp massage is a 50 minute Balinese massage. 


I have ave some other photos, will post later and try to keep everyone up to date.

Have unlimited internet, so we’ll see how that goes.




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Thx for posting a Live review 


We’re onboard in May 


Can you take some pics of the casino for me. 😃. Thx 


Looking forward to following your posts of the ship and ports 

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Casino is a bit more slots that I thought, but sure. 


Muster was was a bit of a joke, they announce “In 15 minutes we will be doing muster drill” and not two minutes after the 9th language version, the horn sounded.

Then, the person announcing it (in English) said clearly “DO NOT put on your life jacket,” so we didn’t and walked from deck 12 to deck 5, and everyone had their life jackets on! We stood there, hold ours, no one said a word to us, we were in the front of the group, and just holding them in our hands. 

It’s like we were the only two who paid attention to the announcements. 

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Got my cabin wrong, I’m in 1228

oh well


Bad news is, seem to have no WiFi signal in my cabin, but do in rest of ship....we’ll see how that goes


We’re on our way, heading out of Gov’t Cut


see ya!



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1 hour ago, VgsBby said:

Following your review, we'll be boarding next week. Can you please let us know if they turn back the clocks at all.



We will be boarding next week, too! I also thank you for your live review. Please comment on food and entertainment if you have the chance! Enjoy your cruise.

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9 hours ago, EngIceDave said:

Most ships I have been on do not, you stay on “ships time”


Interesting. On MSC Divina a few weeks ago we turned forward and back the clock a few times. (That was also a Cruise from Miami.)


Of course it depends on if there are any changing timezones during the cruise. If not, obviously no turning is needed!

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Ok, let’s start with 1st question....TV

you have 3 versions of CNN, business, regular and HLN.

You have TCM (Turner Classic Movies), TBS, TRUtv, Two versions of ESPN,  and some channel that shows movies in English, but it’s infrequent commercials are en Español 


Those chairs are part of the thermal suite and do not seem exclusive to any but that. 


As for the clocks, we DID have to go back an hour. Honestly, I don’t remember ever changing on my many CCL and RCCL cruises, but I have hit my head many times crashing motorcycles, so there’s that. 


Avoid the the hassle of the line to activate WiFi and remember this login.mscwifi.com 

You put that into web browser and you right to the login. No pop up, popped up, so have to do direct route. If you buy in advance (like $10 bucks less for unlimited, if I remember right) you will enter the “internet ID” number and your prepaid shows up. Service is no bueno in our cabin. Talked to someone and was told in cabin use can be spotty, so I am sitting in San Marco coffee and seems decent. 


Right now, we’re south of Cuba and you can see it in distance. Seems like we’re hauling butt, but can’t believe it’ll take another full day to get to Jamaica. I’m guessing at some point we’ll circle around or slow down a lot. 


Casino has only only a few tables, I’ll post pictures, but has two BJ, a “Dream 21” BJ (with is the low player edge version),  a Texas hold ‘em, a 3 card poker and roulette. No craps. 

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Some pics....


first s tone is a credit card activation kiosk, we went right to it when we boarded and was no line, no wait


It is slow uploading these photos...


think NK I am up to hearing 5 different languages so far...of course English, but also French, Italian, German, Chinese (Mandarin?), Spanish 


Slot machines are pretty up to date, no really old reel or outdated versions. No real high limit, but are some of the Asian version that let you wager up the usual 888 credits (cents). They show euro on the bill taker,  it do take USD









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Last nights menu in La Pergola, I guess it’s same in Marco Polo MDR

They have a bunch of two-tops, and they line 4 of them about 3 inches apart, so you are dining alone, but they can be quickly put together to see a large party. We like to dine alone, call us antisocial, whatever.


second pic is one of my favorite things in world, coffee on my balcony, watching the world go by




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Since I'm boarding in just 3 weeks, and its my first MSC cruise, I really appreciate your thread. 

Couple of questions:


San Marco coffee - I must have iced coffee every day, is it available here? Can you post a menu?


Credit Card activation - I'm used to this happening at check in at the port, seems like there is a different process for MSC? 

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yeah, they don’t take your CC at check in, just look at passports and take your photo. You register your CC once on board. 


I didnt see any any iced coffee stuff on the San Marco menu. 


When end it comes to lunch, La Pergola is open from like 11:30 to 1:30, I believe it said. 


Both the hamberder / hot dog thing and the pizza thing are open as well as one side of regular buffet. It has the usual fare. 


Seas are calm, so no real movement to speak of, other than the best described vibrations...teeny tiny side to side rock, not a lot different than riding in a small car 🚗 

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EngIceDave - Great PICS!!! We are on same cruise as 'travelingtink'.

(Like you we eat alone and Coffee on the balcony is a must! We must belong to the same anti-social club:)

Where did you get the Internet ID to enter? I have purchased Premium Internet Package.

Would you please let me know what you checked off on the Cuba Affidavit? "Support for the Cuban People"?

And most important, we did a tour on the 1st day but want to just walk off and walk around on our own the 2nd full day in Cuba. Please let me know if that is easy enough to do!


Like everyone else your reports are GREAT!

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