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LIVE from the Prinsendam - 24 day Med Rivieras & River Explorer - please join us

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Beautiful spot.  





Loved this lemon tree - couldn’t resist:







Some of our people just waiting to meet up with the van.  We had opted to spend more time in Positano and less time in Sorrento.  Positano is just so pretty that you can’t resist more time here 😉 






Somehow these pics are out of order but this is my attempt to take pics of the orange trees from the moving van.  Oops 😉 








More in a bit.  There is tons to show you and if I become boring just tell me.  Time to move on though 😉 

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2 hours ago, *Miss G* said:

There can never be too many pics of the Amalfi Coast!



What about Herculaneum 😉 


My good ipad is charging so once done and internet permitting - I wll continue.


Life boat drill on right now.  Doing a little happy dance since this is the first time EVER we have been not required to go. 😉 😄 😄 :

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49 minutes ago, kazu said:



What about Herculaneum 😉 


My good ipad is charging so once done and internet permitting - I wll continue.


Life boat drill on right now.  Doing a little happy dance since this is the first time EVER we have been not required to go. 😉 😄 😄 :


Looking forward to Herculaneum!  That is one place I have yet to visit.


Not having to attend muster would be amazing.  Has anyone come looking for you or mentioned you should be there?  That would take the joy out of it for me.  Lol

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25 minutes ago, *Miss G* said:


Looking forward to Herculaneum!  That is one place I have yet to visit.


Not having to attend muster would be amazing.  Has anyone come looking for you or mentioned you should be there?  That would take the joy out of it for me.  Lol


Nope, no one came looking but as I was delivering Meet and Greet invites I smiled at the crew at each staircase level and said = we don’t have to be there 😉 


Our letter was clear and the announcement today was as well.


It was quick though.  I think a lot of people stayed on as I was told the lines were only two people deep.


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Let me see where I left off ..


Oh yes, beautiful, beautiful Positano.


OMG someone needs to stop the tour buses from coming in (I know, as our guide said, money talks) but they can’t do the turns easily and all the traffic has to stop for them 😞 


We stopped in th is restaurant as our driver told me it had nice restrooms.


They had a sweet cat who everyone was patting and when I came out they had decided he needed to do be brushed - so they vacuumed him.  The cat seemed to love it 🙂 





More of Positano if you don’t mind:























And then we were off to Sorrento.  It would be a quick stop as the group voted to spend more time in Positano.  Our driver took us to his favourite pizzeria.


OMG was it good.  The real wood fired type pizza.


We were worried we would be behind as we had been caught in a traffic jam, but our guide kept in contact with the other group (we were sharing the guide at Herculaneum - yes we got a guide to do it right 😉 )


And since they too were caught life was good.



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Ok, I KNOW you want food porn so here is the restaurant we stopped in Sorrento for a light bite:





Look at the prosciutto and ham hanging - it’s a drool restaurant:









They had a choice where you could have 4 different types of pizza and some of us took that.  And some went with regular.


But no matter what you had - it was DAM good.  🙂 







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Wow this is a beautiful area.  I don’t think I could ever go because of my head but your pictures are stunning!  And now I’m hungry, thank you very much...no such pizza like that here.  DAM. 😆

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12 hours ago, *Miss G* said:

Did you get down to the sea in Positano or did you stray not far from the highway?


We have done the Amalfi coast by ferry and by road.  (Let’s just say there was less screaming by ferry.) 


We walked down pretty low, MIss G.  NOt quite at sea level, but close. 😉 


We had lots of time in Positano to explore and admire.


Your car ride sounds like the one I did in the past.  Our van was excellent - I would say brand new or very close and the ride was unbelievably smooth despite the twists and turns and curves.


I tried to copy Monica with her “oops” when a car came close.  Failed once 😉 

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Here is last night’s dinner menu:










The ceviche was the best I have ever had on a ship - very good!





DH’s Caesar salad was excellent as well.  Really surprising meal 🙂 



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A kind of strange thing happened when we went to order our wine last night.


The cellar master packages have changed.  No, we don’t have the new packages.  We are running out of some of the wines.


While we still have wines remaining in our ordered packages, these are our choices now:








Once we have to order a new package, these will be our choices:




Since all contents are transferred to the new owner on July 1st, they are being very cautious about replenishing.  I kind of feel for the people on the final voyage if the choices are going to be less and less.

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Here is today’s When and Where:








DH and I learned a valuable lesson last night.  ALWAYS read your When and Where 😉 


So used to going to Happy hour at the Crow’s Nest that DH headed up before it ended to order our wine.  He got a bit of a shock though - even though we had been on board for a number of days - it was embarkation day and there is NO Happy Hour on embarkation day.


LOL - our own fault for going by habit and not checking the When and Where 😉 🙂 

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Today is a sea day and, of course Gala Night.


It’s a busy morning with the Meet and Greet, reception and then lunch in the PG with CC friends.


A bit more from our Positano trip








Here’s the beginning of Ercolano (Herculaneum) for you and I’ll be back after all the activities to carry on.





Our guide Paolo:




Herculaneum was destroyed differently than Pompeii and because of that the frescoes,  jewelry, even chairs are much better preserved.


We were at the exhibit of some of the pieces recovered and jewelry.  It’s behind glass of course to protect it so the photographs will not do it real justice, sadly.  But you can’t blame a girl for trying 😉 









There is a lot of detail in their lamps, jewelry, etc.  Really beautiful.


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Wow.  They sure don’t make that new wine list easy to read, do they?  If they need to dwindle stock, perhaps the guests on the final voyage will get some great deals on some of the pricier wines.  (I am a perpetual optimist. Lol)

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Look how well the table was preserved.


and the lovely frescoe:






The detail in this is incredible IMO:




Why am I taking a pick of this?  So you can see the difference between the roads here and in Pompeii.  No ruts, all smooth.  They had their own drainage system and sewers!




This is actually a place to eat - not toilets.


The round things held the food to keep it warm.  Sort of a fast food place like MacDonalds 😉 




This is their sewer system.  As advanced as ours of today!




This was actually a place of worship to Augustus built by free slaves.  Free slaves were quite the status symbol and many were wealthy.


Look at how clear the frescoes are here and how magnificent it is.  Not hard to imagine how much more magnificent it was before Vesuvius erupted.


When Vesuvius erupted the cloud was like 30 A bombs - up over 18 miles and when it descended here it charred everything.  People died in seconds.  The mud and charring is what preserved so much.









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11 minutes ago, *Miss G* said:

Wow.  They sure don’t make that new wine list easy to read, do they?  If they need to dwindle stock, perhaps the guests on the final voyage will get some great deals on some of the pricier wines.  (I am a perpetual optimist. Lol)


The one is difficult to read a bit.  


I hope you are right and that the pricier wines will be at a good price.


Might as well sell it even at a reduced price than give it to Phoenix 😉 

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Wow.  Thank you so much for the Herculaneum pictures.  Must get there next time.  Interesting that the road doesn’t have the ruts.  We were told the ruts in Pompeii were from the carriages.  I must have blocked off the sewer bit.  😂


See if you can get them to sell you a good bottle of wine for a discount!

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The dedication in the place of worship




Just to give you an idea how big the frescoe was here and how large the room is.




Look how high the arches are!  Romans were much shorter than we are today.






There is still a lot of Herculaneum to be excavated - only the bottom left hand corner has been done.  The Colisseum is still under rubble waiting to be discovered.




A store.  Just as they do in Europe today.  The shops are on the main level and people lived on the 2nd floor.




This is the advertising for the wine shop.  It didn’t photograph well but if you look closely, you can see the prices of the different types of wines.






We were now going into an expensive home.  Here you can see the well:  You could see the grooves made from when the buckets were pulled up.





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Then we went to their spa.,


Look at the detail in the floor.  And yes, we were walking on it!  People were centuries ago.






this is the ladies locker area where they stored their clothing and items before using the sauna.  Women and men enjoyed their thermal treatments separately and did not intermingle




Here you can see where they enjoyed the hot water, similar to what we do today.  The heat radiated from the floors (yes they knew how to do that) and the walls.  Quite ingenious.;



Just a bit more detail so you can see the roof.




Part of the sauna area:






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I am wondering if they were using geo-thermal energy for that “fast-food” area.  I am thinking it would be quite active back then... before Vesuvius blew its top.  A friend and I climbed Vesuvius (more like hiked) and it is still somewhat active.

Edited by *Miss G*
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