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Eclipse disappointing compared to other recent Celebrity sailings


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We're off in Honolulu, and for the first time since 2013, we have no X cruises booked.  I certainly take issue with management, who seems full of ego, but still expected a great experience based on the Infinity last October.


My biggest complaint was the food.  Apparently the majority disagree, but I thought the Oceanview Cafe was terrible.  Too much was lukewarm, tasted off or cheapened, and more limited.  No more wok, frozen vegetable mix introduced the last night.  Salads bar is about all that's worth touching.


Blue was hit and miss, not as consistently good as they used to be.  The staff is overworked and rushed, taking care of more tables.  The bread began to get stale.  Cheese and hummus spreads have been replaced by pureed peas, corn, beats, and carrots.


More to come...



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3 hours ago, Ktuluorion said:

Folks - just got on the eclipse a couple hours ago in Honolulu,  and figured I'd report back.   Observations so far:


Absolutely stunning ship.  Crew seems nice,  many nice greetings.  AQ room has nice balcony with footstools.  Buffet was fine, well laid out,  choices were just ok in my book.  


The two concerns I've seen so far:  1) for whatever reason my go best promotion doesnt seem to have registered properly,  so we are spending too much time at guest relations 2) I'm reference to above notes about things running out- i ordered a mai tai (we ARE in Hawaii!) and the server came back with them and mumbles something about no more pineapple juice.   i ran into him again and he said something about "we may get some more,  we may not".  A little weird, and I'm hoping it's not a sign of things to come in terms of availability based on what has been previously mentioned.  


So - based on everything mentioned above, i'd grade it a B- with a lot of upward potential if things go well. 



Hmmmmmm........  our experience quite different. I ordered Mai Tai’s several times and no problem with being out of anything ... might just be the bar ordered from ... I ordered from Martini Bar and theater before a show.    

We only went to the Buffet for breakfast once and lunch twice and then for a late afternoon snack and got pizza.   Buffet is laid our well but during peak times people going every which way and no where to sit.  Food choices were fine for buffet, but varied everyday so can only judge by our few times there.  

We did have issues with wine selection in MDR but after a few days found wines we liked.  

Sorry to hear you had issues with your go best .... we experienced none.  Everything went as expected.   We had purchased a trio specialty which was 2 dinners, 1 lunch.  I checked with guest services as we had no notification of it other than purchase confirmation and they assured it was there.  First night for diner went to Sushi on Five at 30% off they were offering and we went another day for lunch, assuming we would be credited for the lunch, but were credited for the dinner which was more.  The other 2 specialty dinners they never even brought us a bill, we had to ask to be able to add a gratuity.  

Ship in great shape, crew all friendly and attentive, though a few in MDR (we had select) did seem a bit stressed and hurried.  All in all we had a great experience, enjoyed our cruise very much and have booked something way out until we decide exactly where and when.  


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Another thing I noticed was the lack of entertainment.  Celebrity seems to have learned to put their best foot forward towards the beginning and end of their cruises.  A crew member even told me, "I'll be very busy tomorrow, we have to make a good impression on the last day".  Musicians in the atrium seemed to be successfully lighten the mood of those standing in line at guest services. 


My wife slipped and fell down the tender stairs at 2AM, heading out to catch the sunrise in Maui.  The crew asked if she was alright, which she said that she thought so.  They then asked everyone else to freeze, while they wiped up the moisture on the steps with a couple towels.  A family that joined us on the tender were extremely sympathetic, and gave us their room #, offering to be witnesses.


Heading out towards the excursion, the pain increased.  We eventually ended up at urgent care, and found out she had a couple of abrasions, bruises, sprained back, and various pulled muscles.  Nothing that won't heal over the next week or so, but we wanted to be sure.


We eventually made an incident report that night, and guest service was completely indifferent.  She typed the information down, and asked, "Is that it?"  Awkward silence, we said yes it was.  She then immediately called the next guest over, without so much as a goodbye.


I assume that we are the ones negligent, and/or this type of situation is covered in their contract.  However, there is excessive rust on the side of the ship (wish I had taken a photo), and the paint is starting to wear away and develop pores on the steps.  It would be nice if they would keep it dry, or put anti skid strips down.  At the very least, we shouldn't be made to feel as if we're an inconvenience for informing the crew as to what happened.



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On 4/22/2019 at 9:38 AM, chemmo said:

Just hope when we get on Equinox in September we get as good service.


We had exceptional service from the somellier on Equinox last year.  My wife was pregnant and every night he found a new non-alcoholic cocktail for her to enjoy.

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Just now, andyfriend80 said:


We had exceptional service from the somellier on Equinox last year.  My wife was pregnant and every night he found a new non-alcoholic cocktail for her to enjoy.


Thats lovely, I am quite partial to an non-alcoholic cocktail myself at lunchtime although come the evening...


When you do get a really good sommelier or bar tender I am sure the drinks taste even nicer because of the extra effort the staff have made for you...


Hope your wife is well and you are enjoying looking forward to cruising with your little one...


Can’t wait to get on Equinox for a little pampering now!

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A few more observations today for those who are following:


First off, while i've seen some negatives (which I'll note below), I'd say we are still having a great time.  If you have an Eclipse cruise booked, i would not be too worried (the reports i saw before boarding concerned me as well).


We started the day off with blu breakfast.  it did seem like staff was limited and very busy.  the experience was acceptable, but where it was short of being a great experience was small things like the fact that when our first cup of juice was done the waiter quickly collected the cups and we were not asked if we wanted more.  Seems to be a new procedure where things like bread and juice are given at the start of your meal, then you are done unless you go through some effort to procure more.   waiters are pretty good,  but they are very speedy and don't give you much opportunity to ask for things (or ideally notice what you need without asking - like more juice).   like i said - adequate, but missing detail.   the blu maitre d' is a stud - I've literally seen that guy zipping around doing every job - definitely not the lazy maitre d' we many times see.


the snorkeling excursion we booked through celebrity was great.. and while expensive, they had a nice breakfast and lunch spread, and the crew was fantastic.


we did dinner at murano (first time).  literally everything was perfect, from the food to the sommelier,  to the waiter.  nothing more to be said.. might be the best meal i've had in 15+ cruises. 


HOWEVER - my parents dined in blu, and said it was awful.  they are not complainers usually,  but they said the meat was awful, service was slow (understaffed), food was not good.  i was pretty shocked.. they usually think everything is good. 


entertainment was wonderful - there was a violinist, which isnt my thing but i enjoyed it eith an open mind,  then a late night adult comedy show.  i like our cruise director (alejandro).  it seems like the agenda for tomorrow is pretty good too.  I'm pretty psyched that the entertainment is on point,  as it was pretty sleepy on our summit cruise last year. 


FINALLY - our stateroom attendent is fantastic.   extra towels,  anything we need, and a fun great guy.   not one complaint here,  he's perfect. 


So - overall having a good cruise, but there are definitely some blu issues (which seem to be cost cutting - low staff and cheap ingredients - the actual staff is good).


I'd say it's still a  b-, with the ability to go up or down.


Once again,  hope this attempt at an objective review helps someone!

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