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4-25-219 Thursday Weigh-In...Last Weigh-In For April


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April showers.. May Flowers they say

April weight gone by May is the way


Did the Bunny hop pass your house and give a wave

Not having candy might help your weigh-in today


If the bunny did stop at your house on Sunday

Hope you ate a little then gave it away


Hope we all have loss's this weigh-in day

Then loss's every week in May


Have to lose weight before the May Holiday's

If you celebrate there's Mother's Day and Memorial weekend..Hooray

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Guess what I did?  I booked a last minute cruise to Alaska for May 26th 10 day. Going solo.

Gone in May twice before and had good weather plus it's been mild weather there this year.

Got a good deal plus have OBC. Excited because hadn't planned to cruise untill Sept.

I love Alaska, it's has such beautiful scenery and love the small towns. Love Skagway.


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You know what I miss..Jan and Diana might remember......When this sight was started

Lose Before You Cruise. When only had one site....WE talk about everything. Weight loss's,

what diet, how many times a day you weighed, where did you cruise, did you exercise, even things

not weight related if people needed to talk, ect.


Then we got more people joining and then they started difference posts on things (which is their right)

but the posts don't seem to last. Wish would could get back where everyone could come on one post

(ours of course:classic_smile:) and talk about everything. Think we would have people staying longer because

always be some one here to answer them back. Maybe get more out of Cruise Before You Cruise.

 Just been thinking about this. What do you think?

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Belle, I think a lot of CC has changed (not just this section of cruise critic) and I truly miss the old days, when I felt connected to more people.  Would be nice to get to that point again.  I would love to talk more on the weigh-in threads!.  Nice that you have another cruise to go on soon.  We have never done Alaska, but it is on our bucket list ... so as time goes by I will probably ask a lot of questions.  


We had a wonderful cruise and my brother and sister-in-law are already trying to plan a second cruise ... love when people find how enjoyable it is.


I am up 1.4# (not too bad) hopefully it will come off in the next two weeks.  We walked a lot and I didn't eat any huge meals, but did a lot of sampling and had desserts and wine.  Never did get to the gym ... did catch some sort of cold on board the ship (I honestly washed my hands constantly).  


Hope everyone has/had a good week.  Jan

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Jan, wow, you kept your gain to a minimum. Did you see missed the first cruise on our B2B? Our flights were cancelled, just couldn't to Miami. 


I checked our flights tomorrow, so far we are good to go. I lost 1 lb. Hope I can mimimize my gain like Jan. 


Belle, aw, nice cruise you booked. We come back right before you leave.


I too remember the old days. Miss it too.


Happy losing. Diana

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HI all!


Belle ~ nice poem & thoughts too. I wonder if some don't check in 'cause they're not booked on a cruise so not coming onto CC. Congrats on your new Alaska booking! I went once on May 10 & the weather was fine.


DIana ~ that was a shame you missing the 1st part of your BTB! My stepson visiting from CA had a hard time getting back too with flights cancelled. Good luck with your flight tomorrow & mine on Friday!! Have a great cruise.


Jan ~ that was great your relatives enjoyed cruising, I imagine there's not many that don't. WTG keeping the gain to a minimum!


I'm down 0.6 lbs from last Thursday so that's okay. Still going onto this cruise at a higher weight than I'd like but hey it is what it is! Did some shopping & was embarassed at how I looked in the mirror so should do something before my next cruise in Oct.


Have a great week. See you mid May.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Hey hey all! Well it's been an exciting week. Easter - I was the "baker" this year. I was in charge of a Hummingbird Cake (it's a southern-ish thing) and oreo dirt pie. I only had a VERY tiny sliver of the HC. Unfortunately, my ex boyfriend's father passed away Sunday. So I agreed to dog sit. So I've had my baby back for a few nights. Then last night my indoor kitty got out. I barely slept. She has no front claws. Luckily the leasing office called today and she was in the breezeway next door! I am holding steady since last week. No gain, no loss. I'll take it at this point....148 days to go...


Belle - I'd love a sort of forum within a forum! Great poem and exciting about the new booking! I love traveling solo 🙂 Great job on the losses @winewanderer and @retiring soon! @Jan_In_Maine that small up will fall off soon!!!


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Hi everyone!  I missed you during my "fast" but do feel it was a necessary break.


I'm down 3# from March 14th which I think was my last weigh-in here.  Not as much as I'd hoped, but still progress.  We have our first 5K of the year this weekend and I'm not as prepared as I should be (not sure if I've ran at all this year), but my walking has been consistent and if I have to walk most of it at least it's a start.  We have another planned for two weeks later, then nothing for June since we have our cruise.


My dad is still doing amazing with his weight loss - he's down around 90# from when he started last year.  I'm trying to make healthier choices, both in diet and activity.  I did well this week in only getting one small bag of peanut M&M's for DH lunches from the discount Easter candy.  I even passed up the Peeps that in past years I would get to make s'mores with and will just enjoy the memory of them puffing up in the microwave 😉 


Have a great week all!

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pacruise804 - welcome back - you have been missed!  It is always good to have a "necessary break" but nice to see you again.  (I don't know your first name).


Diana - I am so sorry you might your first cruise ... can't imagine that happening, but it seems like lately a lot of flights are re-scheduled ... were you going on the day of the cruise?


Jo - isn't it sad that mirror's don't lie?  Hate that .. also I went on this newest health adventure when I saw myself in pictures at my nieces wedding ... It's easy to lose focus ... 


JennyB - no gain works!!  You must be cruising/vacationing in September?  (148 days).


Talk with you all later.  Jan

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Jan, we were doing a red eye. With the weather, Easter and Spring Break all at once I'm not sure it would have mattered going a day or even two early. Tomorrow we'll land in Miami in the afternoon and spend the night.


Jo, you lost a little, good luck with your flight. 


Jenny, sorry for your loss.


Pacruise, welcome back and congrats on the loss.


I probably won't check back so will check in when we are back May 17th.



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Hey y'all! I'm one of those not so timely intermittent posters (Sorry!) Things are crazy at the school this time of year with the looming state testing, so I've been having less fun, haha. 


I believe my last posting was on the mid-March thread... Anyway, I have been stuck at the same weight for the last week and a half or so, and feeling mopey about it. I've been trying to focus on other victories, clothes fitting differently, not eating half a cake from Administrative Processionals day at school (SO MUCH CAKE), etc. I did have a small piece, but I figured I had to live a little. It ended up being almost inedible because it was so sickly sweet. I scraped off the icing and it was much better! Bonus- less calories, LOL!


I weighed in today, and I was down! Only a .5 pound, but as always, a lower number is a lower number no matter how small. Persistence pays off.


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ITeach2Cruise, it looks like you are making some really positive changes.  If clothes are fitting better but the scale isn't moving much that might mean you are getting leaner and the weight is from denser muscle rather than fat (a pound of marshmallows takes more space than a pound of apple 😉 ).  The cake being too sweet sounds like you've reset your taste buds too.  When I'm good at eating whole foods I find processed foods really don't appeal as much.  It's amazing how conditioned we are to think that the "bad" foods like cake are a "reward" (like you said, a small piece to live a little).


Diana, have a great cruise.  Who knows, maybe you avoided a nasty cold or other unfortunate situation by missing your flight.


Jenny, I'm glad you found your kitty and my sympathies for your loss.  Good job with keeping to only the one dessert - they both sounded good.


Nice loss, Jo.  The mirror can definitely be the type of friend who tells it like it is.  I think I deluded myself for a while about the weight gain since clothes seemed to fit, but then I started to see the flabbiness in the mirror and it's certainly frustrating but sort of motivating at the same time.


Sorry you got sick Jan.  Sometimes no matter what we do we still manage to catch the crud.  Not too bad a gain for a cruise - it's amazing how the calories sneak in with desserts and especially drinks. 


We plan to take my husband's parents to Alaska for their second cruise for their 50th anniversary in a few years.  They went once with Dad's work over 20 years ago, but it was more of an island hopping trip (Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands) so they didn't really get a sense of being at sea.  It will be our first time in Alaska too.


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Hi. I just found this board so glad to know that you are here.   I'm TRYING to lose before my next cruise in 81 days, this might be the "weigh in" motivation that i need to help me get to my goal.  I haven't done well in the last few weeks, I've gained. I need to get serious for real now so I can post a loss here next Thursday.


JennyB1977-  I  have been trying to remember the name of that cake since just before Easter.  I made it once a few years ago, I thought that it would be the perfect flavor for my Easter bunny cake but settled for a plain white cake mix. 


Congrats those who loss or maintained.

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Hi all 🙂 Down 3# Hope all had a good April.  You guys were talking about Alaska, that has to be my all time fav place to go. Man this month has been crazy and busy. Sleepy today, we had a murder mystery last night and I am feeling it today.

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Hello Everyone. Sorry I haven't been around.


Jan not a bad weight gain. Know you will get it off soon. Glad family like it. Their hooked!


Jo  Nice you were down.. Flying just isn't the same anymore what ever the reason or excuse of airlines.


Jenny Glad you didn't gain with all that baking. Nice of you to dog sit. After my husband died been cruising

solo, like it. Once in awhile go with a friend or daughter but mostly solo.


Pac Good loss! Your father is doing great too. You did great on not eating the candy.  Hope the 5k went well.


Iteach Yes a loss is a loss! Congrats on not eating half the cake. (my problem is I like the icing)


Lazy   Welcome this nice group. You can lose weight before you cruise, have over 2 months.


Mom Great loss. Your doing good. Did you do a Murder Mystery Dinner? What fun.


Diana  Finally on her cruise. Know she's enjoying.


Alaska Cruise!  Yes Go For It!  I've gone many times. As I've said, Alaska is Beautiful.  Port taxes are High,

higher each year but just makes you look harder for good prices for your cruise. If you can book late, the prices

go down but then if you have to fly have to check their prices too.

Another thing people say you need a balcony, you don't. (nice if you can) but an inside is cheaper.and fine On a 

Alaska Cruise your up on deck all the time to look at the scenery while just cruising and then in and out of ports.

Tongass Forest, waterfalls, mountains ect. On deck you can go from one side to the other looking at everything.

This is my opinion, my 2 cents. 

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The 5K was really nice - windy at times but no rain.  We saw a friend from church at the race and I knew I would likely have to walk some, so I ended up speed walking/light running with her.  She didn't find the light paced run bad, and might try running more and we finished in under 49 minutes (around a 15 min/mile pace).  Hubby was around 35 minutes, so for not having practiced in a while we were both pleased.


The 11th will be our next race, and this time with more hills.  I plan to run more and will see what the time is like.

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