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We tried to use Carmel car service from LGA to a NY motel during our March 17th trip aboard Escape. We had a reservation set up months before our flight. My husband called while still on the plane just after we touched down. At that time they said to call when we got our luggage. At the luggage terminal we called again and they said they would meet us in 8 minutes. After waiting 15 minutes we called again and they said it would be an additional 15 minutes. We canceled and used Uber who was there within 8 minutes. With a large SUV to pickup 5 plus luggage and a stroller. We had to call the next day and request our deposit back and it took about 2 weeks for that to happen. Everyone has a bad moment and I’m not sure what the issue was but that was our experience. 

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If you read the East Coast Departures Board you'll find lots of positive comments about both Carmel and a competitor, Dial 7.


Unfortunately any business can have a bad day,  but these two very large car services transport thousands of passengers in NY City every week.

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1 minute ago, tallnthensome said:

Is the poster asking about NCL? No ....... East Coast Departues . 

Yes, I realize that would be a better board to ask on, but considering the OP is new here, it’s not crazy this question was asked in this board since the OP is sailing NCL.


OP, many use Carmel in this area.

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7 minutes ago, tallnthensome said:

Is the poster asking about NCL? No ....... East Coast Departues . 



That would be the more appropriate forum and there is a way to guide them there by simply providing them a link instead of being abrasive to new posters.

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LGA has a lot of Construction going on within the airport grounds and the surrounding roadways, This includes the Grand Central Parkway which is parallel with the airport. My advice is to plan on unforeseen traffic delays within the airport itself. Car Services do not have many places to stage while waiting for your flight to come in.

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On 5/11/2019 at 2:43 PM, Cold Everywhere said:

Has anyone used Carmel car services? I am flying to to LGA on Saturday 18th.  




Yes we used them last year, but we flew in from Newark. We called when we got our luggage. Our driver showed up, but did not speak english. As we were driving into Manhatten, we got pulled over by the police. Our driver made an illegal turn. I thought it was the funniest start to a trip ever! My daughter was terrified while I was in the back seat laughing non stop. 

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I just can’t understand the people that feel it’s their job to police these boards???



Im on the NCL Escape June 16th and was looking for some good advice and once people got snarky it stopped anything constructive.. 


Its an easy solution if you don’t like what you are reading!! DON’T READ IT!!


Just sayin to all you post police!!



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