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Picture Imperfect: Live on Harmony

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 a few thoughts about tech on board and ore cruise 


WOW band: this is a great idea. Disney does it perfectly and it can be used for literally everything. Royal isn’t there yet,  having a pin like Disney would allow you to tap add your pin and go. We still have to sign. And of course you can’t use the band to get off the ship. But I loved the convenience of using a watch band vs pulling out a card or wearing a lanyard all day. They do need get waiters in the theater to be able to swipe bands in seat rather than running away with your (I personalized ) band It made getting into reserves shows much much faster! 


Royal Caribbean App I liked having the app for the cruise compass and open hours. I predicted they’d go to this about a half dozen years ago! And it’s a big help. Unlike the actual dining room, it kept all my reservations 🤣 I got a reminder 15 minutes before any activities I was booked for.- even the reservation I made and they didn’t keep 🤣 About halfway through the cruise the app lost the ability to show our onboard account “go see the guest services desk” Fat chance 🤣 I avoid that line like the plague. 😳


Photo kiosks 🙄😬 Hubby who is a software strategy consultant feels they lake basic QA testing. So many dead ends and the UI is not intuitive. Luckily the staff wanders around assisting people when they reach frustration levels. Overheard. “So it took everything out of the cart!? “ “ yes but it’s still in the favorites ?”  Come on Royal it’s not great business strategy to make it hard to buy stuff. 


TV  Is old tech and it’s probably not worth them improving, but using the remote isn’t a great way to navigate. 


My overall all impressions is that tech is here and it can be great depending on how it’s supported and I hope it will succeed in its basic mission to make life easier for pasemgers and crew 



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Hi, we will be sailing Harmony in October.  On what day was the chocolate buffet and was it for dinner only or for lunch?  Also was there any notification in the cruise planner or did you just find it when you went to the WJ?  I"m sure my grandchildren would love to see this.

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Are you THAT bored up there Randy?!🤣🤣


We can no longer ignore the towel elephant  in the room anymore ...it’s time to pack and think about going home. 


We chose luggage valet for the first time to try it out. We will put our bags in the hall and that’s the last time we’ll see them EVER! No, really the way it’s suppossed to work is you won’t see them til you get to your final destination at your home airport luggage claim. 🙏


TIP : it’s $25 per person charged by RCL. plus your carriers bag fees, so if you only have 2 large bags, and your carrier doesn’t charge you for any bags, or less than 25 for an additional bag go ahead and sign up for luggage valet under one persons name (both bags) Remember the OTHER person will still have to check in at the airport or online ahead of time with no bags to check. 


The luggage valet each person in the program will get an envelope on day 7 with luggage tags, luggage claim checks to get your bags at your home airport as well as your boarding pass. 


PS they already messed it up for us, giving us only one luggage valet tag for two bags. So now we get to stand in the guest services line ... FUN!  🙄 

I’ll let you know if it’s worth the aggravation and $25 in the end. Edit: hubby is back already!! GS roaming people were able to get him another tag, no waiting! Win for RC guest services! ❤️













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But wait folks it’s not over!! Even though we had to do the sad business of packing and disembarking,  we have some fun still ahead, the complimentary dinner at Solarium to report on and a last evening of fun!  














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aww, man! How did we not discover this earlier in the week?! 


A nice quiet atmosphere ( well at least until we got there! ) The bistro offers Mediterranean specialties in small bites buffet style along with one main course you order through the waiter. Honestly, there’s no need for the main (although my shrimp was excellent. Best I’ve ever had in a cruise ship.


But it was the variety of salads in small servings, ceviche, cucumber, hummus etc as well as hot and cold small plates of meats, veggies, creamy mussels. This is the closest thing to a seafood restaurant you’ll find on board, the shrimp, mussels and ceviche were all a big cut above anything in the MDR or WJ in my opinion. 


Best of all- although it requires reservations it’s FREE ( included) 

The baklava for dessert although a bit drier than traditional was also excellent. 


What a wonderful way to wrap up a fun week with friends old and new!! 


Cucumber salad, Baba ganoosh, cous cous, cabbage and mushrooms from the cold small plate buffet. 




Ceviche, jasmine rice, mushrooms , Israeli style  cous cous mussels  from the “hot” buffet. 



A beet salad small plate. 


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Time for bed, but there is a thunder storm outside, my first on a cruise ship! All packed and going out separate ways tomorrow. Hope you’ve all enjoyed “sailing” with us... I’m sure both Randy and I will have a few more pics to add as we get home and put things together, but for now, the cruise is over!  Till we next sail! 


Artwork on Harmony 




Video of the wake. 

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5 hours ago, rsharp83 said:

There is food there for everyone. 


Except my picky wife.  🤣. It’s a bit too Mediterranean/middle eastern for her.  It’s unique & free though so I’m not sure why more people don’t try it.

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5 hours ago, Familygoboston said:

Time for bed, but there is a thunder storm outside, my first on a cruise ship! 


Bad forecast for most of central Florida today.  Lots of rain/t-storms expected (which is the forecast all summer here ofc).


Better here today than during your cruise though.  Safe travels & thanks for all you’ve shared!

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Debarkation was super fast. Less than 30 minutes from room to parking. Walk off. 


Of our our private shuttle isn’t here yet.


Most depressing picture. But we have a day at EPCOT today. A way to fight off post cruise depression. 



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Thanks for taking us along on your cruise. Our family will be on Harmony for Thanksgiving week - 2 carnivores and 6 Vegans...........it will be fun!!!! The MDR has been notified of the special diet needs and there should be lots of other meal choices at the Solarium Bistro for breakfast and lunch. We have reservations for a half day water park pass at Coco Cay - the grand kids should enjoy that a lot.

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We did disembarkation at 8:45. Later than Randy’s group since we weren’t headed to EPCOT.  It was at tag 40 when we left. 

Very smooth since we did luggage valet , thru checked our bags in with the airlines and we could walk off whenever we want. But others did not appear to be stuck in a bottleneck, everone was moving right along. 15 minutes from bing bong to curb. 


We had a prearranged shuttle with Lux 2. (thanks Randy!) Very friendly service though we waited a bit for a bus to come and accommodate a few other passengers, it did not wait to fill so we were on our way. In no hurry with a 3 pm flight. Chit chatted with another party from our group who are also heads home today. 


Instead of a gorgeous beach or EPCOT day we are spending our post cruise waiting at a gate where we could find power- a gate with folks waiting to

board a flight to Port au Prince. 🤣


The worst day! Unless you are boarding!! 



The cukka sucker goes to work between cruises. You people sailing today don’t need our crap! 🤣



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A FEW SHIPS PHOTOS ( I may or may not have posted yet 🤣


boardwalk / aqua theater/abyss at night 






Dazzles night club



View to Central Park and the  “Sky light” above the Royal Promenade 




A time lapse video of the dynamic sculpture on the Royal Promenade. 

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Great review and and even better trip! Thank you for all the details that will help our trip on Harmony in October a great one. Safe travels back to St. Joe. Looks like we are finally going to get some decent "Dry" weather for the week.

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I’d like to thank my co conspirator,  Randy for his participation in this joint review. And his patient wife Amy for tolerating his attention to this, when he wasn’t lavishing attention on his bride! 


It’s been fun sharing the journey with all of you! Happy sailing to you all wherever your next journey is. 


I’ll be posting a link to my website here when the perfect pictures (hubby’s photos!) are ready and posted. 


Sailing again 6 years later! 


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