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It’s Time to Revamp the Latitudes Program


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Appreciate the Platinum benefits.  But, given how PP+ nets me very little, Ambassador is so far away, I’m not motivated to cruise NCL more to reach that level.  Isn’t that the entire reason you have Latitudes levels?  To get people to cruise more?


I’d like to see something like prepaid tips for PP+....maybe a free Vibe pass, too.

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Funny.  I cruise for value, customer service and itinerary.  I am PP too.  And I am happy with the additional perks and the cruise next program.  Sailing on the Jewel next week basically for free.  So quit complaining.  Be happy with what you get.  Oh yeah you may have to ask for a bucket of ice if you do not see one in your cabin.

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On 5/27/2019 at 8:09 PM, phissy said:

Count me in on this one.

MSC offers 10% off cruise fare for Black card level.

being Platinum Plus, I agree Ambassador will not happen in my lifetime.

I like Birdtravels idea of a Platinum Plus Lounge.


20 hours ago, sverigecruiser said:


On some cruises

Correct. The Black benefit is 5%, the same as all other levels except for the newbies.



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On 5/28/2019 at 6:00 AM, dexddd said:

We are PP and if you read between the lines and what has been changed over the years I doubt they really care or have any interest in the program IMO.  It is more about getting bodies on the ships.

thanks for the positive comment. What would you want them to do I think was the question. It is a business, of course the idea is to fill the ship. 

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We will hit platinum after our next cruise, and thats after only 4 cruises with NCL. We have benefitted from booking longer cruises and booking far in advance plus a few extra points benefits.  but like others have said, there is actually no incentive to push for further rewards. loyalty schemes need incentive otherwise they are pointless.


We regularly fly business or upper class with Virgin airlines for no additional cost thanks to their reward scheme. and continue to benefit the more we fly.

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I think onboard credit would be nice once you got

to Platinum Plus.  Then you could use it for whatever you want like

a shore excursion, dinner, bottled water. I am unsure about how much I think would

be an incentive but I am thinking $100. Per person not per cabin.

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7 hours ago, lanceholt said:

We are Platinum Plus and really enjoy the benefits....free specialty meals, free laundry, discounts on stuff, etc.  No revamp necessary for us for sure.



We appreciate the benefits as well, but the current loyalty system makes it pointless to try to get any higher than PP.  You'd think NCL would want to encourage those who've already sailed as much as a PP guest, to continue sailing with them.  Currently, any incentives to remain loyal after achieving PP don't exist.

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Two years ago, there're a total of 50 or so Ambassadors in the entire Latitude program, supposed to had 7 of them on our particular cruise (as told by the HD for the Latiude "gathering" ... oops, I meant to say, really, a CruiseNext promotion these days - hosted by the CN manager with a camero by the CD, Luz on the Dawn.  


Well, fast forward to 2019 and less than 40 Ambassadors remaining ... aging out & no longer in the program.  There are marginal differences between P and PP, not much - let alone to chase the top tier status.  


Of course, those that reached million miles airline status can tell ya about the devaluation of the FF lifetime privileges these days, over at Flyertalk ...  Signs of changing times - FDR quoted again, going after the Millennials.  Baby boomers, move aside ... 

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On 5/28/2019 at 6:03 AM, gmbhardy said:

One thing that also disappoints me is the Latitudes reception. It’s a totally benign event that is just an excuse to promote CruiseNext (as if people in the room don’t know about the program). They serve cheap booze and cheese and crackers. You would think they would serve something a little nicer to their best customers. On some ships, the officers make an attempt to circulate and engage guests but on others they simply make an appearance and then quickly disappear. Why not organize some prize draws or hand out something like ship pins. You should leave the event feeling special not feeling it was a waste of time. 

I so agree.

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Some kind of an automatic upgrade would be nice. In FF, when you reach a status on an airline, you can get upgraded if seats exist. Would be a nice perk for loyal cruisers to get an upgrade offer for free rather than the cash grab bidding process. 


The stateroom upgraded from would would still be available for profit extension of NCL for bidders. 


Would be nice. 

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It has not been all that many years since the program was changed, so I cannot see NCL making any changes any time soon.  Prior to the last change we received questionairs for almost two years with extensive questions.  I've not received any such queries since the last change.  If and when we begin to see those then we can assume they may be contemplating some changes.


We've been PP since the last changes took place and are very happy with the program, particularly when compared to Carnival's (pitiful, even as Diamonds).   That being said, we certainly would welcome a bit of a reward between the cavernous gap toward Ambassador    


As NCL has added the free beverage option, additional beverages or wine may not make much of a difference to many, but a bottle of better wine, rather than the bubbly would be appreciated.   OBC is the universal option that no one could complain about (oh, wait this is CC where some people complain about everything), priority disembark would be wonderful, and a "landmark" cruise would be something very new to NCL (CCL does it on multiples of 25 cruises - 25, 50 or 75% of cruise fare is refunded as OBC) , a free photo or two would certainly not cost them much, nor would free movies.


Til then, we'll just keep on enjoying our perks and reaaaaly hoping the Latitudes party will stop being an infomercial.

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