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Petra: Top Rated, Tips, Ideas, History??!!

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On 7/28/2019 at 11:05 PM, Janet&Carl said:

Hi TLCOhio thanks so much for your very informative reviews - we travel to Petra in October.  As I recently broke my ankle I am reluctant to do all the walking on uneven ground to get to Petra and our guide has advised us against using the pony carts.  So I have a couple of questions.....Did you pre arrange the golf cart or was it readily available.  Did you pay for it in $ or Jordanian money - we pay for our tour in American $ but we are Australian so will have exchange fees either way.  How much should I budget for this option ?   Thanks Janet


Appreciate these excellent questions from Janet.  As I recall and pull up right now from my "foggy" brain, I think use of the electric cart was about $100 USD for our group of four and was just added on to the total cost of our tour.  It was arranged that morning by our excellent tour guide. Clearly working with a good and skilled company makes a positive difference.  That $100 cost allowed for going down there and back over a total of a one-hour period.  Our friends went back by the cart.  We stayed a little longer, walked around more and walked back.  You have been correctly advised to be careful about those "pony carts".  Those drivers are fast in going over the rocky road and that would be challenging for some with medical issues.   Keep up with such good questions and info needs.  Always welcome more inquiries to share background for this wonderful part of the world. 


Why is my brain a little less than perfect now?  Just completed yesterday, for our first time, flying into Calgary, seeing Jasper/Banff National Parks, doing the Western Canada Rocky Mountaineer rail adventure, having three days in Vancouver, then sailing up to Alaska, doing a post-cruise excursion to Denali, etc.  After that on our priority list is a first-time trip for exploring in early 2020 various South Pacific islands, including Fiji, Samoa, Bora Bora, etc.   Would commence this 18-day cruise in mid February from Auckland.  We plan to get there a week ahead in order to explore more of New Zealand's North Island and be escaping from the Midwest winter cold.  In 2014, we did Wellington, Napier/Cape Kidnappers, Tauranga/Rotorua and Auckland/Waiheke Island, etc.  Will welcome all good suggestion for other exciting opportunities and fun locations in NZ's North Island.  More good photo opportunities??


THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


Just completed Calgary, Jasper/Banff National Parks, Western Canada Rocky Mountaineer rail adventure, Vancouver, sailing up to Alaska, post-cruise excursion to Denali, etc.  Lots of visuals and details!!  That live/blog is at: 



Or, you could simply do a quick Google search with these terms: 

“Live Terry/Ohio Muse Alaska”

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Terry, there's a typo in the link you posted:  a "d" in the midst of cruisecritic in the link.  I'm just now catching up with your travels.

Appreciate Barb catching of this "goof".  Have corrected and will update the other posts with this better link.


THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio




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From CNN, the cable news network, they had this headline two days ago: “New Seven Wonders of the World: See our greatest achievements” with these highlights about Petra being in this select group of stars: “Set in modern-day Jordan's southwestern desert region between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, Petra was inhabited going back to prehistoric times.  People today may recognize it from the 1989 movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," but during the classical heydays of Greece and Rome, it was known as an important caravan stop between the Mediterranean and the Far East. By the 7th century AD, it was abandoned. But its desert location preserved much of it through the centuries.  No wonder it mesmerizes visitors today -- its blend of Eastern and Hellenistic styles, half-built and half-carved into the natural red sandstone of the area, truly deserves the term "unique."  Best time to go: Summer can get very hot in Jordan, and winter is much colder than you may realize. Weatherwise, aim for spring or fall.”.


Full story at:



THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


Norway Coast/Fjords/Arctic Circle cruise from Copenhagen, July 2010, to the top of Europe. Wonderful scenic visuals with key tips. Live/blog at 236,959 views. 



Here are two of the visuals used to illustrate this CNN profile on world wonders.:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)





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As posted earlier, we super enjoyed our stop at Wadi Rum after doing Petra.  From the Travel Section of CNN, the cable news network, four days ago, they had this headline: “Star Wars' locations that actually exist” with these highlights about Wadi Rum: “From another "Star Wars" film, this desert country was pressed into service.  Welcome to Wadi Rum, Jordan, the russet sandy locale that serves as a backdrop in the final "Star Wars" movie, "The Rise of Skywalker." This dramatic landscape in the country's south, also called The Valley of the Moon, stood in for the moon of Jedha in "Rogue One."  Wadi Rum is a frequent location for otherworldly film shoots. It doubled for Mars and hosted a profane Matt Damon in 'The Martian.' ”.


Nice memory refresher that brings back wonderful memories.  When we visited there a little over a year ago, our guide explained that they had finished this Star Wars filming at this site only two weeks prior to our visit there.  Stars following stars??!!


Full story at:



THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


Sydney to NZ/Auckland Adventure, live/blog 2014 sampling/details with many exciting visuals and key highlights.  On page 23, post #571, see a complete index for all of the pictures, postings.  Now at 227,192 views.



From CNN and the Jordan Tourism authority, here is the visual used for the sandy landscape of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan that served as a location in both "The Rise of Skywalker" and "Rogue One".:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)


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From the Travel Section of the London/UK Sunday Times today, they had this headline: “Ideas for 2021 — the best of Jordan” with these highlights: “It takes just the blink of an eye. One second my camel is padding across a monochrome desert beneath an ambivalent dawn sky still sprinkled with stars. The next, without warning, a celestial hand is daubing warm rich colour across the silent Jordanian valley. Suddenly it’s a different landscape: waves of burnt orange dunes dwarfed by cappuccino-coloured cliffs and vast rock formations resembling Henry Moore abstracts. It’s a moment that makes me feel very small and completely justifies TE Lawrence’s passion for 'this processional way greater than imagination'. Arabia’s favourite Englishman was referring to Wadi Rum, but 'this irresistible place' is a fair description for most of this extraordinarily beautiful, safe country. Jordan’s elegy-inducing landscapes, astounding archaeological sites and intriguing history — including some divine biblical spots — need to be seen rather than imagined.


Full story at:



THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


From late 2018, see “Holy Lands, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, Greece, etc.”, with many visuals, details and ideas for the historic and scenic Middle East. Now at 18,365 views.  Connect at:


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