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Passenger overboard from Epic


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Just got of this Cruise.  It was terrible news. I heard the call out for missing passenger early morning then shortly after the ship seemed to be going really fast and it felt choppy. Then the awful announcement that we had turned back to search for missing passenger.  It took a couple of hours to get back and then they spent the whole day searching.  My first thoughts this morning when I woke was of her family and how they must be feeling.  

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When someone went overboard on one of our sailings we awoke to 2 other ships within about 200 feet of us. The international  law said we had to search for 36 daylight hrs.

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This is the latest news -- not sure how it fits in with the previous story. Have checked it 3 times incase I have the wrong date. I am confused as I've just found this as well. I'm sorry if it causes any confusion







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I too was on this cruise, and it was my first cruise ever.  We heard early in the morning the cruise director’s announcement that we were turning around back towards Cannes rather than Palma de Mallorca where we were headed due to a missing person.   I asked guest services and they confirmed.  Then later on during breakfast, there was an announcement asking for our (passengers’) help, looking off the sides of the ship for pink pajamas in the water.  Many people were looking from the top deck.  They printed out a new list with more activities as we weren’t sure if we’d make it back to Mallorca at the time.  It was quite surreal to see them trying to keep the other 5000 passengers entertained and doing business as usual but all the while knowing all wasn’t well l.  I can’t imagine how the crew felt.  They refunded people’s excursions in Palma. Throughout the day we circled the same area of the Mediterranean and I heard helicopters and boats were helping but didn’t see.  They announced we were not going to Mallorca.  Around 8pm the captain came over the loudspeaker saying they were completing the search and we’d be at Barcelona in the morning.  It’s still hard to believe it happened 
I pray for her family.
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41 minutes ago, FranknBeans said:

Just another reason to stop the booze pkgs.

How did you come to the conclusion that alcohol was involved?  I haven't read that alcohol was involved or that the lady was drunk.  Could you post any news stories where it says it was, so we can all be informed.

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I also just departed the ship this morning.  Noahbk has given a good description of the day.  I’ll add a little, and do my best to stick to facts.  Around 10:30 AM the cruise director announced we were back at the location where the guest had gone overboard.  They asked everyone to look and only shared that the guest was wearing pink pajamas.  We stood on our balcony to look and it was overwhelming to look around and see many other passengers out on their balconies looking for the missing guest.  At that time they announced we would spend 3-4 hours searching.  No sex or age was given.  We spent the afternoon at the Spice H2O pool and it felt like a calmer atmosphere.  It was windy due to the turning.  People would look over the railing awhile and sit back down.  We saw a helicopter, two different airplanes and another boat searching the area.  At 8 the captain announced we would continue to search until sundown and then head to Barcelona.  We did ask our waiter if he could at least tell us if the guest was a child or an adult and he confirmed it was an adult.  I fear the original report it was a teenage girl came from a twitter report of a guest who was just speculating based on rumor.


 I will add one hearsay detail.  Another guest told me she heard them calling for a couple earlier in the morning before the announcement someone was missing.  She was wondering if the two announcements were related.  The name they were calling was a traditional Asian name.  So, I imagine her theory was correct.

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Very sad whoever it is - a teenage or a lady in her 60s. Still very sad.

Thoughts go out to her husband / partner at this terrible time.

Can not imagine the agony he is going through, and the rest of the family


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3 hours ago, noahbk said:
  It was quite surreal to see them trying to keep the other 5000 passengers entertained and doing business as usual but all the while knowing all wasn’t well l.  I can’t imagine how the crew felt.

This happened on our first Med Cruise when a young woman went overboard between Rome and Naples.  The way that the cruise carried on “as normal” once the condolences message was given out over the tannoy was quite surreal. But what else can they do?

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I agree with Gaprofitt that most likely she jumped instead of falling off the ship. The proof is in the ship's video. The bad part is that she jumped late at night when her husband was sleeping. 

A lot of night time hours had passed before the search got started. The ocean currents can take a person far from the ship. 

They went back to the area where she either jumped or fell. 

One of the cruisers said it was very windy during the search.

So I wonder....if it was also windy during the night too.

The ships never say a person jumped because it feels really bad for the relatives to think that the people jumped on purpose.

I wonder if they showed the video of the wife going over board to the husband. I do also believe that people can be blown away from the ship by a very strong wind. Many ships do tape off a dangerous windy area so passengers can stay safe. I had a friend once go under the tape with a friend. I told her later that she needs to not do it again since it is very dangerous. I myself have walked around a deck where the winds were super dangerous and there was no yellow tape to stop me. I do know of one lady that was blown away from a deck by the strong winds.


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Although it does not appear to be the case in this tragic situation, it reminds me of the recent increase in serious injuries and deaths caused but people trying to get that "perfect selfie".  Vacations are for fun and relaxation not for risking ones life for a photograph.  I encourage people to obey signs, barriers, and refrain from going into restricted or potentially dangerous areas on board ship or while on shore excursions.  No one likes to read about such horrific accidents, especially those that could have been avoided. No family should have to endure this pain regardless of the cause.  Travel safely.

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