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policy when a ticketed/paid passenger dies before sailing advice on what to do

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Looking for advice on how I should handle my situation

My husband has past away,  we had plan a cruise early last year for November 2019  and paid for it.

I still plan on going. I dont want a roommate and plan on staying in the room  myself.

We have a central park balcony handicapped room. I would like to stay in a balcony but dont need to keep that room type if there is someone who may need that type.

My question is should I let RCCL know?           Any advice is welcome as to what could happen here


There are no more non handicapped rooms in this category, Plus I am on a very high floor which I like.

and the others in our group are on this floor also. 


The cruise has gone up a lot since i booked and paid. How would you handle this?

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Condolences for your loss.


You can change to a non-accessible stateroom in the same exact category without your ptice changing.  I'd do that and just leave the rest of the booking the same. 

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So sorry for your loss. When my husband passed away I had two cruises booked. I called RC C&A Society.  I am D+ but I don’t think that made a difference - I was actually transferred to them by the regular number.


Everyone frequently complains about customer service, but in this situation everyone I spoke with was kind, compassionate and very helpful. 


I kept one cruise as my family was also on board.  RC allowed me to keep same cabin, with same pricing and discounts.  They just deleted my husband’s name - I did offer a copy of the death certificate, but agent said he had googled and saw obituary on line.  I had not paid in full, but they adjusted the cabin rate to one person, keeping the price I had originally paid and no solo supplement. Happened to have a military discount and they thanked me for his service and kept that too. 


The other cruise i decided to cancel - it was a year out. They canceled and gave me a full refund of all monies paid. 


This is was in 2014.  I have continued to cruise solo with RC.  I enjoy cruising and have made many wonderful friends, but I also will never forget how sympathetic they were when I reported my husband’s death. 

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Sorry to hear of your loss.


As the price has changed, I would not remove the husband’s name from the booking.  Allow him to be a “no show” on e the day of sailing.  That also allows you flexibility in case you happen to decide in the intervening months that you want to bring a companion.  Or if somebody in your extended traveling party asks to book (on paper only) one of their guests under your reservation for some fare reason or such.  Never know what might happen by November.



Having needed one in the past, you know how hard it can be to get an accessible cabin, so I imagine you will try to be fair to people who need that cabin.  Although you do are not currently aware of available non-handicapped cabins in your category, do call and ask.   Sometimes there are non-HC cabins you cannot see online.  If not, keep checking back.  When a cabin in your category comes up, switch to it even if it is not your preferred deck.


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I would call them. They may waive a single supplemental like the person above. I think it is very nice of you to give up the handicapped room for others. They may ask you to keep it, who knows. My DD passed away in March but she was the 4th person in a handicapped room so it wasn't an issue. When she was paralyzed in a car accident in 2007 we had a cruise scheduled for a month away. Final payment was made and everything. they refunded the whole thing! Every single penny. They are very compassionate and caring. I provided a dr note and that was it. I know we all complain about customer service but I will never forget that.

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Did you have travel insurance?


If so, speak with the broker you bought the policy from. Many policies will allow you to cancel your husband from the cruise (get that money back) then, if the cruise line charges you a single supplement, the travel insurance will reimburse that also.

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My sister, her husband, and I were booked and paid for. I was to be in one of the new solo cabins. He passed away suddenly a few months before the cruise. Royal was very helpful. They switched names on the cabins...put his name on the solo and mine on the one with my sister. Then we cancelled the solo cabin. We had insurance so the solo cabin was refunded. The customer service rep was very understanding...we never would have thought of doing it the way she did it for us.

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