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Photo Review Celebrity Refection May 16th, 2019 Scotland, Ireland & Iceland

cruise kitty

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Sea Day!  we slept in a bit, &  ended up grabbing  a little fruit and coffee at the buffet, a mistake we wouldn't make again...   the fact that Reflection has an extra deck of cabins really, really shows in the buffet, it was a bit crowded & more chaotic that usual, we avoided it after that.  


After our massages (so so, I didn't book another,  Canyon Ranch was running things) we relaxed in the solarium a bit, then decided to hit up luminae for lunch,  we split the burger, which was amazing!






a welcome message from the car rental in Iceland:




Dinner in Luminae:



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Reykjavik, Iceland


slowly sailing into Reykjavik:





We weren't scheduled until 1, but we once again arrived early, the best part of being a suite guest is getting escorted off the ship first, in a separate exit,  we were the second ones at the Europcar shack that is literally  right where you exit the ship:





Because we had been scheduled to dock at 1, I had figured we wouldn't be off until 1:30, so even though we we scheduled for two days in Reykjavik, I had only booked the car for 24 hours.   (1:30 to 1:30)   the girl at the desk was totally helpful, said don't worry about the extra time, because when we dropped off the car the next day, no one would be there :)   you just park, & put the keys into a slot.  


& just so you know, things are expensive in Iceland, like really, really expensive.   We had been stocking up water bottles & vitamin water zeros in our cabin in anticipation of this, so our car was fully stocked.  


a little after 12,  we had our car & were on our way....




steve, walking in between two tectonic plates











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I love your pictures and comments...we will sail on the Reflection in May from Dublin via Northern Ireland to Iceland. So I am keen on seeing more pics from Iceland....and from the ship.

We could grab an aft corner Sky Suite. 🙂

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19 hours ago, cruise kitty said:

this is what happens when middle aged people try to take a selfie:





I just found this review!!  Loving it.  An area I am very interested in visiting...

And you guys are too cute - Our selfies turn out just as good.

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What a lovely, interesting review. I am so glad you enjoyed your time in Scotland - Haste  ye back.

You would be amazed at how many tourists don’t realise that in the summer months we have very few hours of darkness here (and in the winter months precious little daylight).


I look forward to reading the rest of the review.


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2 hours ago, Eglesbrech said:

What a lovely, interesting review. I am so glad you enjoyed your time in Scotland - Haste  ye back.

You would be amazed at how many tourists don’t realise that in the summer months we have very few hours of darkness here (and in the winter months precious little daylight).


I look forward to reading the rest of the review.



I have to say you're incredibly lucky to live on one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited ....   Scotland & New Zealand, two places I could happily live out my days :)

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Upgraded from co pilot to pilot:




A little word about clothing...  I'm wearing a base layer tank top, long sleeved tee that's a blend of silk & cotton, a buff around my neck, it keeps the hat on in the wind, & yes it gets super windy.   Down vest, also I had stretchy water resistant gloves, leggings.  Steve pretty much is wearing the same thing, except instead of leggings he's wearing water resistant, quick dry pants with silk thermals under.   Throughout the day, layers came on & off.   


We also had awesome rain jackets I bought at costco, seriously, costco.   They are stretchy, pack down to nothing, & aren't that crinkly type of fabric.  At waterfalls we would put them on over everything, & put the hoods on over our buffs & hats, the drawstring on the hood kept it all together,  seriously if you're hiking to the top of waterfalls you will get soaked if you don't have the right type of protection.


now that I'm done with that PSA, back to our regularly scheduled programming ;)


one more aside, part way through the day my camera just died...  so most of these are just shot on my iPhone 






can you spot the bird?





storm rolling in & visibility went to almost nothing a few minutes after this,  we decided to head back,  we'd driven the full circle & were both tired & a little hungry.  




the harbor was a welcome sight.   Parked the car, through security to the ship....  there's a separate suite entry.... & then there was the regular line, which was wrapped around several times....  we were able to walk right on, but I can say, those people waiting in the frigid rain were not happy.   The ship screening & regular cabin entry was to the left of the martini bar if you're facing it...   Steve ran to the Sushi restaurant and got us a snack to go, & we just sat at the Martini bar & watched...  I really feel there had to be a way to handle this better, just be forewarned.  

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Reykjavik, day 2.    

We had prebooked tickets for the Blue Lagoon,   I know a lot of people say it's touristy, or not even real, but...  we had really gone all out on day one, & would be doing the same in Akureyri, we wanted to have a "vacation" day,  so Blue Lagoon it was.   I did the upgraded package, that comes with extra mud masks, robes, slippers (you get to keep the slippers) & vouchers for drinks...  We booked as early as possible so as to beat the cruise buses,  we had a few hours before they showed up.   


I absolutely, 100% enjoyed myself,  it was relaxing, romantic couples time...  we didn't walk 30,000 steps that day, & we didn't care ;)


oh, & I got to pet the ponies as well:














I had to edit in a little cover on this one, lol



it was such a wonderful day....  one note,  the water will destroy your hair,  I didn't get mine wet, but even the steam made it feel funky along my hair line for a few days,  but it was worth it!


We headed back parked the car, left the keys in the box, & boarded.   We were lucky enough to have been invited for the helipad sail away.






We really need to work on the selfie thing lol





they handed out warm blankets, hot cocoa, coffee & baileys....  it actually started snowing...  when the deck got too slippery from the snow, we had to go inside due to safety regulations.   It was a magical experience for me.

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The sail in started earlier than posted, but as we'd been early everywhere, I was prepared with coffee & mimosas on the balcony.   The scenery was  spectacular!















As usual, we got in early, by more than an hour...  we were booked with Saga Iceland for Lake Myvatn & the surrounding area....  they had at least 6 or 7 vans full, & everyone showed up as soon as we were allowed off the ship...everyone, that is, except 2 people in our van :(  all the other vans took off while we sat there, & waited, & waited, & waited.  they finally showed up a good 45 minutes after all the other vans had left.  I realize they weren't technically late, but they made up for it by being late getting back at every single stop.  Oh well,  it was not a private excursion, it was one where you just join in & they fill up mini vans.  


After that inauspicious start, it turned out to be an absolutely wonderful day.   We ended up near the front of the van with some really fun people from our roll call, & had a terrific time.   It was nice to not have to drive or plan or worry about navigation.  



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akureyri, cont.





when the tour was over, we had the option of being dropped off in town, or at the ship, we chose to go into the little town for a bit:












the ship was a welcome sight,  we were quite tired & ready for some food!  Blu was serving lamb that evening, so we chose to forego Luminae in favor of Blu






The Martini Bar was rocking that night,  I think everyone was anticipating two glorious days of relaxing at sea!IMG_5087.thumb.JPG.5f6dd6f022bb7b8496740ffdcf2195f4.JPG


We also spent some time in the sky lounge, looking for whales, but didn't see any,  the scenery was so spectacular it really didn't matter!



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29 minutes ago, h20cruzer said:

Love your review and all the pictures. If you get a chance stop by the World Class Bar and have a drink, say hi to Santos! Great bartender!!!


Thank you so much Norma,  we're actually not on board right now though....  I just procrastinated this review :)

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