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Live: Harmony of the Seas 6/23 Queens on the High Seas Summer Extravaganza!

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When we got back on the ship, we went to room to get cleaned up and grab a drink before dinner. What actually happened is we both fell asleep and napped until right before we had to leave. It was glorious. 


Roving piano player. 




Boardwalk at night. 




Aquatheater at night. 




Dinner this night was Jamie’s Italian. We first had Jamie’s on Navigator, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was disappointed to find out so many things from the Navigator menu were missing on Harmony. The garlicky prawns especially. But I suffered through. 


Crispy squid again. Just as good as the first time. 




Meat plank. It’s perfectly alright. It’s not something I’m overly impressed by. 




Lamb chops. Cooked well. Good flavor. If you like lamb, they’re a must. 




Penne Carbonara. Creamy sauce. Crispy bacon. Lots of cheese. What’s not to love? Probably my favorite of the pasta dishes. Just good all around. Throw on come grilled chicken, and we have a winner. 




Filet. Possibly the best steak on the ship. A little under seasoned, but perfectly tender. 




And cooked perfectly for my liking. 




DH’s dinner...a bowl of bolognese and half a loaf of bread. He was perfectly content. 




Dessert! Brownie with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream and honeycomb. Just order it. You’re welcome. 




Following dinner we sat on Rising Tide for a few trips, and then headed down to the comedy show. We found both of them great. It was a great way to end the day. 


Up Next: Day 6 At Sea!

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 Hope you have a great flight! I am so enjoying your reviews. I read the Navigator review but can't seem to find any others. Is there a link you can post to bring me to other reviews on cruise critic? My sister and I are sailing on Navigator in Feb just the two of us and on Harmony in Nov 2020 with our DHs. So I love your perspective on both!

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Day 6: At Sea


We were able to sleep in this morning, which was a nice change. In fact, we didn’t leave the room until it was time to head down to lunch. 


We popped by the casino on our way to Izumi. As is tradition, $2 mimosas were purchased. We cruise with two other couples every spring break, and mimosas and slots are tradition. 


We had had a great view from our table. 














Shrimp Firecracker Spring Roll: My go to appetizer here. The outside is beautifully crisp, which is a nice contrast to the cream cheese and sweet chew of the shrimp. I get them every time, and will continue to do so. 




Pork Gyoza Dumpling: It’s gonna be a no from me. I’ve tried them on several ships, hoping they’d be better, only to be disappointed. The filling is dense and chewy, and the wrapper has a gummy texture. It’s a fail. Never again. 




Crispy Chicken Kara-age: They aren’t joking about crispy. Chicken was still moist and tender. Outside was great. DH was happy. He’s not a fan of Izumi for lunch because he can’t get hot rock. I convinced him to give this a try, and am glad he did. He’ll be more open to going in the future. 




Izumi Ryu Futomaki Roll: My roll of choice if I’m only getting one. I order without the seaweed salad. It’s huge. But tons of flavor and contrasting textures. I’ve always enjoyed it. 




Spicy Miso Ramen: I got it with the pork. I found this to be better on Navigator. This bowl was lackluster. Not a ton of flavor, which was unfortunate. 




Yaki Udon: DH gave this a try, with grilled chicken. He wasn’t a fan at all. I tried it. There are tons of bell peppers in it, and they really take over the dish. I like the flavor of bells in things, but not by themselves. This was basically bell pepper noodles with chicken and soy sauce. Disappointing, because it looked and smelled delicious. 




That wraps up lunch! Overall, not our favorite Izumi in the fleet. That “honor” goes to either Navigator or Rhapsody, at least so far. When we sail harmony again, we’ll probably stick to Hibachi. 

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Day 6 Continued: 


After lunch, we had a cabin crawl. I was very excited, as I’ve never had one actually come to fruition on my previous cruises. And we had a great spread of rooms! 



Ocean View

Central Park Window View

Boardwalk Balcony

Junior Suite

Grand Suite

Owners Suite 


HC Crown Loft


we has a great time traveling around together, and got spoiled between the snacks and wine everyone put out. Though, I did bring a lot of leftover truffles home from our room. I’d say I’m bitter, but they’re delicious. 


Cabin Crawl was a resounding success, and it was great to be able to see rooms in person and out them into perspective. It has us excited for our Corner Aft GS on Radiance next summer for Alaska!


After the crawl, back to the room to change, and then Rising Tide for pre dinner cocktails. 


We were originally scheduled to go back to 150 Central Park, but we decided we’d rather double up on Wonderland, and I’m so glad we did. 


Several of our dishes stayed the same, but I tried some new things as well. 


Menu for reference:




What is one supposed to do when she brings two of everything, and DH eats none? That’s correct. Loosen your belt and be a professional fat kid. All were just as delicious as the first time.


Tip: Starting from the bottom of the cone balances out the wasabi better than starting from the top. I’m not a huge wasabi fan, so this was better for me.  




I tried the spicy tuna. The tuna was fine. The best part was the yuzu granita. I could have eaten that for dessert...somewhere else. It was delicious. Would have been a great palette cleanser as well. Be warned though...the tuna has a kick. More than I expected. 




Baby Vegetables in the Garden: I have mixed feelings about this. The dish itself is beautiful. And the concept great. I didn’t find the vegetables to be particularly good. The radishes were lacking the pepper note I love, the asparagus was blah, and the carrots were borderline flavorless. I will say, however, I liked the beets! I posted before how much I want to like beets, because they look so delicious. Well, I finally enjoyed a bite. I think it was the golden one. The dressing over them had a nice tang, and the “dirt” was fun. The best part about the dish was the dirt (pumpernickel crumbs mixed with things). It got everywhere on the veggies, clumping to them, just like real dirt. It added to the experience. Not sure if I’d order it again...depends on who I’m with. 




DH got the chicken again, and thought it was better the first night. 


I tried the pork, which was fantastic. Fall apart tender, and the apple purée with it was magic. The slaw underneath was tasty, and added a nice crunch to the bite. Would definitely order again. 




I also got the branzino. It is “glued” to the bottom of the crispy bread. It was cooked beautifully, flavorful and flaky. I wasn’t sure what expect with the bread, but it was different. 


Pro tip: Flip it over when you go to eat it so the bread is on the bottom. It will make your life easier. 


Pro Tip #2: Be sparing with the sauce. I tried it by itself and found it to be delicious. And then I poured the entire dish of it over my food, and it overpowered it. I would recommend just a light drizzle to start, then add more if needed, OR just dip your fork in the sauce before picking up each bite. Will keep everything better balanced. 


Would definitely order this again if in the the mood for fish. 




Of course the World made an appearance. This time, we each had our own. It was the right choice. 




She also brought this. I cannot remember the name of it, but it doesn’t matter. The thing was yummy. The mushroom stems and smaller mushroom caps are all merengue. The larger mushroom cap was a whore chocolate mousse. The merengue was the perfect crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, melt in your mouth. The mousse was creamy and smooth, and a nice flavor. The sorbet was unneeded. It was a nice dish, but the chocolate wins out. 






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We absolutely love Maho Beach as well and have probably been there at least 5 times. On our cruise in January, we made the mistake of taking our time getting off the ship and walking to the cab stand where the wait was 1 hour.  We passed and went back to  the ship.  On our cruise at the end of July, we booked the RCI bus.  We can always take a cab back if we want to leave before the bus.

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Our evening entertainment was Columbus: The Musical. Here’s what I’ll say. The whole thing was absolutely absurd. And absolutely incredible. I was entertained from start to finish. A talented cast, good music sung well, on a cruise...what more can one ask for? 














From here, the room. When we wake up, it’s the last day. 

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20 minutes ago, sellwingri said:

We absolutely love Maho Beach as well and have probably been there at least 5 times. On our cruise in January, we made the mistake of taking our time getting off the ship and walking to the cab stand where the wait was 1 hour.  We passed and went back to  the ship.  On our cruise at the end of July, we booked the RCI bus.  We can always take a cab back if we want to leave before the bus.


Take the water taxi to Philipsburg and then grab a taxi to Maho from there.  We'll arrange with the same driver to pick us up from Maho at a set time and take us back to Philipsburg rather than the ship.  We do that a little earlier than needed to ensure that we have plenty of time to deal with traffic.  We'll then spend time shopping on Front Street, or getting a drink at the Blue ***** Bar before getting back on the water taxi for the ship.  Good, cheap, low stress day!

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Day 7: Final Day, Sea Day


I cannot believe how quickly the week flew by. It felt like we had just gotten on board, and we were already planning packing. This cruise definitely felt faster than other have. I do not approve. 


We again decided to relax during the morning. We were scheduled to have Chops for lunch, but decided we were t feeling it and went to Johnny Rockets instead. All I can say is, those people are some of the hardest working in the ship. There was a line 30 people deep when they opened, and they didn’t stop from the word go. I’d be curious to know their daily step count just for when they’re working. The food was Johnny Rockets. Wasn’t terrible. Wasn’t great. But sometimes a greasy burger and some chili cheese fries smothered in ranch just hits the spot. We used our milkshake BOGO finally, and those were worth the wait. 


Prior to lunch, I went up and rode Ultimate Abyss down. It was cute. I can see my 9 year old self thinking it was the greatest thing ever. 


We had the 2pm showing of Grease. We found out that the casts are switching over, and our performance was the new cast’s first. You never know what to expect with the first show. They were fantastic! Pictures below. 




































As a musician, I LOVE that RC uses live professionals in their shows. Not only does it add to the experience, but it has kept many of my friends in work. While others have gone the route of recording, RC is still doing it the right way. 






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After Grease, I lit some cash in fire in the casino, and then we headed up to the room to pack. It was bittersweet. 


Our last night dinner was Jamie’s. I tried getting it switched to hibachi, but there was nothing available except 9:30, and we didn’t want to eat that late. 


Our selection stayed mostly the same. No crispy squid this time, and I got the carbonara with Tagliatelle instead of penne. Another good meal to finish it out. 


After dinner we did a few rounds on Rising Tide, and then tucked in for departure the next morning. 


We always do self assist. Just works better for us. We got in line around 5:45, and we’re provably the 15th group in line. We were cleared through and to the car within 15 minutes of scanning off the ship. It would have been faster, but our agent had to take people into the back room. 


It was a quick drive back to Tampa, and we were home with laundry going before 9:30. 


And there you have it. That was our week on Harmony. We had a blast. I’ll have a list of final thoughts coming, as well as the compasses. I’m getting a shadow on them

 where I’m at, so I’ll do that when I get to my parent’s house. I’ll also go back through and grab any questions I missed while on board. 


Thanks for following along! 

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Thank you for a great review. We will be on Symphony in August with the Unlimited Dining so I paid great attention to your detailed food reviews.  Concerning the tour to Maho, we have been there many times, but I now have some mobility issues from a broken ankle.  I can walk moderate distances with a cane or walker and can go slowly on steps if there is a handrail. Was there any part that seems undoable with those limitations? We have not been there since the hurricane and things have changed. Thanks.



Mary Ann

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3 hours ago, cruisinfromtampa said:



The larger mushroom cap was a whore chocolate mousse. 





It’s apparently changed since I’ve dined there, but this could certainly make it worth the return. 

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15 minutes ago, krewzin said:



It’s apparently changed since I’ve dined there, but this could certainly make it worth the return. 


Omg! I just cackled! That’s what I get for having cocktails so early in the morning and then trying to type! 😂😂😂

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3 minutes ago, skoolbusdrvr said:

 I will be going on the Harmony in September is Johnny Rockets included in the dining package

I’m not 100% sure. We were in a Boardwalk room, so we had it as one of our perks. Not sure which one they used to “comp” us. 

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Well as it turns out, I’m still in Detroit. They offered me $1,000 in flight credit to give up my seat and take a later flight. I jumped on because were doing Alaska next year, and this coupled with miles from my Delta Amex and reward points from the credit union means we’ll be out less than $500 for all of our tickets in first. #win


Working on getting pictures of compasses so I can upload them. I should have scanned them when I was at home. 

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23 minutes ago, cruisinfromtampa said:

Well as it turns out, I’m still in Detroit. They offered me $1,000 in flight credit to give up my seat and take a later flight. I jumped on because were doing Alaska next year, and this coupled with miles from my Delta Amex and reward points from the credit union means we’ll be out less than $500 for all of our tickets in first. #win


Working on getting pictures of compasses so I can upload them. I should have scanned them when I was at home. 


So, you’re in my neck of the woods.  How long are you “stuck” here?  I can tell you the best fireworks shoes for tonight.  What’s your final destination?

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31 minutes ago, DancerMama25 said:


So, you’re in my neck of the woods.  How long are you “stuck” here?  I can tell you the best fireworks shoes for tonight.  What’s your final destination?


Just until 8. It’s really not too bad. Over $100/hour to sit in the SkyClub and struggle through the buffet and open bar. 

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Thanks so much for your wonderful review! We will be on in late September (my first on Harmony and first on Royal). I loved all the food photos even though we will probably stick to the MDRs for our first trip. The Coco Cay photos really helped put things into perspective, too!

And I have to give a huge thanks for the Excel schedule idea! I am a huge Excel fan and use it for a lot of things (including other schedules) but can't believe I didn't think to use it for this purpose!!! 🤩

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Thanks for a great review! I’ve enjoyed the journey! 😀. Your food pics have made me really hungry!


Next time we go to Maho, we may have to try getting a table at the restaurant. We’ve done chairs on the beach in the past.  I end up getting up every time a plane comes in because the umbrella blocks the view. At least I get some exercise that way! 

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On 6/23/2019 at 10:03 AM, cruisinfromtampa said:

Starting off the drive with a bagel, as is tradition. If we’re cruising out of Tampa, we go to New York Bagel in Carrollwood. If we’re going out of PC/PE/Miami, it’s Bagels Plus on Fletcher. They’re the best bagels in Tampa we we’ve found, and our friends from NYC agree. 


My order is always the same: Garlic Bagel, toasted, with Garlic & Herb Cream Cheese, and Turkey. Gotta keep the vampires away! 




If you like food pictures, this is the place to be. The bulk of my review will be about the things I’m eating, both on board and in port. 


We’re currently sitting in Disney traffic living life. I told him I wanted to leave no later than 8:00...this is what happens when we don’t do what I say. 😂

I’m confused. Is Fletcher in Tampa? Is it the route you take going to the east coast ports?

We drive Jax-PC, and don’t know any good bagel places. 

Unfair for you to tantalize me with that photo!

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