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Best/Worst Platinum Gift- just for fun

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Before I get flamed. I am a big Carnival fan and I appreciate any gift that I am given. 


I know there are some strong opinions about what the gift should be and what Carnival loyalists are entitled to. This post is not about that. Lets’s list what we liked and what we have not liked so if Carnival is monitoring these posts, which they should be they get some information that may be useful for them.


Listed in preference order.



Small black backpack

Tervis Tumbler

Metal picture frames


Not so much:


Rubber Visor

Small speaker


Remember this is just for fun.


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I remember a game board that I liked along with the Tervis tumbler and coffee mug.  I didn't care for the night light only because I don't use them. If it's something that I don't really care for, I have 9 grandkids that love this stuff or I just leave it on board.

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Metal Picture Frames

Cooler Beach Bags

Cooler Backpack

Small Black Bags

Bluetooth Speaker (Kids LOVED THIS)

Game Sets

Tervis Tumblers

Packing Cubes



Cross Bag

Coffee & Mug

Headphones (Kids LOVED THIS)

Yeti like White Cup *Love This*

Night Light *LOVE This too*

Gym Bag


Not so much:

Lanyard (Only because its white....make that carnival blue, and it would have been a win)

Crock Rubber Visor

Baseball Hat

Stationary Kit


Probably others, but most I've really enjoyed.


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Some I have liked: Tervis tumbler, night light, beach bag/cooler, blanket


I can appreciate the idea of a gift and the thought behind it at times but I don't know what they were thinking with the croc visor! I guess we will be getting lanyards next month. I will pass them quietly on.

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Like the tervis tumblers, the black backpack (that folded up into a tiny little bag), the blankets are very nice (they seem thin but are crazy warm).


Wasn't crazy about the croc visor - I tried to adjust it but couldn't get it back together. Thankfully I was able to trade it in for a tervis tumbler.


I don't understand the lanyard - when you compare it to most of the other Platinum gifts, it seems really.....idk, minor?


Tervis tumblers are worth at least $15 retail, with most of the other gifts falling into the $10-$15 retail value range. The lanyards are worth maybe $2-$3 retail value. Seems odd to me that they would go with something so out of sync value wise.

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We actually like , and use, most of our Platinum gifts.  Tervis cups, toiletry bags, baseball hats, the blanket, Bluetooth speaker, binoculars, and coffee mug to name a few.


There are a few that we just did not use.  The Croc visors were probably #1 on that list...hahaha!  Funniest looking thing I have ever seen!

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We've loved the Tervis Tumblers (2 different kinds), 2 different beach bags, blanket, and small journal.


We were very happy that we didn't receive the croc hats or baseball caps. 


I sure hope the lanyards are gone by the time we cruise in 2020.  We'll be on a Premier Casino cruise and I think we receive a lanyard for that.  However, I think by the time you reach Platinum level and above, you already have something for your S&S card.  I have a small purse with clear front pocket for S&S card & DL, with 2 zipper on the back for bills & change.  Works for me.

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Most liked/useful  Night Light (currently in my bathroom)

                                  Blanket (I know people thought they were too thin but I use mine all the time)

                                  Cream colored beach bag with mesh top and insulated zippered bottom area...great for bringing waters to                                           the  beach or on shore)


Least liked:  multi Game board

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The older gifts were really nice - loved the binoculars, the six-pack size collapsible cooler and the hanging toiletry bag.


I think I traded in the writing set (got packing cubes 👍) and did just trade in the lanyard.  Got another Tervis cup but in a design I didn't have so another 👍😄

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Most of our platinum gifts have came off of B2B so we end up with 4 of each


cooler case

tervis cup


I would say the yellow tervis cup is the worse because it broke up the set of 3 blue cups we had.


If only I could find a use for it outside of the house...



like at work or something...





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On 6/24/2019 at 6:58 PM, coevan said:

without a doubt the lanyard is about as low as Carnival can go


liked the most Carnival night light 


Not sure if they still do it or not but the photo department use to have a deal where they  gave you a punch card.  Every time you purchased photos, they would punch the card and at certain intervals, would give you a gift.  One of the gifts was a lanyard that looks almost identical to what the current P/D gift is.  We have two of the ones from the photo department and never use them because it's hard to get your card out of the sleeve so that they can scan it at the registers.


We got two of the "blankets" on our last cruise.  They are more like flannel sheets than blankets.  We are not ungrateful for the free gifts.  It's just that some of them will never be used.

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Yeti type cup

tervis cups

packing cubes

journal book (Use it for writing down all trip info for all our trip planning and logging cabin numbers, ships, etc that we've been on.)


Everything else we gave away to friends/co-workers when we got back.

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Hands down, our favorite is the Tervis Tumbler, followed by the packing cubes.  We really like our blankets, but don't need more than the 2 we have.


Tie for worst... the lanyards we just got, and the tiny bags. 


Bring back the tumblers!!!!



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We liked the backpack, packing cubes and Tervis tumblers.


By far the worst ever is the lanyard.  When they showed up on the bed and I told my wife that was our Platinum gift she totally thought I was pulling her leg.  "There is no way that is our gift" she said.  Yes way, honey.  Yes way. 🙂

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