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Maya Chan Resort Update email

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I received an email from Jane on Saturday with a warning about the "massive amounts of sargassum" washing up on the beach.  They are unable to keep up with the onslaught and are offering refunds in advance.  


For those who have been....if you received this type of email BEFORE leaving for the Carnival Port, would you keep your reservation or take the refund?  Mind you, we have a reservation in Cozumel for Nachi Cocum.

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If sargassum is hitting Maya Chan, it's hitting the main malecon.  Anywhere you go is going to have issues. 

Given that Maya Chan is away from the main malecon (just south of there), and given that they control the number of people each day, I'd stick to the reservation.  Presence of sargassum may affect your opportunity to get salty in the water, but not going to affect their service, drinks or food.

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We had Maya Chan booked in February (our 3rd visit) and also received their offer of a refund. We decided to continue with our reservation. It's true we couldn't get in the water but we still had a great time. We didn't think the smell was too bad either. You won't find a better-run beach resort in the Caribbean. Their offer of a refund tells you a lot about their concern for their customers. On a side note, Jane has written a very enjoyable book about the story of Maya Chan. A good read before your visit. Have a great trip. 

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I'd still go for sure.  With the thought that I may not get to go in the water, and certainly not blame them for it.  The drinks, food, massages, service, and relaxation still worth every penny. 

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This is a bummer.  Since the cruise we are on isn't stopping at Labadee or Coco Cay, I was planning on making Costa Maya a beach day.  We still have two months, so will keep and eye on this to see if it changes.

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If Jane is emailing you to let you know conditions, take her information and use it. They are totally honest and only looking to keep guests aware of what they see. Look at their webcam (on their website) as many times you can see the amount of sea grass along the shore. There are times with very little, and sometimes it  builds to mounds on the shore and extends some distance into the water. On one of our last visits (been there maybe 8-10 times?) we did not go in the water due to the sea grass. Had a nice time but if you are set on a beach adventure, this might not be the port. I give them credit for the ongoing need to constantly clean their beach. If you are there, look to the properties to the right as you are facing the sea; the lack of gathering this sea grass is so evident.

They are not alone with this problem. Southwest Florida is being inundated with smelly orange colored sea grass that is along the beaches and in the water for 20+ feet. Different cause here however.

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Just saw a news report on a weather channel this morning that there is a significant wave of sargassum coming off the coast of Africa and continuing to Central America and even into the Caribbean areas. That is why Florida is seeing this same form of sea grass. In my post above, I thought the cause was due to another environmental issue in this area, but based on the report today, it is likely all the same. Posters may  want to search on any port to see if there is impact; hopefully not.

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It's really hit or miss.  On their Facebook page they have a picture of a bunch of guests enjoying the water just last week.


But honestly, the food/drinks and hangout is worth WAY more than $59.  We do enjoy the beach, but if we can't go in the water on our visits, we don't care.  It's still a great value and awesome place to hangout for the day.  Of course, we pay $50 as return visitors.  You can't beat that.  We'll just hang out in our own palapa or at the bar or tree house.  Maybe get a massage.  Drinks, food, jump in the pool and cool off... whatever.  For $50.... the seaweed is the least of our concern.  It's there or it isn't, whatever.

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