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51 minutes ago, deedle7544 said:

Come back - don;t let one spoil it for many. And also, Brandon has a following now.


So let's go!!!!!

I agree.  I read the reviews for information with honest opinions.  If they happen to be entertaining, like your review, then it makes it more interesting to read.  You are doing a great job and I hope you can continue.

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Sue,  Immensely enjoyed your review.   Read it to my husband, and we more than laughed!  Really!! 🙂  That said not with the same tone as your really! LOL.


UGH! Will not understand why it is necessary for some to rain on other's parade. DH and I had the same response, If you don't like it, don't read it.  Move on. Negative comments are unnecessary.


Hope you will focus on all the good said about your review and ignore the others. Fun read!


PS.  Husband wanted me to add he was glad to hear of another "secret" soap and shampoo hoarder. 🙂 Yes, he does the same thing! 

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4 minutes ago, crusinthrough said:

 I thought the cheap GS sailings were in August.  Harmony in Sept is suppose to be the hot cruise for top tier members.  



They are, what I was referring to was a side discussion.  I was wrong though, the discussion came up in a CK thread.


We sail Harmony twice in August,  I'll ask.

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I found your review entertaining and funny, thank you for that. I am new here and haven't even cruised yet, so I am interested. No one has to go through an editorial review board to post here...people's opinions are not going to stop me on any internet forum. :classic_smile:

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Really enjoyed your review. It was funny, entertaining and informative. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Enjoy your retirement and hope you continue with reviews for other cruises

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Greatly enjoying this.  Very different from the normal stuff here, which is a good thing.  Does Brandon happen to work for THE university in Ohio?  Love this picture from a few years ago where a student ran onto the field during the game and an assistant strength and conditioning coach took care of the situation.  Don't think I'd want to face Brandon if I was a student doing the same thing.

Ohio State student body-slammed after storming field will ...

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Sue. Thanks for brining us along post cruise.  You rolling your nuts, and your puking pussy have only added to your great post sailing review.  Were you really making rolls, or just brownies. LOL.


Ship's tour now sucks, judging by your review.  In the days of yore, like maybe 10 years ago, it was better.  The gave us more parting gifts than Let's Make a Deal or Progressive Trivia.  We actually had to leave some on the ship as they would not fit in our luggage.  As for the escapes in the CK, they didn't disappoint either.  


Now, for the important part.... Brandon.  Well let's be honest, more importantly your daughter.  What a picture they make, cutest couple I don't know.  They could use that pic of the two of them to sell picture frames by the ship load.  Heck you should pimp them to RC and they could be the feature models in the frames that they sell on board the ship.  Free cruises for life, I say!


Anyway I digress from my comment above, about your "semi-lucky"😉 couple of love.  I remember you saying years ago in one of my reviews that your daughter skated, long before you mentioned it in this review.  If I remember correctly I think you said she even played hockey too.  Well....  I look at Brandon with his football training profession and great structure, along your daughters amazing looks and natural sporting abilities (which she obviously inherited both from you Sue) and I am envisioning future Hockey Hall of Famers, Gold Metal Olympic figure skaters, NFL stars and such.  Who knows, with your gift of literary penmanship we might even have Pulitizer Prize winnig babies here.  Is it possible?  Where would it end?  Maybe I should just go back to the cookies I'm whipping up in the kitchen, after all Canada is like Ohio. LOL


Sue all joking aside, even with Brandon's bad luck, you guys all had an amazing time.  Thanks for brining us along.  Now give that cat a rub, and finishing up about the stowaways.  I don't want you to end up like Paul Sheldon in Misery.  I have seen the boards here on CC, it could happen.  I'm totally joking, right? 🤔😱🤣

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Thank you for your time writing your cruise experience.  I rarely read general reviews anymore, but yours was so entertaining!  Please come back and finish the cliffhanger about the stowaways!!  I too checked in frequently yesterday to see if you had finished.  I NEVER do that anymore.  When I was reading your review I was laughing so hard my husband came in to ask what was so funny.  He loved it too.  Especially the curse of Brandon.  Ignore the grumpy, self-important boors.  They are the primary reason I don’t participate in cruise critic much anymore.  

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I am enjoying your review also.  Please continue.  It's highly entertaining.  Maybe after you're done ironing you

should contemplate being an author or comedienne ?  Great job, & hope you finish your review.  

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I really hate jerks who have to be snotty about a fun review.  Completely unnecessary.  I think I will increase my font size just to irritate them.

please come back and tell us about the stowaways!  That's crazy about the casino.  I had a weird encounter years back - cashed out a machine with a  $200 ticket and went to bed.  The next day, I inserted the ticket in a machine and it came up as invalid.  Long story short, the slot manager basically accused me of cheating and lying and said the ticket had already been cashed.  Come to find out, a friend played on the same machine after I left and the machine showed $200 in credit.  She thought it was weird but happily cashed out the ticket.  Obviously the machine malfunctioned - we later explained to him what happened.  I wasn't too thrilled with how he acted - accusing me of being a cheater.  Grrr. Amusingly, I saw him on our next 3 cruises on different ships and he always remembered me and was lovely to me each time.  Crazy.

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This is really a FUN review! 👍

I'm really enjoying it! 🙃😍

We had a bad experience with the casino as well.... there was a little old lady at the craps table - always rolling the dice not far enough to hit the back wall! 😱

So they told her if she rolls weak again not hitting the back wall - they will cancel her roll next time!

So she rolls again very weak not hitting the back wall.... and it is a 7 😱😥 

So they say ok we make one more exception....! 😱🙄😱

 There was a riot at the table  and many people left after it was clear that the casino is cheating their clients.... 👎

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Sue your writing style is refreshing and I too was enjoying reading each installment.

I hope that you reconsider and come back and finish... YOU CAN'T LET A BULLY WIN!  There was absolutely no reason for that post other than to be contrary and feed their own self importance.  Please finish, your audience needs to know about the stowaways.

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Just seeing this thread today.  We were also on this cruise.  This was only our 4th cruise but we had a blast.  We didn't know what Alpha Alpha Alpha meant so had to google it.  Can't believe we heard it at least 3 times during this one cruise.  We had a Balcony view and happened to catch a picture of the Coast Guard ship as it was about to dock with us.  


We also went to the Green Grotto Caves on this trip (through a private company) and loved it.  The tour guide we had was amazing!  He was so fun and even took a picture with our son at the end.


Keep posting your review, love seeing the things I missed while on the trip.





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I will add my 2cents! I was only going to glance at this review. Our next cruise is on Harmony & we are very excited as it’s our first time on her. I loved every update! Thanks for taking the time & effort to write this review!

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So many kind words.


Thank you 



........................WELL  Brandon would thank you if he only knew.


Actually I had deleted my thread from my favorites and swore I would never ever ever go on it again.


But I did.


I never expected the kindness shared.  THANK YOU.


It is now 4:00pm DST.

DH due home from work.


I was out with the girls today.  

So I have to do something quick and constructive before he gets home. That is after I clean up a hair ball (eeewwwwe, not kidding)


I will post about the stow-aways, but probably won't be on this thread till later tomorrow.


Going to a fair tonight if the weather does not get ugly.


Thanks again.



P.S. if you google and look very very deep into the definition of a stow a way, it will state.......


"...................................any unwanted, uninvited traveler..................."


Thanks again.

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