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Pride to Bermuda / Review


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This was our 5th time on the Pride.  Boarding in Baltimore is so easy, we were on Lido within 15 -20 minutes of parking the car!  Rooms were ready at 2.

Will share my thoughts on this cruise and then post some Bermuda pictures.  

Muster Drill was around 30-40 minutes by the time you wait for everyone.  Way to long to be standing together in the heat.

Dive-In Movies:  Some movies were shown as early as 6pm.  Lido is not dark enough and is too noisy to enjoy the movies later but 6 was way too early.  It was Dumbo for kids but still, would be nice to have them in one of the closed areas.

Lido:  I have some pics of the wonderful, delicious cakes they put out at lunch time.  As much as we usually love eating in the Dining Room, we found service a little slower and meals taking over an  hour.  So we ate more times on Lido.  Same choices as dining room but also much more!  We enjoyed it better, more relaxing.  Cereal was still in the little boxes.

Fun Shops:  They increased the tables of jewelry in the Diamond store and put the $10 table in the fun shops.  The watch sale was in the hallway where they do the Gold by the Inch. Last day the 2 for 20 tees were set up in the Atrium lobby.  People were 5 deep at this table!  lol

 Pictures:  Previous cruises had the photographers set up for elegant nights only.  On this cruise, they were set up to take "Casual Pics"  every night of the cruise. They were really pushing the large canvas prints at 59.99 but included a free 8/10.  8x10's were 21.99 and 5x7's were 2 for 9.99.  Wallets 4 for 9.99.  When pictures are taken, ask for the card for free wallets.  You will receive 4 wallet size pics for free.  Got this for each pose we purchased.

Rooms: Our room steward, Salman, offered both morning and evening service.  We chose morning only and ice but if you would like both, it is still available.  Someone asked about notepads in room.  There was a small note pad about 3"x3" with maybe 10 sheets and a small "mini-golf" pencil.  Announcement (mostly annoying) cannot be heard in the rooms. Shower was nice with good water pressure.  I think they could use a grab bar for seniors. Bathroom is equipped with bar soap, shampoo and conditioner.  We bring our own. Beds and pillow very comfortable as always.

Decks:  We like sitting out on Deck 10.  Heading to Bermuda there were so many chairs being held with bags and towels that somedays it was impossible to get a chair. We like to sit out after dinner also.  Carnival must prefer you go the shows and the bars because at 5:30 they start stacking the lounge chairs on Deck 10.  If you are already in a chair they will allow you to stay.  Sitting on the Serenity Deck in the evening is impossible because people would sit in the chairs, seating areas, after getting out of the pool or hot tub.  Chairs were always wet so you couldn't sit out in the evening.

Comedy Club: They have expanded the seating area in Butterflies so it is easier to get a seat now for the comedy shows.

Pier Runners:  The Pride carriers around 2500 passengers.  Why is there always 15-25 people who can just not be back on board in the stated time?  It is rude and inconsiderate when more than 2400 people can follow the rules and be on board when told.  The boarding time in Bermuda was 11:30 but there they were running at 12:45!  IMO these people who arrive after the requested time should be fined when there S&S is swiped after the allotted time.  It would teach them to be on time!  Maybe $20 added to each person's card for being late.  Just my opinion.

Posts:  I will be posting pictures after I give some info on the port of Bermuda.  Included are pics of Bar Menu, Kids Club itinerary, Sample Menu and TV Channels.

Bermuda:  This was the most beautiful port we have ever been to.  When the boat docks at Kings Wharf at the Royal Dockyard the Starboard side is facing the dockyard.  There is a free shuttle that you can take to go to the buildings around the dockyard.  Clocktower Mall, Glass blowing factory, Craft Market, etc.  Bermuda is expensive because they have to import everything - they have no natural resources.  We were told cost of living is 50% higher than NYC and 75% higher than most of the US.  A loaf of bread was $7.00, gallon of gas on this day was over %=$8.50.  We did the Carnival Excursion of Hidden Hideaways and Famous Homes.  This was great!  Guide was informative, funny, friendly.  Boat ride was nice with a great breeze.  Left side of top deck was best for picture taking.  The other tour we did was with Bermuda Byways with Heidi.  Our 6 hour tour took 7.5 hours and we saw most of the Island.  Again, great tour with lots of history of the Island.

Questions:  If you have any questions, please ask.  I will now try to post pictures, wish me luck!


menu 2.JPG


drinks 2.jpg


kids club 1.jpg

kids club 2.jpg

kids club 3.jpg

pic prices.JPG


cakes 2.JPG


clocktower mall 1.JPG

clocktower mall 2.JPG

clocktower mall.JPG









st george 2.JPG

st george 3.JPG

st george 4.JPG

st george 5.JPG

st george 6.JPG

st george 7.JPG

st george 9.JPG

st george 10.JPG

st george 11.JPG

st george 12.JPG

st george 13.JPG

st george 14.JPG

st george 15.JPG

st george 16.JPG

st george 17.JPG

st george 18.JPG

st george 19.JPG

st george 20.JPG

st george 21.JPG

st george 22.JPG

st george 23.JPG






dining room 2.JPG

dining room 3.JPG

dining room 4.JPG

homes 21.JPG

homes 22.JPG

homes 23.JPG

homes 24.JPG

homes 25.JPG

homes 26.JPG

homes 27.JPG


glass blow 1.JPG

glass blow 2.JPG

glass blow 3.JPG

glass blow 4.JPG

glass blow 5.JPG

glass blow.JPG

food 1.JPG

food 2.JPG

food 3.JPG

food 4.JPG

food 5.JPG


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20 minutes ago, boltpeople said:

Beautiful pictures!  I’m hoping to do this cruise this fall.  Did you enjoy the Pride?

Yes, We love the Pride.  We tried this trip last September but got diverted due to a hurricane so we rebooked it for June.  Nice weather but lots of kids since school was out.


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27 minutes ago, boltpeople said:

Do you recommend the starboard side for a view of Bermuda while in port?

Really doesn't matter.  When a ship docks at King's Wharf (or Heritage Wharf next to it), it's comes to chance on which side of the ship faces the port.  Usually, a ship will alternate which side (port or starboard) faces the pier so they can take test runs of the muster boats on each side of the ship.

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2 minutes ago, jerseyjjs said:

Really doesn't matter.  When a ship docks at King's Wharf (or Heritage Wharf next to it), it's comes to chance on which side of the ship faces the port.  Usually, a ship will alternate which side (port or starboard) faces the pier so they can take test runs of the muster boats on each side of the ship.

Oh darn!  I was hoping I could plan to have the shore view, especially since we will be docked there for 3 days!  

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The view from either side of the ship is nice. There are things to look at when facing away from Dockyard. 


We've done Bermuda cruise four times, but never on Carnival. We've also been on Pride four times, but never to Bermuda. 🙂


I agree with the OP in that if you're looking for a non-ship tour in Bermuda, you cannot beat Heidi Cowen, owner of Byways Bermuda. We've used her twice. The first time was a shared typical island tour, but it was a fantastic day. We enjoyed it so much that when I returned the following year with my family, we booked a private tour taking us to "off the beaten path" places. We went to Southlands and Tom Moore's Jungle, where we climbed into a cave. It was awesome! I highly recommend her and especially her sidekick tour guide Buddy, her blind dog, who always comes along for the ride. Her blog with great photos and also tour and contact information is at http://www.bermudabyways.com


Here's our photo album from our 2014 cruise, including many photos from our day with Heidi. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VvU11za6tnLTCoQ88



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1 hour ago, boltpeople said:

Do you recommend the starboard side for a view of Bermuda while in port?

If you want to look from your balcony, yes.  Or you can just sit up on deck on the starboard side to see the port if your room is on the port side.

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Loved your review of the Carnival Pride and Bermuda. Hoping to get back this year or next. I've been to Bermuda many, many times and stayed at guest houses and hotels on the island, and DH and I have been cruising to Bermuda since the late 80's. Loved the photos too. The Carnival Pride is our favorite of the fleet, and Bermuda is indeed another world.

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