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Just back from Sensation 7/15, a few thoughts and a lot of pics

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Hey gang! I'll try not to be too long winded here (easier said than done for me), but some quick background info.... I only went on this cruise because of a last minute find online after the Cuba cruises were cancelled. I had gone on Dream on June 1 with family, and after I had been back home for a week or so I logged into the website to make sure my VIFP days had shown up, i clicked the find a cruise button to daydream about the next one, and lo and behold there it was... the recently changed 5 day itinerary of Sensation, just a few weeks out, for $70 plus taxes. Oh, and with a $100 OBC on top of it. Basically, just have to get to Miami. Sure. I can do that!! Because it was so last minute, I actually ended up going solo, which I've done before and don't mind at all. 


Some background - this was cruise 23 on Carnival for me, but my first on a Fantasy class since Imagination in 1996. I'd been on Ecstasy and Sensation respectively in 93 and 95, but since then it had been all Conquest or Dream class for me... with a couple asides on NCL Breakaway class (or is it Getaway?), RCI Voyager class, and Princess Grand class... so I was interested to see what it was like stepping back in time on the ol' purple lady... but at the same time, it was the Holiday and Fantasy classes that made me fall in love with cruising in the first place, so i'll always have a soft spot for those ships. Anyway, I'll try to mostly post pictures and not drone on and on with opinions, but in short: I had a great cruise. I've never experienced fewer lines, crowds, and the staff and fellow passengers were so laid back and happy! Weather was great, no glitches at all, and an all around awesome time. Wouldn't hesitate to sail on a Fantasy class again, not for a moment. 




Ah, airports! Where 5:45am booze or burgers isn't weird at all! 




The big fancy 777 I got for the way out was legit! Smooth sailing the whole way, comfortable seats, plugs everywhere!




I hadn't had a Coke since January (when not mixed with bourbon).... Crap. #vacationtho










Nice little setup at the Aloft MIA... cheap price, easy Lyft away from the airport, and BOY are they all about the #sesh!!






a few beers at the cool little hotel bar, a quick cheap dinner at the Pollo Tropical right next door (yes, that many curry mustard sauces are absolutely necessary, don't judge), and time to get to bed early and get ready to cruise!




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What a horrifying new offer at the pier! I'll take two!




Terminal D, which doesn't have the Platinum/Diamond side room but does have the little seating area. I wouldn't be here long though! It was a later arriving crowd compared to Galveston, but I still strolled in about 11 and would be in the first few onboard within minutes!




We were in port with Victory, Symphony OTS, Norwegian Sky, and a smallish MSC ship. I love sailing out of south florida for the ship party if nothing else! Always such a great sailaway with great views.

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I made it!!! As a 90's kid, god i love this time warp.... in seriousness though, I do have a soft spot for the Fantasy class atriums that are wide open all the way up with the huge glass dome....




They say purple is the color of kings, you know....




Seriously, inject the font and style of the original Holiday/Fantasy class neon signs directly into my veins.






Michelangelo's was a cool spot... got pretty jumping for the occasional karaoke but that was about it.






Hello, beautiful. This, of course, is a critical upgrade I can get behind. Typically gorgeous area with the same AMAZING bartenders and incredible drinks. Also, WAAAAYYY less crowded than the Alchemy bars on Dream class for SURE, and Conquest class as well. It's a bit more out of the way I guess, and i was always able to get a seat regardless of the time. Sure enough, as usual, the bartenders knew my name by night one, and couldn't have been better.




The first Guy's burger off the grill!! As a side note, it was confusing for a sec that even though the space looks almost exactly the same as on the other ships, on Sensation you can only enter on one side unlike the double entrances on the newer ships. Still, there was never a crazy line and when there was even a small one it moved fast. The line is over on the buffet side, by this rockin' 90's hallway: 




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Hey sis! Nose to nose with Victory.... I loved that ship both times I sailed her. My favorite atrium in the fleet (I love green, what can i say)... I'll miss her when she gets Radiance'd.




Loved these little seating areas on either side of Alchemy. Super comfortable and attractive with great views. The older ships really seem to be more about looking out at the sea than inward at all the bells and whistles, and I dig that. 










Cabin R10... living that porthole life! Well worth the $70 cruise fare and then some.

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Pretty sure Touch of Class is the last thing you see before you die. It's very "final scene of Blair Witch".... (which came out years after the Sensation - i smell a lawsuit!)

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Serenity, after deck 9 through the Plaza lounge. It was AWESOME and ALWAYS had available seats a plenty. No bar, but bar service was quick and friendly. 










So many great little spaces up top to catch a breeze and great view. Also, fun fact - my first kiss was in this exact spot on Ecstasy in '93. Well, i wasn't ON ecstasy, you know what I mean. I was in the summer before 9th grade, jeez, chill!














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Thanks for all the pictures!  We go on Sensation in August.  I feel like there weren't a lot of current reviews of her.  

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Steel drums were WAAAAY more prevalent here than on my recent Galveston cruises. Love everything about it. Here on the promenade stage, in the lobby, on lido deck, everywhere. 






The Seaview Bar at the back of the lido buffet was an underrated spot. I mean, c'mon. It's next to the pizzeria and deli, and a perfect place to get a drink and take it outside to the awesome little seating area overlooking the back of the ship and serenity on 10 aft. 




Crockett and Tubbs got nothing on this Vice.







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Fast start in the casino! I'd start fast, get killed the middle three days, then end strong enough to pretty much recoup my losses. For the record, it's amazing how smallish the casino feels compared to Dream class. It was actually WAAAAYYY more mellow and empty at all hours than my recent cruises on Dream and Breeze have been. It would pick up late at night, but by and large it was a quiet room.





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Took something back to the room from the Deli almost every night. I love almost everything there. 




Kaleidoscope nightclub before it gets crazy








G'night! (I'll post more soon)


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HI.  My husband and I were on this cruise and LOVED it.  The crew were absolutely amazing.  Hopefully I will crank out my review soon.  Really enjoyed looking at your pictures!  Aaahhh... memories!

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Just speaking about this ship with a coworker.  He was on the Magic and you were in dock together.  This was my second Carnival ship cruise.  I love your pictures and how you can see the ocean on this ship.  Looking forward to more.

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Good morning from Nassau via the porthole of R10!!!


So each cruise i try to pick one port of call in which I stay onboard ship. Tag, Nassau, you're it!! Nothing against the place, I just happen to love having a day where the ship is quiet and I have the place to myself. 




My morning routine, an iced coffee from Joe's. The line was never long, the service was friendly, and it stayed open til 11pm.












The Serenity deck completely to myself with a nice hot tub and cool ocean breeze for a couple hours?? TWIST MY ARM, WHY DON'T YA?!??

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Loved this area that juts out like a wing up on deck 11 above the Lido promenade....

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Another example of seating that draws you toward the views of the sea...




All is quiet on Promenade deck, time to make new friends up on Lido... (Adventure OTS docked next to us)




Asked for a fish and a chicken at Blue's... he started making a pork by mistake, then began apologizing profusely. "It's okay buddy... toss that bad boy on there. It would be a shame to waste it."






Fantasy class has the original longer taller whale tails (i dig the aesthetics more than the new stubbies) and I love that you can get right up on 'em. 

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Gotta get the essentials ready for sailaway!




Adventure and Majesty OTS still in Nassau as we roll out... (Majesty came right behind us, Adventure had arrived much later in the day)







 Piloto Party!

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Sunset with new friends off the back of Deck 10










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Always nice to come back to the little Plat dessert tray




Morning coffee out on my 10 Aft spot




Stumbled upon a little wedding fun







Water Shuttle (the artist formerly known as tender) off to HMC!




MY GOD imagine riding that great beast



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Love it!! Girlfriend and I did the five day on the Sensation last year, and had a fantastic time. (I posted part one of my review and then flaked out; I'm the worst.) The pictures are giving me killer nostalgia!

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