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DWTS coming back Fall 2019!, Dresses and more...

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On 10/15/2019 at 3:54 PM, KandCsailing said:

I still have to watch last night's show.  We stayed at my Mom's for our Canadian Thanksgiving and watched two other shows with her.



It was Disney night - that's always a good one.


I thought Erin looked gorgeous.  Loved her full gown and her hair.  The dress showed a lot of chest area but she pulled it off.  Carrie Ann's dress looked a bit costume-y to me but the dark green was nice on her.  She seems be wearing a lot of different necklines/sleeves.  I wonder if that style is trending this year.

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I, too, absolutely loved Erin’s dress on Disney night. I can’t remember anything she has worn that I liked better.   The black and gold outfit this week not so much.


Kate’s dress this week would be great for a cruise - minus the slits in the skirt.


I liked Carrie Ann’s dress much better when I could see the whole thing when she missed the chair.  Didn’t see enough of tonight’s to form an opinion.  The top looked like a thousand other one shouldered dresses but I liked the color.


i can’t believe Sean is still in it.  He barely moves..





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I liked Carrie Ann's dress; Erin was ok but somehow looked too casual.  Several other dresses, with some modification, would be great for a cruise.


Very disgusted with who went home--how in the heck does that happen!  My husband vows he isn't going to watch anymore, with last nights result.


I fail to see how this year's voting format can be fair;  Don't the couples who dance first have a lot more time to have votes come in, compared to those who dance later?  I just wish people voted as to dancing skills and not based on popularity or they just like the person.

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This week I liked Carrie Ann's outfit a lot but not Erin's.  At the very beginning of the show, Carrie Ann walked down the stairs so you could see her whole dress.  It had a very pretty, flowing skirt.  The lavender color was nice on her too.


I don't know who is voting for Sean but they need to stop.  I was surprised at the reaction of the person who did get sent home though.  She shouldn't have been in that position and she was wronged but still, that was a bit much.  Has she never been told no before in her life?  You have to learn how to deal with rejection at some point.

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The Halloween show was great.  I especially liked the first group dance and James's Viennese waltz.  Carrie Ann's dress would work better for a cruise than Erin's, without the horns of course.  Did she really say she was horny?  That was funny. :classic_biggrin:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all!


I just watched last week's show last night & am really disappointed that Sean is still there!!

Could he possibly win with fan support & no dancing ability?!!!! Too bad better dancers are being sent  home while he stays.

Do not like Erin in  pants.


Hoping for a better outcome this Monday.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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I have no idea how Sean is still there; the voting process must be really messed up.  He should have been at best the 2nd and maybe the 1st to go home.  If DWTS doesn't get their voting

fixed, doubtful they will be on long.  My husband will no longer watch.  After the Bobby Bones debackle, it took them a while to come back.


I get that having the judges choose between the bottom two is an attempt to forestall really bad dancers going on, but it isn't working.  For one thing they need to go back to the two-night format, with voting overnight and the person voted off the next day.  It could even be a half hour show, but give more people time to vote.


People, just vote for quality, not 'he's so nice' she's so cute, etc.!  I get that thebvest dancer often doesn't win, but the worst shouldn't win either.



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1 hour ago, Nebr.cruiser said:

I have no idea how Sean is still there; the voting process must be really messed up.  He should have been at best the 2nd and maybe the 1st to go home.  If DWTS doesn't get their voting


Maybe the voters for him are republicans.

But despite earning scores that are well below those of his competitors, Spicer seems to have a loyal fanbase whose votes are making up for the numbers on the judges' paddles. (And DWTS is clearly as much a popularity contest as it is a legitimate talent show — even though it shouldn't be.)6 days ago
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I'm finding Sean's popularity refreshing after all the times that pro athletes got lots of votes despite cringe-worthy dancing.

At least he has good posture, which as a dancer myself I notice and appreciate.

Overall, however, I haven't found a single competitor this season whose dancing I am enjoying.  Thank goodness Erin's outfits, and some of the costumes, are worth watching.  

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I thought Erin's dress would be perfect for a cruise.  I know what retiring soon means about prints - they don't usually go on a cocktail dress.  But the color, shape and sparkles looked great on Erin.  I didn't like Carrie Ann's dress as much.  It looked too Disney-esque to me.


I agree with going back to the two-night format.  The one night voting is not working at all, even with the judges deciding between the bottom two.


I'm also a fan of this week's results! :classic_smile:

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I liked Erin's dress this week, though it was a little short, and her hair as well--she looks much better with a softer look. I didn't find the print distracting at all.   Carrie Ann's dress was gorgeous, although very ball gowny and I can't think where most people would ever wear it.  Although I did see a similar style in a bronze color once on a NCL cruise--the husband was in full dress quilt.  They were a spectacular couple


Very happy about who went home.

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I really liked Erin's dress and look last night.  Carrie Ann's silver dress was ok, a little much for me.


And yet another wrong person went home!  Although at this stage, everything is very tight.  It was a very emotional night.


I don't like the way people seem to vote in blocks; country people, vote for......, sports people, vote for....., bachelor(ette) fans, etc.  Wish people would just vote on the dancing--this seems to have gotten much worse since the advent of these type of shows; the earlier shows had less of this trend.  All part of the social media craziness, I guess.


I have noticed that contemporary routines tend to get very high scores, probably because they can be much more flexible in the content of the dance, with few if any rules is to what can be done--so in some ways getting to do a contemporary routine can be an advantage

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Not who I thought should win either, in fact was my least favorite (personality-wise) and although not the best dancer, still pretty good.


I was just ok on the gowns; didn't like Carrie Ann's color combo and Erin's looked so stiff and heavy.  

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I liked both gowns, especially Erin's.  Black and white is always nice together.  Carrie Ann's gown colors weren't quite as flattering.  The peach was too close to her skin tone.  But they were both very pretty gowns and I liked Erin's hair.


The finale didn't have as much hoopla this season.  Remember how they used to go outside and have a big Christmas tree and all the contestants from the whole season had their own dance?  This time the voted-out people were barely shown.  I wish they'd had one more show to cut it down to three for the finale instead of four.  The person who won was my least favorite of the four.  Hopefully they will change the voting system for next season!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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