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Celebrity Millennium Aug 2-9 (probably not totally live because I’m bad at remembering)


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July 31

Travel day 1

I live about an hour from my parents and they are two hours from our airport so this was the day of lots of driving! After a haircut I drove to my parents and had lunch with my Dad. When my Mom got home from work my Dad drove both of us out to my brother and sister in laws place in the Harrisburg area. They would be taking us to the airport the next day.

We were able to play with their new pup/ the furry nephew and get dinner as a family at a local brewery before my Dad headed back home and we settled in. It was nice to just chill out and see my brother and sister in law.


Craft beer stop!

Lots of snuggles from my new furry nephew!

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August 1

Travel day 2

We left from Harrisburg International Airport to y to Vancouver. Our flight was at 8:15 and getting to the airport at 6:10 was far to early for this tiny airport! We checked our bags and were through TSA by 6:30 (with pre-check). We grabbed coffee at Dunkin’ and waited at the gate. We had possibly the best flight ever to Chicago (nice newish plane, direct tv in seat, no wait to takeoff and very smooth). In Chicago we had planned to use one time passes to the United Club but they didn’t allow it so we just hung around our gate for what ended up being almost 4 hours! We had an hour delay out of Chicago due to the pilot coming from another flight that had been delayed. He boarded the plane after the passengers! The flight to Vancouver was very bumpy and uncomfortable but we made it. Customs went quickly and we taxied to the Hyatt Regency in downtown.

After checking in we were starving so we walked to Gastown for dinner. We saw the steam clock and ate at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We were seated in the train car and the food was very good. I had seafood fettuccine Alfredo. It came with bread, salad/soup, ice cream and coffee! We were stuffed. We did a bit of roaming around shops and then took the Expo line back to the hotel because we were exhausted and couldn’t fathom the walk up the hill!

I love everything moose so be ready!!! I could have spent $1000 yesterday in shops!


We saw the steam clock at 6:15 it was less exciting than I expected!

Our dinner spot!
When in Canada. Eat Tim’s and wear moose PJ’s

Now that I am caught up time to get ready to board.

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8 hours ago, burnoutbabe said:

following as we are doing same thing at end of the month!

Spaghetti factory now on my list (other half loves pasta, i will be on salad i think)


I'm going to give you a differing opinion, and I hope it won't seem obnoxious to do so.  I haven't been to a Spaghetti Factory in many years, but it is a low-end US chain restaurant, the type that all my friends worked for in high school (the fact they were hiring high-schoolers might tell you something), with not good or authentic food at all.  Perhaps it's improved, since the poster here enjoyed her meal; as I said it's been ages since I was last forced to one of these.  But when visiting a place like Victoria I think you'll have many excellent options that don't involve mass-market chains.  If you like Greek food, for instance, Ithaka (https://www.ithakagreek.ca) has some of the best Greek I've had outside of Greece.  And of course there are many delicious seafood restaurants, and a great Chinatown.  

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thanks, I checked out the menu and its 100% pasta so we'll skip it. In the uk we have "bella pasta" which is a nationwide chain which is probably similar.


I am also not a huge sea food fan so there will be plenty of lunch meals in Alsaka ports where it'll be crab legs for him and a diet coke for me!


The greek stuff looks good though.


Now Tim Hortons, I did love last time i was in Canada, so will be getting me some coffee and muffins there 🙂


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OP - why did United Lounge say no to you. I also have a few of these passes. Were they at capacity?


Old Spaghetti Factory - it has been a few years since I have been here but I am going to agree with JMB27, I would not go there again. Plenty of good restaurants in Vancouver.

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20 hours ago, Coral said:

OP - why did United Lounge say no to you. I also have a few of these passes. Were they at capacity?


Old Spaghetti Factory - it has been a few years since I have been here but I am going to agree with JMB27, I would not go there again. Plenty of good restaurants in Vancouver.


Oh gosh, I realized when reading your post that I posted about Victoria, not Vancouver.  D'oh!  Heading on a cruise in a few weeks that stops in Victoria, so I guess I had that on my mind.  Vancouver offers literally hundreds of great options!

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I didn't forget!! I just didn't realize how busy an Alaska cruise is (not much time to sit by the pool or anywhere and relax!). We just got in yesterday afternoon and I go back to school (teacher) for the fall tomorrow morning so I am trying to get caught up with laundry. 


To answer the questions I saw already:


United Club- No explanation was given, I actually walked to another one (there is an area where you go under a runway to another part of a terminal and I walked back to the one in our first terminal and was going to call my mom to come over) and they didn't accept them either. Both had a large sign outside. We went in the first one and they said no passes and didn't elaborate. I didn't even go in the 2nd one but I saw the same sign.



The Old Spaghetti Factory- I will disagree that it is a 'low-end US chain restaurant'. The food was absolutely delicious. My seafood alfredo had more seafood than you would get at a high end seafood restaurant near me for about the same price. The service was excellent, food was delicious and we were served quickly. Since it had been 9 hours since our last meal (and that was airport food) we wanted something filling and when looking at menus both online and before we left this fit the bill. If I was comparing it to the pasta at my local non-chain Italian restaurant it was far superior, and it obviously beats the pasta at both Olive Garden and the Cheesecake Factory. I am very picky and like to eat well (ignore that we ate at McDonalds for breakfast in Vancouver, that's what happens when you are jet lagged and wake up before 5 and are starving) so I wouldn't be raving about it if it wasn't delicious! 


I will try to post a bit while my laundry is running and if not in the evenings after work this week. It was absolutely the most amazing trip I have ever been on

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Cruise Day 1-

After our later than anticipated arrival into Vancouver we were BEAT. We went to bed quite early (my mom says I was out by 9:15) but that lead us to be up extremely early the next morning. I struggle with sleep and time changes (daylight savings does me in) so I as worried about this change. I was up around 4:15am and it was wet and windy out. After some more sleep I was able to catch the ship coming in between buildings


I ended up dozing a bit more but mom and I finally decided we were hungry and needed to eat breakfast. It was looking nicer out so we decided to eat, walk down to the waterfront before we headed to the port. The Tim Hortons near the hotel had at least 20 people in line so we went to McDonalds and used the screens to order. We were able to bypass a long line using the screens to order. It wasn’t a fancy breakfast but it worked and we knew we would be onboard for lunch! We then walked down to the waterfront area. My mom has been to Vancouver twice before but I had never been. We saw Canada Place, the float planes and the Olympic torch. I am a GIGANTIC Olympic nerd so seeing the torch was huge. I am already saving to go to the LA games in 2028!

After that we walked back to the hotel and made a stop at a pharmacy for last minute supplies and coffee crisp bars (like a coffee KitKat and only sold in Canada!). We packed, checked out and were ready to head to the ship right on time for our 10:30 to 11 am check in time. From the hotel to onboard it was about 45 minutes to an hour. Workers at the hotel hailed our taxi and it cost about 14 (with tip) to the port from the Hyatt Place. The check in was easy, especially with having our set sail passes ready and the keys being at our door. We didn’t love that you had to go up and down and all around to get through the stations. Also the US Customs computer didn’t like my passport so we had a few tense minutes while it was worked out. We stepped onboard to our drink and I was immediately questioned about my age (I am 30.) and ended up with OJ. No big deal because I had the classic package and could get whatever I wanted. I did carry my license all week Incase there were other issues. With the new system of check on we could go right to our rooms and drop our things. Our inside cabin on deck 8 was already ready and we took a few minutes to put items in the safe. Our room was nice and other than in the bathroom we thought there was a lot of storage. The USB plugs at 3 spots helped keep everything organized. 956081204b35289386868904bcf950b6.jpg
Next we set up our internet (we needed to keep in touch with home due to my elderly grandmother) and checked out our dining table. We were immediately displeased as if was just inside the doorway to the dining room shoved against a wall. Dinner the first night was not super enjoyable as we had waiters and people rising by our table. We put in a request for a new table and were told the dining room was over capacity, which was why we were stuck in a hall. Luckily the next morning we found our table had been changed! After this we headed to the buffet for lunch and some beers. We also were able to use WiFi calling to give my Dad a call and check on things at home and the pups. They were helping him work from home all weekend. bfe2bbef8a5b535b8d955f6edf5c8553.jpg

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. Our luggage came by 2 and we unpacked before muster. Then we went to deck 12 on the back for sail away. It was crowded but we never felt overcrowded!
e055443fbaa4b27b0dc7d8f64fe43e24.jpgAfter that we changed for dinner and headed to our table. I didn’t take menu pictures but this is from night one! 62c7f4aa69cb4f086ec1c3453b39ba36.jpg

After dinner we went to Cosmos for a game show and then to the comedian. After we were still a bit jet lagged so we went to Cafe al Baccio for a warm drink and headed to bed.

More to come. I head. Back to work on the morning so I need to put away laundry and get to bed. 5:45 will come early!

If you have any questions or want a specific picture let me know. I took over 3000 so I may just have it!!

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3 hours ago, Anita Latte said:

Welcome back! I’d love to see all your photos! I really enjoy trip reports over time so without feeling pressure to do too much too quickly, looking forward to reading about your trip.



Thanks! I don't have all of the pictures uploaded anywhere and I need to delete a lot of the whale watching ones that just show water but maybe eventually I will get an album up! I got thrown a curveball when I got to school this morning and I am going to be having a much bigger caseload this school year than I anticipated. I need a run to the teacher store at some point and I need to get my DonorsChoose project up on social tonight since Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is doing something with donations tomorrow to double them and I need to figure out a schedule and classroom layout to accommodate my new larger numbers. I haven't even completely unpacked and I am already in PJ's and ready for bed! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I didn’t forget about you all! The first few weeks back at school is crazy. To be honest my suitcase still has some things in it and is on the guest room bed. I am almost settled now so I will hopefully get back to this for a few days, until kiddos come on Monday!! 


Cruise Day 2- Cruising Inside Passage

My mom has really enjoyed cruising the inside passage on her first cruise (Southbound on the Radiance) so I was looking forward to this day. Unfortunately we went through much of the skinnier part of the inside passage overnight and in the very early morning hours. Also, when we woke up it was so foggy you couldn’t see the water and the fog horn was going. It took until mid-afternoon to clear.  Regardless we started with breakfast in the buffet. I almost always get the eggs Benedict but I was disappointed. However the bacon and French toast I replaced it with was enjoyable! Our sommelier from the evening before saw us sitting down and came over to see if we wanted any drinks. I felt spoiled already! A latte please😍!  After breakfast we went back to our cabin and had a notice that our table for dinner had been changed, which was great! We attended a naturalist talk and then went up to the solarium with books until lunch! After lunch we changed into swim suits, attempted to use the small heated kiddie pools (hot tubs) and then relaxed some more. After two travel days, and a crazy summer before it was needed. I know it was evening chic night but I have no idea what we ate but looking at pictures I think it was steak! We also did the senior officers party. I will say that there wasn’t a single night where I disliked my meal. After dinner we started a routine of going to the naturalist and then the show. We also started trying new drinks before the naturalist presentation. I had never had a Gin and Tonic but it is now my new ‘go-to’. The show that night was a Motown show and while I wasn’t super excited I actually really enjoyed it!! 


I didn't take a lot of pictures that day but I will leave you with these. 






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