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Harmony Aug 4, 2019 - We're not on Empress anymore.

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5 hours ago, Ourusualbeach said:

You asked specifically if there were night lights in the Junior Suites and balconies.  I replied that there were night lights in the balconies.

Oops! My bad. I meant to say Jr Suites (which we have) and standard balcony cabins (which my DD has)

in case a night light in the bathroom was inly a perk for certain categories. 

Actually, looking back I did say “standard balcony cabins”, but I wasn’t clear enough. 

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1 hour ago, John&LaLa said:

GS bathroom night light.



if a light goes on in the middle of the night, my brain says the kids are up to something and the adrenaline flows. By the time I remember they have adult children of their own, I’m wide awake. 

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On ‎8‎/‎19‎/‎2019 at 2:38 PM, John&LaLa said:

Home away from home


Welcome to our GS. This probably rivals the RS on Empress. Love all the storage. Something like 17 drawers,  10 cabinets, 8 shelves, and tons of countertops. 


I've since moved this table in front of bedroom window. Kept stubbing my toe






Nice room!!!

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23 hours ago, John&LaLa said:




People eat on this🤔



I foresee many evenings with feet up with drinks on the table enjoying the view...

Oh wait that would be us...Lol...

Therefore have a drink on your balcony for all of us at work this week.

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23 hours ago, John&LaLa said:


Cheese plate came while I was catching up. Was able to put the cheese in the fridge. Ice bucket and wine keep showing up there. 


I saw the basket of fruit on your counter in original photo.  We like to keep that refilled from fruit at the WJ or SL.  🙂 

For some reason the bananas were only at the DL (missing in the SL on Oasis).  Strange.  

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1 minute ago, island lady said:


I saw the basket of fruit on your counter in original photo.  We like to keep that refilled from fruit at the WJ or SL.  🙂 

For some reason the bananas were only at the DL (missing in the SL on Oasis).  Strange.  

Did you check over by the ketchup and mayo.😁

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17 hours ago, John&LaLa said:


We also got 4 internet codes, 2 each 😉

Anyone onboard need one? 🤣


Just kidding, that would be wrong


You get internet codes for being a Pinnie, no matter what cabin, from what I understand?  

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1 hour ago, Andy C said:

So you're in 7254?  I left that room much better than I found it.  


Thanks. Seems in good shape. The sliding door whistles a bit in strong winds. 


Was this from August, or December?

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Day 2 - Monday - AKA Perfect Day at Coco Cay, even if we get there 4 hours late.



It seems Laura didn't sleep well last night, lots of coughing.  So she went up to the SL early for coffee and I woke up alone. 

It was a pretty morning, though.





Got dressed and headed up to find my wife. 


Here are some pics of the aft Deck 7 elevator lobby.


The glass wall 





The sign



Haven't gotten trapped again. 😁

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Get up to 17 and find Laura nursing some tea.  She says she feels like crap, really bad sore throat and coughing.

We go ahead and eat breakfast and discuss going down to medical.


We sailed through a rainstorm after I took the pictures from earlier, but the sun is back out as Captain Johnny sails us to Coco Cay.  They lower the blinds in CK when the sun gets to strong. 



Deck crew putting out the sun loungers since we stay on the ship 4 extra hours this morning. All hands on deck it seems.



Apparently they had issues with the coffee machine last week so they re-booted it. the strength adjustment selection is now gone because of that. Bummer.  


I would like to point out another feature of the model.  If you touch the button with the coffee cup it switches to a double serving. The first shot is of a single serving, coffee cup on top.



This picture shows the cup on the bottom, double serving.  You're welcome.



Dane, our Jamaican waiter made Laura some tea with lemon and honey for her sore throat. He also insisted she drink bottled water.  When we came back at lunch, he made another batch with Hennessy.  Jamaican Cough Syrup. 😉

Actually, he made this for her last year as well. 







Finished breakfast and decided to head down to Medical, Deck 2 Aft.  Take the Port elevator


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Got to medical and we are only passengers there. They took Laura's vitals and asked us to wait for the doctor, he is tending to a crew member.  I want to add that the nurse was very quick to inform us that we will be charged and they don't do insurance.  Are we sure we just don't want some Dayquil? Plus they are out of strep throat test strips.  We decided to stick it out.


Doctor Etsebeth saw us and confirmed Laura has Bronchitis. Luckily it's not contagious. Prescribed Dayquil, Prednisone, and a ZPack.  $182 all in. Unfortunately, they were out of Prednisone pills, so they gave her liquid.  It's really nasty stuff. 



I'll probably pick up a couple ZPack's in Cozumel for future issues. I'm sure @Ocean Boy would not approve. 



Back to the room and put the wife to bed.  No Coco Cay for us this week.😥

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Laura was feeling a little better around 12:30, so we went up to CK for lunch and the Jamaican Cough Syrup.

Laura ordered the tomato soup and I ordered the flatbread. We split the chicken sandwich.

First soup came out cold, but the bowl was hot. The second soup came out still boiling. Crazy.

Flatbread was best I've had in a while and the sandwich was good and spicy. 



Of course there was a beer or two



Took Dane's cough syrup to go😁


When we got back to the cabin, more wine. Thanks Ken



Put Laura back to bed. 

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We had to show up for dinner in CK because Chef Henry was making us another stir fry. 

It was good, but not as good as the previous week's version. Not quite as spicy



Did not have dessert, because it's Crepe night in the Jammer.


I was hoping to get Nutella and banana, but no Nutella.

Settled for my take on a banana split. Bananas, Strawberries, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. So good.



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I'll close with some miscellaneous paperwork and a shot of the approaching storm. It's gonna be a wild night


SKY $uite amenity list



Compass stuff



Food opportunities



Shows we missed



towel mouse





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