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Harmony Aug 4, 2019 - We're not on Empress anymore.

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iSkate is supposed to be choreographed by the cast, featuring their favorite music

The headphone gimics and channel changing audio effects get irritating after a while



It was packed, no reservations, no premium seating, but some folks still like to save seats. 

Barefoot lady held that position chasing off dozens of folks until the last minute, seriously, the last minute



And since it was so crowded, folks behind us had kids in their laps, fairly large kids.

They liked to kick and shake the seatbacks in front of them. Laura was not amused.

I know, it's just kids being kids. 

No it's rude and unacceptable.

There was a giant pole in the row behind us, so I figured no one would sit there.

I was wrong. 


Rant over. It was a fun show, other than that.



As we left, I grabbed a shot of the comics. JR McCollum was the funny one




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41 minutes ago, MrsKC08 said:

As always...thanks for taking us along for the ride. Hope you are faring well with the impending weather. I know you are set to sail out Sunday or Monday? 


Mariner on Monday.

It's nice here now.



Gratuitous Dog picture

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Day 6 - Cozumel, MX



Formal Night is still alive and well on Harmony



Still Hot, Hot, Hot



Columbus at 8pm. It's no CATS, but much better than Grease😉

I doubt we'll make it to Crazy Quest. It's not much fun in Studio B anyway

At least the CD isn't hosting. 



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Actually, I use my pill container to tell what day it is vs the elevator.

Not many pills left. 😥

And yes, I forgot Monday morning



On the way up to CK, I ran into this little accident waiting to happen.

I know, kids being kids. 🤣



Truthfully, this is more typical of the week before last

He was much higher up before I got the phone turned on



One of our errands this morning is to get Laura's new ring fixed

Based on it's current condition, we've nicknamed it Vision 

# EndGame



The Effy store in Cozumel is sending their jeweler to the store by the pier.

They take good care of us

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Our other errand is to get more Zpacks

So we'll kill some time waiting for the ring to get fixed

Our destination



Our objective



Now, Mexican Zpack is Azibot, the dosage is just three pills

They don't wait around down here, kill it and be done with it.

They also have stronger stomachs than us Gringo's


Back to the ship



Decent breeze. Typically on Oasis, there would be shade from Liberty



Probably should have stayed here for lunch



Mixed grill in WJ tonight. CK for us, Lamb and Lobster



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Since it's formal night, Laura rescheduled a wash and blow dry. 

Jeric in the spa is a wizard with flattening her mane



This is indeed a natural color



Watching late arrivals, must have been a ship's excursion, they were 30 minutes late.



Lamb was better than last night, this is a chop from Laura's plate.



I got the scallops with a side of lobster.

Scallops were as wonderful as the lobster was dreadful. so overcooked. I heard the same from some others



Now it's off to the show 🦈🍔🥒



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Killing time before the show



Second best seats in the house






Up close and personal

It's weird, don't ask



Note to self, Johnny Rockets tomorrow.



Apparently Fiona is back



Overall, a fun show. I got chastised for taking to many pictures. 

Apparently I should just sit back and enjoy the performance. 🤣🤣



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Day 7 - Saturday - At Sea


Forgot to grab a compass or shoot the elevator floor.  

It's been a long week.

Beautiful morning though20190824_070231.thumb.jpg.0fc22d75ac45815a938a75b7e8f4afd3.jpg


Really close to Cuba





Laura ran out of yarn, so she's Crushing it.



Slight Sprinkles



BTW, the Living Wall cabins in CP have loungers. 

XX229 and XX629 if you want to book one someday




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Going to be a busy day



Our Host, John from the Philippines



The bar is the first thing you see when you enter the galley.

It's locked up like Ft Knox



Remember the Mustard Incident on Day 5?

They slather the meat in mustard before they roast it.

I do the same with pork butts when I smoke them. It burns off, used to hold the seasoning on.

Somehow it got on the lamb after they roasted it.😱

Laura also got a big blob on her mashed potatoes

Ship happens



Prepping hot dogs for the Dawg House



Our pizza gut from Sorrento's, does great work up there



Smells devine down here



Here's how to load a bread basket



No ticket, no food



Off to my next tour


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Bridge Tour



The infamous skooter



For his other ride.  I saw it on deck 2, but no pictures down there



Swag from the President's Cruise last year



Biggest bridge I've ever seen

AKA Wheelhouse



No more sitting in the big chairs



Don't touch anything.

In reality, I think these controls are disabled

We're on autopilot



Dorian is on the weather chart



Bridge cam. It's a Cannon, well at least the lens is



Former smoking area?



HD cabin on the other side of that partition

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Pinnacle Lunch



Invite wasn't clear, but we met in Dazzles for a photo op



Meat Plank (Jaimees)



Bruschetta (Jaimees) and seafood tower (Chops)

Lobster was tasty, but super hard to get out of the shell



Filet and Lobster Thermador (CP150)



Fried cheesecake is the star (CP150)20190824_141248.thumb.jpg.cf91168775537521758ae6e567f43887.jpg


I mentioned in my survey that they should do this meal earlier in the week.

On the last day is silly

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And back to the Spa for Reflexology

I packed before lunch. 😉



It was nice, but I think I'll stick to Full Body Swedish or Hot Stones


I'll definitely be back here in February



Johnny Rockets for dinner.



It was fairly busy, I enjoyed it. 

But it was $10 plus tip.

I miss when it was a BOGO coupon for Diamond's

And it was only $4.95 back then 🤣



Stopped in the DL for a night cap.

They had better hot apps than the SL

We had quiche almost every night. 



I'm done for the night, will wrap up tomorrow


And then try and figure out if Mariner sails on Monday


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5 minutes ago, jagsfan said:

Do you remember if Costa Maya, Roatan, or Cozumel had trams from the gangway to the land end of the dock?



Costa Maya did, the other two don't really need them

Cozumel did have folks available with wheel chairs

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7 hours ago, John&LaLa said:




Johnny Rockets for dinner.



It was fairly busy, I enjoyed it. 

But it was $10 plus tip.

I miss when it was a BOGO coupon for Diamond's

And it was only $4.95 back then 🤣


I miss when it was $0.00.

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7 hours ago, John&LaLa said:


Costa Maya did, the other two don't really need them

Cozumel did have folks available with wheel chairs

Thanks, John. 

Sometimes I can manage two blocks,  but more often, I can’t. 

I have a Rollator, but it can be a PITA  to get through the door and to find a place to keep it without having to climb over it. 

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3 hours ago, molly361 said:

Hey we didn't get invites for  the galley or bridge tours.  We have gotten them in the past when we were in balcony cabins but no invites this time.  Sad, so sad😇


Mail was a mess. We didn't get a form to fill out, so Laura notified Breno, the LA. 


The Concierges should have asked as well.


Never got invitations either, they were on the TV message system


Our tours weren't very well attended. Around 7-8 for galley, and twice that for bridge

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