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Solstice LIVE: Alaska Honeymoon Cruise Aug 9th-16th 2019


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2 hours ago, GenerationX said:

As you may know from my Equinox review, I am a big fan of really dressing up for evening chic night.  My wonderful husband also indulges me in this pursuit.  Dinner time!



Tres chic guys. When else in our busy lives do we get to play dress ups?That's what cruises are for - pretending we're in a modern day Downton Abbey!

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Good morning from beautiful Ketchikan!


The air here is so crisp and fresh.  I could sit on deck for hours just breathing it all in. 


Posting will be slow today because we have a busy day in port. We’ll be going to visit a totem park then taking a glacier lake canoe trip to a lakeside salmon bake!


Still to come: reports on last night’s dinner in Blu and the silent disco party.





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Just wanted to chime in and say I love your blogging style.  My DH and I have been on 20+ cruises including our wedding and will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary on the Solstice next month (repo from Van-Hon).  Our last 4 have been on Celebrity and have enjoyed them greatly.  Learning a lot from your live updates.



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21 hours ago, GenerationX said:


Happy to help!  I was surprised the party was during the day as well. On my last cruise it was in the evening but on this one it was at 12:30.  We had a little paper in our stateroom at embarkation with all the captains club events for the week.  Sharing it below. Also here’s the laundry information you requested!





Don't they also offer a bag of laundry at a set price like RCI??



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Hi guys! OMG how much time do you have to hear all about our first day in Alaska?


Im still figuring out how to narrow down my report and photos from today in port and know I also still owe reports on yesterday evening.


In the meantime I just wanted to share that I spent happy hour on the pool deck watching a pod of humpack whales on a hunting expedition!  Captain Alex spotted them pretty far out and had our onboard naturalist come on the PA system and give us some information about the whales as we passed.


When we got back to our room we had invitations on our door to two special events (one for captains club and one for aqua class for the glacier and Juneau tomorrow).


We’re just sitting down to a special event seafood fiesta dinner in Silk Harvest. It turns out on this cruise at least, the restaurant has NOT turned over to La Petit Chef yet.  Pics of the seafood menu are below and I’ll take a photo of the regular menu on my way out.  


More to to come soon!  




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Totally loving the blog and now totally confused about Silk Harvest . Celebrity cancelled our Silk Harvest reservation and refunded the OBC we had used for this. Are you saying the restaurant is still operating  ? - we cruise in October and were looking forward to SH again as we have already had the le Petit Chef "experience " . Cheers 


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I think I have become a little obsessed about the LPC/SH changeover!  Be grateful if you can get any intel onboard on when they are actually making the change? I'm the opposite to Hammo - SH is not my thing and am really hoping that we will be able to experience LPC on our 23 September cruise.Hope you enjoyed dinner.

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Just now, hammo said:

Totally loving the blog and now totally confused about Silk Harvest . Celebrity cancelled our Silk Harvest reservation and refunded the OBC we had used for this. Are you saying the restaurant is still operating  ? - we cruise in October and were looking forward to SH again as we have already had the le Petit Chef "experience " . Cheers 



Hammo I was very confused as well as I’d seen numerous posts on the celebrity boards from other cruisers saying Silk Harvest was gone.  Yes, the restaurant is still operating and there was no signs of the LPC equipment anywhere.  I’ve asked 3 different people when the turnover to LPC is occurring and got 3 different answers.


Ive been told it’s scheduled to happen after our cruise gets back to Seattle but then another server told me tonight it has been delayed till the transpacific.


VERY confusing!

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Posting a photo of the regular Silk Harvest menu for our sailing.  We’ll be at an even with the senior officers and Captains Club host tomorrow so I’ll see if I can get more clarity from higher ups on when the changeover to LPC will occur.


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1 hour ago, hammo said:

Thankyou - very kind of you  --  and please dont interupt any moment that interferes with your fun - enjoy every moment .


Second that. Big thank you.

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I love you review and all of your pictures.


We have sailed the Pacific Coast and the Caribbean.  Alaska is on our bucket list.  We have 2 upcoming on the Equinox in 2020 and 2021.  Maybe 2022.

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GenerationX - Thank you very much for all your reporting and the posting of the events/schedule - very much appreciated!  

Been to several Helipad events before and can't figure out why we have to wear flat, closed toe shoes?  All my shoes are open - will have to buy a special pair for the Helipad - haha - just thought it was strange as I have always worn open toed shoes there but on different cruise lines, not Celebrity.

Hope you have a great day,



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I'm really enjoying your live review!  My husband and I sail on Eclipse in two weeks 🤩 for Alaska.  It will be our first Celebrity cruise and our first trip to Alaska, and so I have been reading everything I can. This is great.  Oh and we have reservations for Murano our first night as well; thanks for posting the menu!  Enjoy your cruise!

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1 hour ago, lovecruzin said:

Just a thought for your sail away dinner from Skagway. try to get a window table in Blu or dine in Tuscan. The scenery as you leave is beautiful. OTOH a few drinks at the sunset bar is also a good way to enjoy the view!


Thank you for the recommendation!  I’ve asked our Blu waiter to make us a Tuscan reservation and he promised to get us a window seat! 😁

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YOU GUYS! This morning may have been the most amazing cruising experience I’ve ever had:  cruising up Endicott Arm!


I can’t believe how lucky we’ve gotten with weather and sight seeing!  The sun was out and we got to see multiple episodes of glacier calving as well as quite a few seals playing in the water!


The fjord was so serene and the views were awe inspiring. The upper decks were packed with passengers but everyone was silent just staring at the scenery.  It was like being in a massive outdoor cathedral!


For aqua class, the forward balcony outside the fitness center was blocked off for us for glacier viewing and they gave us much needed blankets, hot chocolate and headphones so that we could listen to our naturalist’s live narration.  


Some of the icebergs we passed were HUGE!  I give massive props to Captain Alex and his navigation crew for getting us in and out safely.


In fact, it was announced that Captain Alex set a new record this morning for getting a Solstice class ship closest to the glacier!


Brett Nixon our (fantastic) naturalist mentioned that he often visits this glacier in a kayak.  As an avid kayaker, after seeing those bergs, I think I’ll stick to glacier viewing from a luxury cruise ship with Bloody Mary in hand!


Some guests had an excursion to take a smaller ship even closer to the glacier. I don’t remember seeing it offered on the cruise planner because I definitely would have booked it.  Maybe it was already sold out since we booked closer to sailing.


After we left the glacier Jeremy and I went to the buffet for breakfast but it was a mad house trying to find seats, so we filled our plates with an international breakfast then took it down to eat on our veranda.  We’re about to take a short nap (fjord and glacier viewing started at 6am) and then sit in the hot tub for a while before we arrive in Juneau for our whale watching tour this afternoon.  Cheers from gorgeous Alaska!


Photo overload below.













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