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My Opus on the MSC Seaside Yacht Club cruise, Jul 27-3 Aug 2019

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Firstly I must apologise - I was on hiatus from the boards (real life distractions) when you first posted your review. Fantastic detail and pictures, thank you so much. Sounds like you had a fantastic time and really made the most of the YC experience and amenities.


On 8/11/2019 at 10:15 PM, psmarkle said:

He came and found us, looking dejected saying he went to our cabin at 10 minutes before 6 to escort us to dinner and thought he had misunderstood.  We had a collective “oops” as we now realized he was expected to escort us everywhere, even for cocktails, to the shows, off the ship, bowling…everywhere.  The first day, this was a little unsettling as we felt like we were being followed or something, but by the next day, we got into the groove and became very proficient at communicating with Lezle when we were going to be going places. 


I must say - this would annoy me. I can take myself to the various venues on the ship and don't want to have to be ready for an allocated time. I'd politely make this point if our butler tries to do this - although on my last cruise, there was no attempt to do this.


On 8/11/2019 at 10:15 PM, psmarkle said:

Which also reminds me that I’d go down to the Topsail Lounge and order “getting ready” drinks for all of us (non-alcoholic Miami Vice for DD, Moscow Mules for DW and DSIL, and a Grey Goose Martini for me…that’s my evening cruise treat 😊  ), and the Butler working the lounge that evening would deliver them to our room on a silver tray, very nice!


Something I also like to do - "getting ready" drinks - although again no offer to bring them back to the cabin on the silver tray! 😞


On 8/11/2019 at 10:17 PM, psmarkle said:

When we turned in for the first night, there was a form to fill out if you wanted a newspaper delivered to your room each day.


This gave me a laugh - I filled in that form in the YC embarkation area - I selected the 'i' newspaper and got the 'Daily Mail' every day instead, with absolutely no explanation as to why!


On 8/11/2019 at 10:27 PM, psmarkle said:

As I was enjoying my morning walk with my coffee, the “behind the scenes” tours came through the YC areas. 


Didn't think they brought tours to the YC - good advertising perhaps.


On 8/11/2019 at 10:27 PM, psmarkle said:

It was $45 for the lane (for 4 of us) for the first ½ hour, and $40 for the second ½ hour, FYI.  Money well spent for all the laughs we enjoyed!


Yikes! I think that's expensive - but glad you enjoyed it. It would stick in my throat that kind of money for bowling.


One thing you've really made me want to do is to take full advantage of the pool grill - our last sailing was in the Baltics in May so not ideal for outdoor dining - but I sure like the idea of a freshly grilled burger or minute steak on the pool deck this time round. You've also reminded me to select the 'always available' filet option if I don't fancy anything else, and possibly ask for breakfast in the cabin on the day we are doing an early tour. Thanks!


Casino voucher...... a 30% voucher + 5% VC  discount is appealing... very appealing indeed. I am amazed this is achievable with $100 of slot play (not counting the 'recycling' of course). I'd happily bet $50 a hand at Blackjack for an hour or so if it would guarantee me a voucher but I appreciate that's not how it works! 😞 A dark art to work out what it takes to qualify? I'm not a casino user in the main and I don't like the smoke - but could certainly bear it if it resulted in a voucher.


I'm primarily an NCL sailor, Platinum with them although haven't made it to the Haven as I can't justify the prices. I find the Haven vs YC comparisons interesting. I would consider doing the spa suites on NCL, as I love the spa on the newer ships and it's an added-value perk when paying for the Haven experience. I also like their specialty dining options better, although would feel like I was missing out on the Haven restaurant that I was paying for if I was 'eating out' all the time. Still on the fence to be honest - if I saw a Haven spa suite at a great price, I'd take it, as I find even the MDR food on NCL much better than MSC. But it's not as clear cut as I would have thought a few years ago..... and of course that 'great price' is so hard to come by these days.

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2 hours ago, psmarkle said:

Marine7, you are most welcome!  We are Platinum cruisers on NCL and enjoyed the suites and the Haven; however, the Haven prices have accelerated way beyond our vacation budget!  I do like the room choices of the Haven vs YC, but that's about it.  We find the Seaside YC a much better value with better service and atmosphere.  We will be sailing the Seaside for our third time in a row next year as that's how much we enjoy it!

We are really looking forward to Seaside and very much appreciate your comments.


Semper Fi

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