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Brad Price

Friends of Michael Blackwell, Piano Player

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Michael Blackwell, Piano Player, Pianist, Entertainer, Singer, Song Writer and Friend, a Canadian Musician Working Aboard, Norwegian Cruise Lines “Gem” in the Early and Mid-2000’S.


I just recently found out that my old friend Michael Blackwell had passed away at the end of May in 2014. I found this sad news on a cruisecritic message board.


August 12, 2019

I would like to thank the many members of cruisecritic.com

For Helpful Information and for Many Kind Comments regarding the passing of My Old Friend Michael Blackwell. Finding out that my good friend had died after reading posts on this website was very shocking and not the kind of information I was hoping to find.  Sadly, I now know what became of my old friend. I Thank You.


Helpful Information and Kind Comments From:

Members of cruisecritic.com


“If we think about how hard something will be, it will be hard,” said a lounge technician. Michael Blackwell, a principle musician, who was a sales rep for the garment industry in a previous life, put it another way. “We’re here because we want to be,” he said. “Plus, I think about my alternative, which was driving all over Canada when it was 40 below and I like this better.”


Oh Man, I hate to be the bearer of very sad news.

Michael Blackwell passed away at the end of May 2014.

Such a nice man may he rest in peace.

Michael was class act!

He will be missed!

How did Michael Pass?

How old was he?

I think Michael was in his late 50's.

I am not sure of the cause of his death.

I do know that he had been ill for a while.

Yes, he was a Class act and will be missed by many.

How did you hear of his passing?

Do you know where he lived?

I was notified of Michael's death by one of the other entertainers.

He lived in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I think Michael was in his late 50's.

I am not sure of the cause of his death.

I do know that he had been ill for a while.

Yes, he was a Class act and will be missed by many

When I knew Michael, he was based in Vancouver, B.C. 

I think that he had family there at the time.

Thank You for this wonderful picture of Michael. 

Brings back many many fond memories. 

Not sure where he is buried. 

He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. 

Very sad loss for many including me.

At the time of his death, he was living in The Philippines with his new wife and her family. 

He met her on The Gem - She was staff.

Michael was well loved by the Staff of the Gem.

Michael was also well loved by his many many friends.

Norwegian Gem Cruise Line ‎

Michael was what I call as a "Piano Purest". 

He did not attach anything to his piano. 

He was just him, his big black notebooks and the piano.

I’m sorry for his passing and your grief.  

He made many people happy and forget their troubles with his talent.  

The world is a lesser place without Michael.

Michael died in May of 2014. 

He died in the Philippines with his wife and her family. 

He had been ill for a long time. 

It was a very sad time for all who knew him. 

The person who told me was also a Norwegian Cruise Ship

Entertainer and she has since died.

A friend of mine is currently on The Gem as an entertainer.

His name is Michael Blackwell.

He plays piano either in Star Bar or the Atrium.

Occasionally he will host Name That Tune in the afternoons.

Very nice guy.

Very sad. A very talented and wonderful man.

Prayers are with his newlywed wife and family


If anyone has any additional information, Please contact me.

I would really like to know:

Where he passed away in the Philippines

Was he buried in the Philippines?

What he died from

Who he married - Staff Member - Norwegian Cruise Lines “Gem”



August 9, 2019 - Brad Price had a phone call from The Former Owner of Pretty Estates Resort, Located in Harrison Mills, British Columbia, Canada. The former owner had heard that Michael Blackwell had Passed Away. The Former Owner believed that Michael was playing the piano aboard Cruise Ships


August 7, 2019

My Original Search for Michael Blackwell on Social Media

Michael Blackwell - Cruise Ship Entertainer, Pianist, Canadian Musician, Songwriter and Friend.

I am hoping I can find my good friend Michael Blackwell

"Somehow, Somewhere" on Social Media.

"You Out There Mike" I have not seen or heard from you in years.

I hope you are alive and well and in good health.

During the summer months from 1975 to 1985, Mike and I would play on the local mountain tops almost every weekend

We both enjoyed a good workout and both of us were in pretty good shape when we were in our mid 20'S. We did not walk up a mountain, we ran!

Mike & I will never forget our 1980 Mountain Climbing Adventure, Climbing from Lions Bay to the top of a local mountain known as "The Lions"

Located close to Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

Our one day adventure ended in disaster.

I almost died on that day in 1980 at the age of 28.

I fell off the Backside of the West Lions Mountain. "West" Being the Mountain Peak to the Left in the attached photo.

I was rescued by Canadian Forces Base "CFB" Comox Air Sea Rescue Helicopter

I was strapped down in a stretcher, covered in blood, but feeling no pain.

I was injected to the limit with Morphine.

I can still see Michael "In My Mind" Dangling from the Air Rescue Harness at 5,000 Feet, Swinging in & out of the Rescue Door aboard the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Comox Air Sea Rescue Helicopter.

The Rescue Helicopter Pilot told us the Helicopter was overloaded and wanted to leave Michael on the mountain for the night.

We managed to talk the Pilot out of that plan and were glad that the Helicopter did handle the extra weight.

Years later I ran into Michael Blackwell Singing and Playing the Piano at Rowena’s Inn on the River, Once called Pretty Estates Resort, and now called Sandpiper Resort.

This Very Beautiful Resort is located close to Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada.

There are Nine (9)  photographs of my old Climbing Buddy Michael Blackwell & Myself in this YouTube slide show - https://youtu.be/RI7SKErD0Uk -

I am now a 67 year "Ex" Mountain Climber who would like to reconnect with his Old Mountain Climbing Buddy "Michael Blackwell"

Hoping we reconnect,

Sincerely, Brad Price

Michael Blackwell .jpg

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A total stranger taking the time to post a very caring comment.
Cruisers are very nice people
I Thank You

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6 hours ago, LrgPizza said:

I am sorry for the loss of your friend.


6 hours ago, LrgPizza said:

I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

Compassion from a total stranger
Your caring comment brightened my day
I Thank You 

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