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MSC Meraviglia Questions!

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For those who've been on the Meraviglia, or know answers, we'd appreciate it!


First, if we only go to one Cirque du soleil show, which would you recommend? we can really only afford one for the family and weren't sure.


2) How would you recommend our free black card specialty restaurant be used? we don't really eat red meat so bucher's cut would be off the table probably...any other recommendations? We went to Ocean Cay on seaside but want to see what Meraviglia has to offer


3) We have black cards, but always bought thermal suite passes on seaside cuz it was a great value there, but have heard Meraviglia is far more crowded thermal suite. Is it still worth it to buy on her? Also, if we don't buy, how do we claim our free hour in the thermal suite due to our status?


All answers are appreciated!!

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Here's a description of each of the 2 shows (from the MSC website):




We've seen Sonor and loved it, but from reports on here from those who went to both shows, Viaggio was the preferred one.  We've booked Viaggio for our Oct cruise, so won't be able to say 'til then which we like better.


We never used the thermal suite so can't say how busy it would be (and I'm sure that it depends on the itinerary, weather and other factors whether it'll be busy or not on any given cruise).  If you just decide to use your one-hour session, you just go to the reception desk in the Spa and advise them that you would like to access the suite.


I would have recommended Butcher's Cut ... it's the most popular speciality restaurant on the ships.  However, MSC has recently replaced Eataly with both Ocean Cay and Hola! Tapas.  You also have Kaito Sushi Bar, so you have a choice of 3 SRs other than Butcher's Cut in which to enjoy your Black Card benefit.

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Another thumbs up for Viaggio from us , it has more of a story and for me more going on visually . There is a section in Sonor which is a guy  rapping, making sounds with his hands for at least 10 mins , boring . 


We are black card holders and went to Butchers cut , loved it.Hubby does not eat meat, he had the salmon. There are menus online . 


We have yet to use our thermal spa Black card perk on any ship, must do it sometime. 😆.



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@Beamafar Thank you for the reply! That was very helpful...question if you opted for the dinner option...would you say it was worth the upcharge? was the dinner worth paying more for or do you think it just makes sense to get dinner before/after the show...speaking of that, do you recall what times the show were? we have early dinner, so is there a show at 6:00 or only late shows at 7:00-9:00?


@heatherb1958 sounds great! you've definitely influenced us to go with Viaggio....we also were wondering if you went with the dinner option, and if so, if you felt it was worth the upcharge vs. just the cocktail


edit: please note we are NOT in yacht club, so the alternative for dinner for us would be MDR

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You don't say when you'll be sailing.  The times of the shows will be scheduled to suit the itinerary you're on.  When we were aboard, the times hadn't been set, yet;  that was a Med cruise.  Mera is doing a Northern Europe route at the moment.  I believe the show times are set to facilitate people's dining times, similar to how the regular theatre shows do, i.e. early show for late diners and late show for early diners.


Here's the dinner menu which may influence your decision as to whether it's worth the extra cost.  Remember, your drink package (if you have one) is not valid in the CDS theatre, so any drinks (which may be limited to wine/beer/water - if they even serve them) you require will be charged:



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Ocean triumph- we just did the cocktail and show and I think I have mentioned elsewhere on CC I would recommend going to the early show then going to dinner in the MDR. 

We did it both ways on Meraviglia , I did not like when we went to dinner first then arrived for the late show when the show diners were still being served and eating. It was distracting and the smell of the food was awful as we were full from our dinner.

When we went to the first show it was just cocktail and show people .

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Do you recommend booking the cirque show in advance, or just booking it onboard?  If I book before boarding, will I have a space saved ( I've read that you have to reserve a time onboard) or can they still sell out?  Thank you.

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6 hours ago, lakelivin2 said:

Do you recommend booking the cirque show in advance, or just booking it onboard?  If I book before boarding, will I have a space saved ( I've read that you have to reserve a time onboard) or can they still sell out?  Thank you.


If you book before you board you'll save the 15% service charge that is added when done onboard.  You won't be able to book a date and time 'til after you embark, however, so a space won't be particularly "saved" for you until you've actually booked a slot.


@oceantriumph   Interestingly, on the other Meraviglia thread on the main page, a poster has said that they preferred Sonor.  They've also shared their experience of the Spa and thermal suite:





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34 minutes ago, justlivin said:

I am new to MSC. The Cirque show isn’t free?  I thought the shows were included. 

Yes, it's $18 which includes a drink or $42 with a specialty meal.  The shows in the main theater are included at no charge.

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