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Harmony Live, August 25th to September 8th - A few more days drifting away...

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5 hours ago, george35 said:

Leaving on Sept. 1st so I am following along with your telling of your trip on the Harmony. I hope you will post some pics of the ship & your comments on the shows. We are celabrating our 62nd annv. on this cruise & were thinking of trying to get on the NEWLEYWED game if they have it on the ship, please let me know.

Thank You



Wow - Congrats on 62 years. We are on the Sep 1st Harmony as well and celebrating our 30th. Thought that was a lot until you said 62!!!!


They should still have the Love & Marriage game. We enjoyed it in April on the Harmony. 



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Food porn. A new menu at Jamie’s. It’s only been here for 2 weeks. I wonder if Jamie’s golfing had anything to do with it. 




Garlic bread but not great. 








Chicken Caesar salad for sharing.  




Short rib rib for me with potato purée. 




A meaty lasagne for Lisa. 






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And tonight was Owen’s first night in teen club. We might have lost him for the cruise. 


Entering the big world. You can just see his foot. 




And obviously we peeked when he wasn’t looking. 




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3 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Good to see that all my favourites at Jamie’s are still there.  


How did you like the short rib compared to the one at 150CP or Coastal Kitchen?


Equal to 150CP. 



Edited by A&L_Ont
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A few photos from sail away.  I could move down here and do this like John. 🙂








Speaking of John, he’s out there somewhere. You might have another Canuck moving into the hood. 









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31 minutes ago, Swank Pad G said:

So how was the food? Reviews of Jamie's have been all over the place. What did you like? Anything you did not care for?



Food is subjective as always. The garlic bread IMO was a miss.  The chicken on the salad was cooked great and had lots of flavour and was juicy. The salad was salad. The bruschetta was amazing. Lisa said the lasagna was good, but needed more sauce for her liking. The pasta dishes were good as well.  We ended with raspberry sorbet. We won’t go back this cruise but we good return again. 

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5 hours ago, h20skibum said:

I found a way to get around the number of links in a signature, by listing them all in google docs and linking to that file.  (See mine). That is, if you want to upgrade your signature.


Enjoy your revised itinerary.  Many times, it is last minute changes that end up making the best memories. 


I’ll have to check that out. 


5 hours ago, TMFTL said:

Have a great cruise




5 hours ago, Ukigirl said:

So which show did Lisa download and how many LVs did she pack? Important questions here.  Love your reviews and thanks for helping me get through the upcoming work week.


Just one... however tag in wallet, change purse...  She downloaded any more.  Still watching “orange is the new black”.


5 hours ago, ryano said:

Bon Voyage!   My turn in 168 hours!  🙂  have a great cruise and I cant wait to follow along! 



Thanks Ryan. Well count down the days together. 


5 hours ago, Sobro said:

That basket of potato chips would look more at home in your suite.


Hell ya.  I’m gonna get them there, one bag a time. 


4 hours ago, Traciewatson said:

Following along, we are (fingers crossed) sailing on Harmony a week from today. We sailed on Liberty the week after Harvey hit and it was anxiety at its highest until we walked on the ship. We did not know from one minute to the next if it was really going to happen. But we made it and it was an amazing cruise so I’m hopeful! Safe sailings! 


Thats crazy. I’m feeling good but I haven’t look at the NOAA forecast for a while. 


4 hours ago, APDMOM said:

Have another amazing cruise, Andrew, Lisa & Owen!  Hope you have smooth sailings!  We will be on the Western itinerary in 11 weeks... 🙂  Following along! 




3 hours ago, Yorkvillain said:


Lol. Mind always in the gutter. One of the many things I love about you. I will be showing her your post. 




3 hours ago, jaspercat said:

Lays Classic Plain -- where the heck are the Dill Pickle packs!! 🙂


Ya, right. How about the ketchup and all dressed too?


3 hours ago, kpark895 said:

Finally caught up!  Hope you, Lisa and Owen have a great cruise, even with the changed itinerary.  Looking forward to the rest of the review, and of course, some wave action!


Did a little today. Will do some tomorrow as well. 


3 hours ago, Jimbo said:

No Coastal Kitchen tonight...surprising.....


We will go a few times this week for dinner, but do go more in the morning. 


2 hours ago, Swank Pad G said:

Were they firm on reservations on night 1 & 2 or can you move night one to later in the week? I always like to eat night one in the MDR.


We booked in advance and get a cabin credit for the free meal. That way we get the dining time we want. We used one tonight and the other tomorrow,

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7 hours ago, george35 said:

Leaving on Sept. 1st so I am following along with your telling of your trip on the Harmony. I hope you will post some pics of the ship & your comments on the shows. We are celabrating our 62nd annv. on this cruise & were thinking of trying to get on the NEWLEYWED game if they have it on the ship, please let me know.

Thank You




They will have and you should try to get on it. Congratulations on 62 years.❤️

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42 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:

Ya, right. How about the ketchup and all dressed too?



I would have brought you some. Publix has them now. Seems early, though. Must have known you were coming.




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33 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:

So that’s it for today. Alarm is set for 7am. We have to put in a hard 8 hours tomorrow at CoCo Cay so I need my rest. 


Night all, and thanks for tagging along. 


Go to Snack Shack

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19 hours ago, A&L_Ont said:


I don’t know, John’s Bella is pretty darn cute as well. I wonder if we could get them together for photo sitting. Would they be rolled up in a bundle of cuteness or would it look like a crime scene. 🤔


We will be waving from our balcony and your departure date will be sooner than you realize. 



Yes, John & Laura’s Bella is very cute, but if we’re going to talk cute pets, my cats, Carly and Huntly are in my opinion by far the cutest! I suspect the group pet photo would probably look like a very cute crime scene!


No matter how you look at it, 406 days until our next cruise is a very long time! At least it’s not the 500 some days it was when we got off Symphony in early May. 😱


We do have two land trips planned between now and Harmony. Hopefully they will make the time go faster. 


Enjoy your new itinerary. I’m confident that you, Lisa & Owen will find plenty of ways to have fun on your revised port schedule.  


15 hours ago, Orangefan said:


   I had a very similar experience when  I left Syracuse in May for FLL and a cruise.

  At the security walk through machine the alarm went off. I went through again and another alarm. They pulled my carry

on over to a table and escorted me over and placed my purse on the table. They did another pat down and then took a strip and rubbed it on my arms and the computer alarm goes off. She proceeds to take out everything in my purse going through everything-- even the money. With another special strip of paper she rubs it on the  purse and the alarm goes off. Meanwhile I am a nervous wreck since my flight leaves at 6 am and I am stuck in security.

  More strips of paper and she rubs around the edge of the suitcase--ALARM ! Finally she calls the supervisor over. There is no evidence of contraband and drugs SINCE THERE ARE NO DRUGS OR CONTRABAND. Meanwhile 30 minutes have gone by my clothes  and suitcase content are all over the table. I am thinking the plane will be boarding shortly without me.

    After the agent and supervisor talk they decide to send me on. She asked me if I used lotion. I said yes. ( I put lotion on all the time and through the day ).  She said sometimes that sets it off. Why couldn't she have asked me that before ? 

They should inform the public not to put it on the day before and the day of the the flight.

    So all the things I had packed the day before and the day of the flights were touched by hands that had cream on it.

That is why the money and all parts of the luggage had the lotion remnants on it. The thing is it is a plain lotion and has no scent or perfume in it.

  I tried to stuff my formally neat clothes into the luggage to race to the gate. They had started to board. i made it but it was a terrible way to start a vacation. While I was leaving they wheeled over an elderly woman in a wheel chair over. I assume she got the same treatment.



Note to self - DO NOT use lotion before flying! I already have artificial hips and knees. That’s enough drama at the airport for me!


Thanks for sharing your story. Seems like several of us have taken heed of your warning.

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7 hours ago, ipeeinthepool said:

Hi Andrew,  Any plans for your perfect day?


Maybe like your CC name? LOL I’m kidding, I would not do that. 


7 hours ago, John&LaLa said:


Go to Snack Shack


10-4.  And yes I should have got some chips. Thanks for the sail out photos. They are perfect. 

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