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Self Guided Walking Tour of Old San Juan


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@spookey  The invitation is on it's way.


Anyone wanting a copy - I am going to be less likely to make it over over the next couple of weeks with the holidays coming up in addition to those other life responsibilities. I will do my best to catch up on things, but I will be around less here before and also perhaps after the Thanksgiving holidays. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and if your mother is still with you squeeze her extra hard.

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3 hours ago, AlohaLivin said:

@doowopbob  I tried, google rejected it for the share. It must be an address that is associated with a Google account (was having to try via mobile but it rejected the attempt there)

Not sure what the problem would be.  My e-mail is not associated with an Google account.   I do have a Gmail account. Maybe you can try that.  It's doowopbob1947@gmail.com.  Thanks for trying.

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Hi - could you send me a copy of your tour? we are going to PR with my 77 yo mom next summer (she honeymooned there back in 1964) and I want to show her so we can plan our day. Luckily she is still very active and can walk several miles, so we should be good.  sherribc at comcast dot net


thank you!

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Hello 😊. I have not been able to respond since 11/23 as we were onboard the Adventure for Thanksgiving and on our tour of San Juan. I will add more later about that. For now...


@doowopbob. Because the tour is based on a google maps base, google requires an email address that is associated with google (which can be a regular one associated with one or a straight gmail one).  The second should work, I will try again 😊 


@uhswim @dcsam @icicle @hrmkr  @Tigerlawmpw

@Chumpson @Dwilki @mm9399  I am going now to add your email addresses - if by chance your email address is not associated with a google acct it will not accept it (so fingers crossed all will be accepted). Thankfully I built an extra day off into this vacay since we wouldn’t arrive back until Sunday evening and trying to get this and a few 100 other things done 😂 If I could just win the lottery 🙃


@hrmkr - I hope that you see this soon, you should have a Sea day today or boarding today so I believe this should arrive on time!!!



@Beachnut53  Thanks so much, I am so glad that you enjoyed it! Our port call began at 1:30pm, which was really far too warm a time to tour anything in PR, so I know it works pretty well even if you need to skip over some parts! I will be making a couple of small changes (removing a shop, adding a shop, and altering one route as for now it is opened from a closer side. Also the street of parasols is no more, at least in its original form (there is now a PR flag where the umbrellas once hung 😕).



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@hrmkr. I cannot get google to take your email address. I don’t know if you read the background on the tour here in the thread, you may not realize that it must be a google associated email address. Since you will be there super soon, I will try to get it to you if you can send a google associated email address to me. I will also email you directly to see if I can alert you that way.

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Based on our visit to San Juan this week, I decided to revise that map. That was really a horrible idea just after returning from a holiday cruise with 1000 things on my plate, but once I had jumped in it was all over but the crying! I spent about 6 hours on this tour today. There should not be any issues (although please let me know if any problems are found), but one never knows what changes might come in PR after the point it's created.


Changes made –


  1.  I removed the optional shorter version for two reasons – (a) it could be more confusing than helpful for some people and (b) it’s easier enough to leave out the sections you don’t want to see/use making it as long or as short as you wish.
  2. Because of #1, I rerouted the tour and left out the world’s famous bar (it’s seriously too hot out there to drink and it’s straight up a hill too far to make it worth the time and effort). But I added in a few really great options that were on the optional shorter route that I think people will enjoy more overall.


Important Notes:


  • You may or may not arrive at the same exact cruise port as noted on the map, but it will be very close by no matter which port is used.


  • There is a portion of the map shown as Castillo San Felipe del Morro. This section of the tour has multiple parts as the Faro del Castillo is in front of you at that point and the Bastion de San Antonio, the Patio del Morro Castle, and the Capilla del Cementerio Santa María are all to the right side of this area (bordering the northern section by the sea).


  • Near the end of the tour you will reach the Paseo de la Princesa (a beautiful statue and fountain on the SW part of old San Juan. The directions/map letters will seem to have a gap there and that is because for some reason Google maps will not acknowledge that the paved section accesses the road (also called Paseo de la Princesa).  The Paseo de la Princesa walkway follows the curved walls on the south side of Old San Juan and connects the port where the cruise ships dock to the gates of the old city. It was originally built in 1853 and renovated in recent years.  It offers a broad pathway for a safe, traffic-free, shaded walk.


  • As you get near the end of the Paseo de la Princesa walkway, the Bastión de la Derecha de San Justo y Pastor will be on the left and as you approach a round about to the right there is the Estatua al Inmigrante (statue) in the center. Some of the points around and just past this section may seem to have odd names as Google makes its own rules 😉


  • The last point on the tour is a CVS that is near the port (and typically less congested than the Walgreen’s just in front of the largest port). Feel free to ignore this stop, but it’s there just in case you need it.


I'm glad to share the map, but to save time please make sure the email address you post is one associated with a google account. Thanks so much and happy travels!

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Hello everyone! Those who recently requested the tour should have received an email from Google about it (even if you did not get the email, it will be in your shared files section on your google drive/maps. Please make sure to read the information here on the thread about it (the basic info and the recent update). I hope you all enjoy your trip to PR 🙂

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