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Currently ANY "not to miss" shows on Equinox??

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Which shows are an absolute MUST?  Don't want to waste any bar hopping time sitting at a lame entertainment show 😆🍹


We saw Topper in 2017....super dumb we thought......


We love comedians but ARE THEY GOOD??


Any highly recommend nightly shows??🤔

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Guest entertainers are hit and miss.   


Forget the Magicians.  Same lame tricks that are basic in any magician starter kit and most are easy to figure out.    Did you ever attend the one where they bounce a ball around and whoever catches it answers a question?   The Magician claims that before the show he wrote down some answers and sealed them in a box before the show.   


The box is then placed on a stand that the assistant just brought out to the stage.   Guess what is on the stand and who wrote the answers on it ( hint it wasn’t the magician and the  ink is probably still wet ).  If you can’t figure it out than you deserved to be fooled.


The production Shows are basically the same as you noted not worth attending.   The dancers prance around a giant prop be it a chandler or hat.  


Honestly it is difficult to advise anyone what show are not to miss,   It is the same as food.   We all have different tastes and likes.


happy cruising 🌊🚢🇺🇸🌅







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I can’t wait to read the answers as I was wondering myself what are the ones to see or not. Also which bar has the best band ? As for us the comedians are mostly all the same and not that funny.


sea ya 


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We have walked out of all 3 production shows: Life, Topper and the worst Elysium.   We always sit in the back.  We thought the shows were awful and singers were bad.   Very talented acrobats though.     But some people love these shows.


Some comedians were very funny,  some not so.  You wont know until the show starts.  Again, sit in the back so if you decide to leave you wont disturb many.


Magicians were so-so.


The Motown group was fantastic!!!  The Fab 4 show was also fantastic!!!  Ashley Amber has a great voice, but once is enough for us.   


September last year there were two brothers that played the electric violins.  I hesitated to go, because I thought I wouldn't like it.  They were great,  a definite must see.


You will see so many different answers here,  as everyone likes different things.  I wish they switched the shows around more.   Was on Equinox twice last year, and 2nd time we skipped the 3 production shows.  And next month we will have the same problem as the shows are the same,  plus will skip the ballet if that is showing.   We do like a show in the evening,  but we love the Equinox,  so I guess we will have to gamble those nights!


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I'm thrilled to hear that Life and Elysium are being done, and hope they will be there next week.  My all-time favorite cruiseship shows!  I imagine the cast will not be the same as previous presentations; they were the best singers and dancers we've seen in 40+ cruises.  We'll see....

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On the Equinox now.


Probably better off finding something else to do, maybe read a book.

Shows are awful and getting worse all the time.

Used to have interesting lectures years ago, but now only port talks about where to shop.

Tried watching a movie today in the theater....pathetic. Had to get in line just to walk out.

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