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Does the drink package apply before you set sail out of NYC?

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On 9/4/2019 at 8:30 PM, CookieShip said:

Do they tax non-alcoholic beverages?

 Yes  -- it was like $0.50 per drink


6 hours ago, gtaylor said:

We have overnighted twice now in NYC on MSC.


Both times the bars were open while we were, but not for 'hard alcohol' drinks. Wine and beer only.


In the Yacht Club Virgin drinks seemed popular, as many of us had stockpiled a few mini-fridge bottles ahead of time.




Smart -- but I found with MSC, especially YC, that in Florida, no tax was charged because they didn't even take my name to get a drink. Not sure why they can't do that on other lines.

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On 9/5/2019 at 7:21 AM, chengkp75 said:

It is not NYC's "open bar" policy that affects Carnival's drink package (especially since there is a limit on drinks, it isn't an "open bar"), as this same thing happens in Texas as well.  Carnival just doesn't want to have to switch their POS registers from charging tax to not charging tax when the ship leaves the 3-9 mile limit of state jurisdiction.  NCL has the bridge notify the Purser's office when the vessel clears state jurisdiction, and the Purser reprograms all the POS stations.  RCI deals with this by just not "posting" the drink sales until the ship is outside the state jurisdiction.

I don't know if I'm remembering this right...  I thought NCL charged the drink to your account while "in" NYC and later credits you the per drink cost (since you have the package) except for the sales tax.  They tell you not to worry about it, that it will be fixed.  

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20 hours ago, TPgal said:


Well, then I say, nicely done NCL.  The paper process seemed silly and time consuming for the staff.



I don't see a problem with the slips when there is an actual charge. I was quite surprised when they removed them, as I would have expected it to result in lots of "I didn't know about that" complaints when the charges posted.

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This is helpful to me as I reacall one time and I don't remember when or where, we were charged for a short amount of time for something outside of the package and the bartends were good enough to let us know.  This has been a referesher.




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Couple years ago, on the Epic in Port Canaveral I was at O'Sheehan's celebrating Saint Paddy's Day waiting to leave port. I'm sure my Irish butt had many beers but I seem to remember only a charge of about $0.89 or so when I viewed my charges the next day.


I tip every drink, maybe they just didn't bother to ring my card. I was pretty much a regular at O'Sheehan's that week. I was the only adult male in our group of seven. My Bride, SIL, Niece and friends, and a 3 year old little ***** that ruined the cruise for all of us. There was a waiter at O'Sheehan's that resembled Shemp from The Three Stooges. He never kept me waiting. Anybody know who he is?


Sorry for the hijack.......

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I have to say it was really hit and miss out of Miami this spring, some places we were charged and other not, we had several glasses of wine in the MDR with no tax added (even though our server told us there would be a charge) then some drinks in the spiniker which we were charged tax on.

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never been on Epic. Only Breakaway/Gem out of nyc. 

Always tip every drink as well. My Irish butt hopes your Irish butt finds your bartender. My fave was Elliott at Maltings on the Waterfront. Never had to wait or even ask for what I wanted. 

Sorry about the 3 year old **** ruining the cruise. 


Cheers to your hijack. Hope you find your Shemp.

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On 9/5/2019 at 11:50 AM, YankeesFan4Life said:

Fees must be a lot different in NYC than in Miami.  I was getting hit $3-4 per drink  while in port in MIA last month.

This post is very misleading.


What they don’t mention here, but do in another post is that they had the premium plus beverage package, and were ordering double Woodford Reserves.


I don’t know what the current cost of a Woodford Reserve is, but on a previous menu I have seen it was about $23, so 8% tax on a double would indeed be between $3 and $4. However, for people paying $10 per drink it is still less than a dollar.

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