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Kon'nichiwa もしもし LAFFNVEGAS Live From The Diamond Princess

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Bon Voyage Lisa & Tom, now that you two are finally heading off for your cruise.  Congrats for getting the upgrade to your favorite suite.  Great pictures of your time in Japan.  I hope the typhoon is all gone now and you have some decent seas for your cruise.

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Good Evening from the Diamond Princess in Yokohama Japan. Where the local time is 9:55 And we are still at the Ōsanbashi Cruise Terminal.

This is starting out to be a cruise that is not like any cruise we have had before. If you read my earlier posts it ends up Japan was hit by a typhoon very early this morning about 3:00 am, I did hear wind in the middle of the night and lots of strange noises almost similar to my cats using the scratching post. I believe Tokyo got some winds and rain but Yokohama and a few other area got the worst of it. 

The Diamond Princess had returned to port early yesterday to drop off passengers that lived in the area and those that could change flights prior to the airports closing, the Yokohama port also closed yesterday and so when the Diamond left it went out to sea several miles to ride out the storm. They were not allowed back into port till close to noon. This was why they kept delaying our departure from the hotel, the crazy thing was that evidently many roads were closed or washed out due to the typhoon so traffic was bumper to bumper, our rout from Shinjuku to us driving through Haneda Airport. What should only take an hour at most took Two hours and 40 minutes. When we arrived many people were waiting to board fortunately having the suite we were able to check right in and go right to our stateroom.

Our luggage arrived just as we arrived which was nice. We arrived at our cabin about 5:00 and Ferdie our cabin stated the Life Boat Drill was at 5:30 but there were no announcements so we kept unpacking. Finally close to 6 the Captain spoke stating LifeBoat Drill would be held at 8:30 and would update us more at that time. 

We had planned to eat at Sterling Steak this evening but they were closed, as well as Sabatini’s and Kai Sushi. So we ended up eating at Sante Fe Club Class Dining Room. 

Dinner was excellent and our servers were great. We then headed to our Muster Station at Club Fusian.

It ends up that due to how late they opened up the pier of Port of Yokohama and the fact that we were still missing 250 passengers and 30 crew that were to board they were delaying our departure till 4 am tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and we would miss our first port tomorrow making it an extra sea day. This was ok with us since it was the only port we had no specific plans.

I think I have filled what was happening, oh we did have the breaking of the Sake Barrel after the Life  Boat Drill.


I will write more tomorrow and in all the other details.






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LIsa, how nice that you got the upsell and could score on your favourite suite 🙂 


Sorry that the typhoon has mucked up the embarkation and departure time but very happy for you that you didn’t have plans for the first port of call.


We’ve only had a mini suite on Princess so I hope you will post pics of your suite so we all turn a bit green 😉 

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Good Tuesday Morning from the Diamond Princess, today was our unexpected sea day due to needing to miss our first port due to the Typhoon. So we are heading north to Hakodate, I am actually glad today is a sea day.

I love the Princess beds and pillows, I slept so good last night. I did wake shortly after 4 when I felt the ship moving, I laid in bed for a while then got up and looked out and an we were sailing away from Yokohama.we had not passed under the bridge at that point. But I obviously crawled back into our comfy bed. Both Tom and I woke about 7:30 got up and dressed and went down to Sabatini’s for breakfast. Now it may be I am not remembering but it seems the breakfast is a lot more limited than it was two years ago, our last Princess cruise in November on the Ruby we had a mini suite so no Sabatini breakfast. We did definitely enjoy our breakfast it’s always a great start to the day if we have a mimosa.😉
Have spoken to many great fellow passengers last at dinner with two ladies from Australia and again at breakfast. Then behind us in Sabatini was two couple talking and stated lived closed to the 215 freeway, well there is a 215 freeway in Las Vegas so I stopped as we got up to ask where they were from and sure enough they were also from Las Vegas. They stated they had already ran into two ladies also from Vegas. Definitely a small world. 
As for passenger nationalities I am taking a wild guess here but I would say about 40 to 50 percent From Japan, 30 to 40 percent Aussie and 20% North American and maybe 10% Europe/UK, all announcements and activities are in both English and Japanese.
After breakfast we headed to the atrium and shops 😁 To my surprise the first thing I saw was a Majorca Pearl ring I wanted two years ago but ended up not buying because it was way too large, well they had it again so decided to buy it. Then went to Calypso Cove shop, this is located off the atrium across from the Wheelhouse Bar so a bit different from other Princess ships in this class. Including not having an International Cafe or a designated Steakhouse, which on the Diamond they call it the Sterling Steakhouse rather than Crown Grill. The Sterling Steakhouse is at the very back of Horizon Court and during the day it is part of Horizon Court. In many ways it seems like they treat the Diamond like the step child ship. But like last time we found the crew to be great.
Hopefully you do not find our cruising style boring, we are not the kind of cruisers that go to all the activities in the Patter or do trivia. While Tom is now retired I work two full time jobs so my cruises tend to be more about relaxation, spa, good eating and drinks and once in a while some entertainment.
It’s now afternoon, I am taking my time writing this sipping on green tea since they have a hot water kettle in the suite, that is new since two years ago when we were in this same stateroom.
With having had the same stateroom previously it has been interesting to compare the difference since I have the pictures on my phone. The bed side lamps are new and have a USB socket on each lamp. The Japanese toilet/ toilet seat  was previously a Toto with the computer control panel on the wall, this one is Panasonic with the control panel being attached to the toilet seat. So far ours does not work so I did advise our cabin steward. The decorative blue bed pillows are also not there as well as the plant stand that held the orchid between the two sliders / between the bedroom and sitting area. There are also new much larger flat screen TVs but the Diamond does not have any of the newer electronic upgrades.
A little while ago Captain Gennaro Arma came on the speaker with his Noon time report, he stated that the Typhoon that hit Japan was the strongest in 80 years 😲. Nothing like start our cruise big. We have not heard if all passengers made it on the ship.
Signing off for now need to go check out the Green Tea soft serve ice cream at Horizon Court. 😋😛
i will post more pics later of room since internet is so slow.








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Good Evening from the Diamond Princess,  we are some where off the coast of Japan   😆we will arrive in Hakodate Japan tomorrow’s round 10:00 am. We have a full day of touring our tour tomorrow is Best of Hakodate so should be good. 

Tonight we went to Sterling Steakhouse which Suite guest get a complimentary night at a specialty restaurant, it was to be the first night but because of the delayed embarkation we could use any night. We chose those evening. Now I must say that two years ago we were not a fan of Sterling Steakhouse, we had even gone two nights and were so disappointed. Yet we love Crown Grill and our most recent Crown Grill experience last November was great. In my opinion better than Holland America ‘s Pinnacle Grill and maybe even better than Carney’s Steak House on NCL. Returning tonight to Sterling we had decided not to have much for expectations maybe that was good because we were both amazed. Everything was delicious. Service was also great. We will definitely return another night during this cruise. 


Weather today was sunny with calm seas just very humid. Although temperatures tomorrow will probably be just a bit cooler and probably more comfortable.

Sea Days for me fly by, we basically did nothing but the day flew by. 


Here are some pictures of this evening, sorry there were shadows on the menus.









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Hi there,


following along and enjoying your live report. There is not much with the Diamond and cruises in this area. So I do hope you‘re having a fabulous time. 


I see you‘re having a Korbel sparkling wine which my wife loves so much but which was taken off the drinks menu on both our last cruises on Ruby and Star. Do they offer Korbel on the menu on Diamond?


Happy sailing



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7 hours ago, Travelnplane said:

Hi there,


following along and enjoying your live report. There is not much with the Diamond and cruises in this area. So I do hope you‘re having a fabulous time. 


I see you‘re having a Korbel sparkling wine which my wife loves so much but which was taken off the drinks menu on both our last cruises on Ruby and Star. Do they offer Korbel on the menu on Diamond?


Happy sailing



Dennis, yes we discovered they too it off the menu a while back as well by they keep them on board. They are not on the menu here either but we just ask for them, with the gratuities included they are $9.44 each. That is our go to drink on Princess.

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Good Morning from the Diamond Princess where our time is 8:50. I have cell service so not needing to use slow ship internet, while it shows I have Lte 4G I only have 2 bars so hopefully can post some more Pics and video. 

We are nearing Hakodate unfortunately it looks like it will be raining most of the day and mid 60’s F

we had breakfast in Sabatini getting to know some of our fellow passengers and enjoying talking to them in the morning.

A little it’s bit of different info, I have been Lactose Intolerant for years which has been sad because I like cream in my coffee and ice cream  especially Match Green Tea Ice Cream. Prior to this cruise I was reading a lot about Japan on a Facebook forum on Japan travel. It had been brought up several times that people who are lactose intolerant should try milk products in Japan. To my surprise I am not at all effected. I have been slowly trying things and have had no problems but I am still taking my daily lactose probiotic but that has never cured it. 

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Good Evening for Wednesday September 11, 2019 in Hakodate Japan. Originally before we left for Japan I kept checking weather forecasts and several of the ports were showing possible rain but Hakodate always show sunny skies, unfortunately that was not true other than  a typhoon the night before we to sail this was the worst weather with windy rainy weather all day. Our tour started at 10 this morning taking us to the first market which was fun, I really would have liked to spend at least three hours there. Hakodate is known for their Squid and Crab. I bought a couple of bags of smoked squid that was delicious as well as smoked scallops that have been vacuum sealed. 

Then we went to the red Brick Square which is an area with numerous brick warehouses converted into touristy shopping with restaurants as well. There we went to a nice restaurant for lunch. Then time for shopping. During this time it started to pour and we were to take this large tram up to Mt Hakodate, we were I for due to the winds they stopped taking visitors up on the cable cars 😲Instead they would drive up the mountain, personally I thought that was a very bad idea. First it’s totally clouded/ fogged I . It is pouring rain and you can maybe see 4 feet in from of you. I asked if we could have the option of returning to the ship and they told me No, the drive up the mountain was a bit scary and risky in my opinion. Some of us did just stay on the bus. Then they did a walking tour while it was pouring rain of church’s and a temple again some of us just stayed on the bus. 

The last stop was the Tower that looks over Goryokaku Park. That was Interesting and fun. I even had some very good Japanese Gelato there, two different flavors Matcha Green and Pumpkin. 

We got back to the ship about 6:20 so we headed to the Dining room to see what was on the menu, since I had the gelato and lunch earlier was not that hungry so we ended up at Horizon Court for dinner. There I just had some Ramon and ice tea.


Tomorrow is a Sea Day and our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet. 

Signing off of the evening. And Good Morning to those in North America.








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Konbannwa, Good Evening from the Diamond Princess on our first Formal Night. Today was a nice relaxing day, slept in a bit later, had breakfast in Sabatini, then checked out the on board sales, purchased some T-shirts and nice colorful bling shirt for me then did some damage to our on board account with purchasing some fragrances and Shiseido facial crepes. Then also had our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet, I was impressed that the Captain and Hotel Director were there as well as a lady that I believe she was a Entertainment Director, I know by her Uniform she was an Officer but I apologize I did not catch her title. I hope before the end of the cruise to get the group pictures but I forgot my phone and for done reason I was not getting the photos from airdropping but I could send my photos. We will try it again tomorrow. 

The CC Meet and Greet was nice and many Thanks to Zee for putting it together.


We spent a good portion of our day enjoying the balcony and the wake of the ship while we read. We did stop by Swirls Ice Cream so I could finally have the Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream, it was very good had almost a richer matcha taste although not as creamy as most or like gelato but very good if you like green tea.

Tomorrow will be a very early day for us, we arrive in Maizuru very early and we are to meet at the Wheelhouse Bar at 7:00 am for our trip to Kyoto. This will be a full day tour. I have always wanted to get to Kyoto this will at least give us a small taste and hopefully we can return another time to spend longer.


Below was the menus from this evening.


Signing off from the Diamond Princess.








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Thanks so much for posting this Live from.  We are going to be on board the Diamond Princess Nov 12 and doing a 17 d cruise around Japan so I'm super interested in your posts!  Looking forward to the rest of your cruise.


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