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9-5-19 Thursday Weigh-In...16 Weeks Till Christmas..How Much Will You Lose?


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How much will you lose till Christmas Day

Actually 16 weeks is Dec. 26th our weigh-in day


We all have a few things going on during those weeks

Cruises, Holidays, Birthdays and our eating can get weak


That will be 112 days to lose weight or try to stay the same

We would LIKE to not play the UP and Down game


You know what I mean gain one week and then try to lose those pounds

Makes us just go in circles and not gain any ground


But then the best thing to do is lose the pounds we did gain

But going up and down is a pain


This time of the year with three main holidays it's hard not to eat things that taste good

Would be fine if Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas only lasted the one day with the food 

(sometimes we make it last weeks)


We are human and live life to enjoy with family and friends during these special times

So that's why we come in here to remind ourselves to eat less and drink water with lemon or limes


 WE will weigh and hope the scale says a loss or stay the same to each and everyone every Thursday

YOU all have really been doing Good each week..more loss's and staying the same then gains on weigh-in day



Wouldn't it be nice on New Year's Day that WE wouldn't have to SAY....I have to lose what I gained during

the 112 days. Better to say I lost or stayed the same during the 112 days. 


***But Please don't stay away if you have gained any Thursday  during the 112 days.  WE all are here for 

a reason because it's hard to lose and we're here to be accountable and we're also here to help each other.:classic_smile:




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Can't believe how close Christmas is!!!  I'm so not ready.  I am down this week 0.8# ... but it is just yo-yoing back and forth ... It's ok, I still have goals.


Good luck to all this week ... I think I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping! haha - Jan

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Thanks for the "food for thought," Belle 🙂 I often have 3 goals for my races (finish 😉 , realistic time, and stretch goal of really fast time).  For the 16 week challenge I will do a modification of that: no gain, 10# loss (allowing for cruise & holiday gains), 28# stretch goal (this would put me under 175 - a nice round number).


I'm still trying to adjust to the school schedule, and failed at it yesterday.  Since I was running late with grocery shopping I picked up a pizza for supper (thin crust, take & bake - so not as unhealthy) so I'm hoping part of the scale this morning was from fluid retention.  I did have a mini loss of .2# 🙂 Better than a gain, but now I need to work even harder to lose 3# this week so I can be under 200 for the cruise.


Got my 4 miles in again this morning, and the only other ladies in the group left shortly after I got there so I alternated a light run with my brisk walk:  56'30" for 4.01 miles!  I'm not breaking any records, and it was all flat and indoors - but it felt good to do some sustained running and I'm pleased with the time.


Nice losses Jan & Diana! 

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Thanks Belle and great losses all 🙂 Ugh we're talking about Christmas...it can't be.


I am down 2.2 for the week. I couldn't believe it since I went off the rails soo badly on Saturday. Down 4.8 for the month and 6.8 for 3 months. While this crazy plan keeps me hopping it seems to be working.


@pacruise804 Great job with running/workouts. I find that the more diligent I am with gym time, the bigger my losses!

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Hello All...Small group so far.

Think I let my birthday go on to long..up a pound!:classic_tongue:


Jan..It's a loss..take it! Jan your doing good, aren't you close to goal?


Diana..You did great on your birthday..A Loss! Glad you enjoyed your day.


Pacruise..Like I said  it's a loss! Take it! Your doing good with your walking/running.


Jenny..Great loss! You did good!  Your crazy plan and gym is working


Bolt..Sometimes we don't know where the gains come from, sometimes even the loss's!


By plan for the 16 weeks till Christmas is to stay the same..No Gains!  Why no loss's you ask?


First because I'm a lucky person and have some free and discounted cruises coming up.

1st..Leaving next Friday Sept. 13th for a 30 day cruises to Alaska and Mexico. Home on Oct. 13th.

Home for three weeks then....

2nd..Leaving Wed, Nov. 6th to the Caribbean for 28 days.  Home on Dec. 4th.

Home three weeks before Christmas.


So with all that cruising and Christmas my goal is not to gain on the Thursday 26th. Weigh-In.


Now trying to see what I'm taking, have to pack cold and summer clothes.  Will need both

So doing some washing and ironing (yes I still iron, like the look of the clothes) Got my hair

cut yesterday. Nails Tues.. Have a thing on Wed.  Still need to go to the bank, do bills ect.

So like to get all clothes done this weekend and I've been so lazy lately. Must be the BIRTHDAY!

I'm older!!!!:classic_ohmy:


So what are your goals  for Dec.26th? Know some of you have cruises these last few months too.


Everyone have a good weekend. Stay in touch this weekend. Say how your doing.

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Hi, everybody, sorry I didn't make it on Thursday.  I had a horrible week, up FIVE pounds.  And I can't say I don't know how it happened, I know exactly how it did.  Still on a bit of a spiral and trying to turn it around this weekend.  No, not trying.  I WILL turn it around!


Congrats, Jan, winewanderer, pacruise804 and JennyB - great losses, all.


Belle and bolt, we're all in it for the long haul, so be happy your gains were small compared to some!  😳


My 14-week (now 13-week) goals get me to my cruise on December 4, and I think my goal for the rest of the season will be just to maintain whatever loss I've achieved by then - I'd better amend that goal to 190 - that's 20 pounds.


I am not doing great on the cardio, but I'll keep trying until I get the habit going again.  I always feel better when I'm doing some exercise beyond walking - although I'm still committed to walking 200 miles each month.  I just barely made it for August - 200.65 - whew!


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@Belle, wow, 2 month-long cruises before the end of the year!   My longest has been 12 days.  I fantasize about having enough time off to be able to do longer ones.  That's a few years away for me.  Have a great time!


I've got my Christmas Markets cruise in early December, and I'll be away about 10 days for that (7 on the cruise itself).  But before that I have a business trip to India scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving.  That should be pretty exciting too!  It's going to be a busy holiday season!

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Bolt and Andy, sorry for the gains. Hang in there. 


Hubby kind of surprised me.....made reservations for us to go to Lake Tahoe 9-9 to 9-12. The weather will be much cooler there (which I like...…). Not good for my weight watching though...…….


Belle, I will probably miss you as I won't be on the next weigh-in thread until Fri. 9/13 when you leave. Have an awesome time on your cruise. 





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Afternoon Everyone. Hope your having a good weekend.


Yes Andrea/Andy (which name do you like to be called?) I'm lucky to have the time

to do it. Not working plus getting some free cruises (well pay the port tax and insurance)

You seem busy a cruise in Dec. and then India in Nov. That should be a different trip with

all the sights and sounds.


Diana..Nice trip your husband planned. Where are you staying? Win Big!  You have a cruise in Nov. too

..don't you?  Think a longer one. Can't remember where.


Thank you for the wishes for a good time.  I should have internet and will try to check in once in awhile

if it's working.

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Hi Belle,


Not staying anywhere fancy in Tahoe, actually by Heavenly Valley ski resort. Silyl thing is we don't gamble...…..Guess we'll find other things to do.


Next cruise for me is a 21 day Nov. 3-24, LA to NY through the Panama Canal. 


Wonder where other are like Rose, Shootr and Jo.





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Diana..You don't gamble? (I would have to gamble some, in my dna):classic_smile:

  Well Tahoe is pretty, nice drives and hikes. Places to eat. See a show.

Swimming in the lake?  Brrrr:classic_biggrin: Really it might still be nice in lake or pool.

Just be nice to get away and spend time with "sweet husband".:classic_love:



I thought you had a long cruise coming up. We will be gone at the same time.

Know you'll have good time. :classic_smile:


 Will they miss us in here in Nov.?:classic_rolleyes:

Edited by Belle
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Early morning Hello.  Can't sleep so will say...Have a Good Day!


Wishing more people would come in and talk more. Missing everyone who hasn't

come in for awhile.  Is this thread getting old?  Is it helping you to weigh-in each week?

Do we need to give more hints that we each do to lose weight? What exercise we do or don't do?


We do have a challenge to see what we pledge to do by Dec. 26th. what we want .to lose, stay the same

during the 16 weeks started this weigh-in that include Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and whatever

Holidays you celebrate during this time plus the cruises you take.

(of course we don't want to gain but if do we pledge to get right back on track)


So everyone enjoy your Sunday.






Edited by Belle
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@Belle, I love these weekly threads, and all the support and friendship I find here!  I bet many of us just go through some cycles of checking in more often, then get busy with life and don't come on as much.  I always like to hear what is working for others, even if I'm not following the same plan.


(I go by Andrea, but I'll certainly answer to Andy here, since that's my screen name - I set it up a long time ago when I was more vigilant about protecting my identity online - nowadays I don't worry so much about it.)


@winewanderer, wow, Diana, that Panama Canal cruise sounds wonderful.  Hope you have a great time in Tahoe, too.


Cleaning out my kitchen today and prepping for a busy week.  Cauliflower soup, hard boiled eggs, lots of veggie choices, rotisserie chicken, smoothie ingredients.  The usual. Hope everyone's having a good weekend.




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Hello everyone.  Sorry I missed Thursday weigh-in.  Was staying with my mom and I think her scale weighs lighter than mine does (was saying 110lb, boy I was wishing that was right).  Congratulations to all those who lost.  And to those that gained, you'll get it back off as long as you keep trying.  This morning I weighed 212.2, so down 2.6lb from last weigh-in.  I'm not really going to count it and plan to do a 2 week weigh-in this Thursday.  Some of you have what sound like amazing cruises coming up.  We just have the one 7 day coming up in 3 weeks, but with my brother going we are extra excited.  I guess my goal would be to weigh 189lb on Dec 26th weigh-in.  If I was 199lb I wouldn't be upset (knowing would get back at it as of Jan 1st).


Talk to you all on Thursday.


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Jasonmom..Hope your weight loss is right and you have more to add on Thursday.

I'm glad is enjoying you visiting her. Yes to bad her scale wasn't right...100 lb loss!:classic_biggrin:


Remember any cruise no matter how many days is a GOOD Cruise! So glad your

all happy your brother is going. Sounds like your going to have a great time.

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Hi Everyone,


Jasonmom, good loss for the week and definitely an attainable goal for your cruise.


I probably won't be back on until Friday, will be busy having fun in Tahoe. It is going to be cool at night, 30's while we are there. No moisture in the forecast so no snow. I packed a fleece jacket. 


Cruises...…..hubby and I are talking about a long one for next year. 44 day South America from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego. Been trying to find something that works without having to fly home from Santiago, Chile, etc.  It is on Holland America. We were really impressed with them and enjoyed our recent experience. We'll see if we go forward with it. 


Ok, everyone have a good week. I am going to try to not gain this week and my goal for the end of the year? I'll try to be back under my magic number. 


Take care, Diana

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Happy Monday!  I had a fun but busy weekend - hope everyone else had good ones too.  We leave in a week for our 6 day cruise, I'm really looking forward to time just with hubby ❤️ 


Lots to do to get ready, so I might not be on much this week.  I really do appreciate this group and everyone's support.  Stay healthy!

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HI all!


Checking in really late as I was away on a bus trip for Thursday & Friday. I did manage to weigh in at 5:20 am Thursday & was up 0.4.


The funny thing is I started MFP & my Wii Fit again Monday & by Wed. was down a pound by now am almost back to Monday's weight!! What a yoyo this weight thing is!


Wow, Belle those are some long cruises! DIana that's a long one you're planning too! My longest has only been 18 days which was too much for me,  a westbound TA. 14 days is about my limit. I can't take too much of a good thing!


Have a nice week & see you Thursdayish. I have to go do some exercise now.


~ Jo ~ 😊

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Happy September 9th everyone!! Today is my 24th Wedding Anniversary. I'm back from 10 lovely days at the lake. Looks like I missed a lot of great losses, and a couple gains, and a lot of interesting information and conversation.


I will admit, I have already started my Christmas shopping!!! 😂 I start early.  My goal for Dec 26th Weigh-In will be to 


So... despite everything I ate, drank and indulged in over the past 10 days, I chose to weigh myself this morning just to see how bad the damage was... and I was pleasantly surprised. Only 3 pounds up. And I must admit how nice of a feeling it was, when one of the neighbours at the Lake who I haven't seen in a couple months commented on how good I looked and that I'd lost a lot of weight (only 8 pounds) so not that much but it was nice to know it was noticeable. 


Belle - may I ask how you get free cruises? Just curious. I am a TA so get some good deals sometimes but nothing free. I play MyVegas and am saving up my coins for a free cruise next time they get released. 


And I wanted to add that I personally love this little group - even though I haven't been a member for a very long time. I like the comradery, the accountability and the sharing of tips and diets. Looking forward to officially weighing in on the 12th!

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