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Have enjoyed this review both live and postcruise very much so thank you for that!!  As to the champagne dinner, did Edward stay behind while you went to the restroom?  Does he have any input as to what happened with your dinner companions?  I'm also thinking perhaps the mother might've been feeling ill from something she ate and needed a toilet quickly and the daughter wanted to accompany her without making the situation a TMI event!!  Just my thoughts.  People like "Bill" make me glad they now offer Select Dining! 

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On 10/2/2019 at 6:41 PM, onyourmark said:

Paul, I read through the whole blog over two days.  I don't binge watch any TV series, but I'm sure this is what it feels like.  Pages and pages filled with lighthearted narrative and fabulous photos. 

I also wanted to check if you answered Joel's question, so not to repeat and bore your readers.

While the Friday night service for Jewish guests was not listed in the Daily, the electronic board next to Guest Services did show it at 5:30pm at the named conference room. There was a debate regarding the Friday that "did not exist" for us.  The man who volunteered to lead the service in the prior week, Shai, lives in Elkana, Israel. He sent a text to his Rabbi, who advised without hesitation that services should be held on the Thursday evening.  It was a little tricky finding the right conference room on Deck 3 near the Tuscan Grill.  After the renovation the access to the restaurant is a far cry from the original elegant entrance off the mid-ship foyer. I'm sure some folks gave up trying to find the room, but there were services on embarkation day as well as the last Friday.

Oh, and we're also doing the ABC islands in December, but it's the 11 day sailing on the Reflection. (9 days is just too short for us.  My wife dreads getting the disembarkation luggage tags so soon after getting on the ship).




Thanks for this information!

- Joel

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12 hours ago, bunnyette said:

Re the Veuve dinner...was “Bill” sitting next to the mother or daughter?  Perhaps something unwelcome happened...


Yes Bill was. I didn’t want to insinuate that but that crossed my mind too. 


Yes Edward was there when I left for the bathroom but he said he was talking to the shops manager and can’t remember anything strange from the other guests. 


Yes, you are right one of them might have been feeling ill. While I hope that wasn’t the case there was just this extra feeling or energy from them that made it seem like it was something else. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it though. Oh well I hope they had a wonderful time 

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Paul, thanks for your wonderful thread.


We will be onboard Millennium in December for our first cruise with Celebrity, and your detailed descriptions make us feel like we already know our way around.


I hope it will not be too long before you are traveling once again as we look forward to reading about wherever you cruise next...

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    i have been reading your review mainly because you sailed on the Millennium,which I think is the Sister ship of the Summit, a ship we have enjoyed on past cruise vacations.

I must say that your kindness and positive view of life comes through in your posts.

     Regarding the situation at the special dinner, I think the issue is on the part of the gentleman, “Bill” . Perhaps over-imbibing on his part fueled the reaction of his friends causing them to leave the table abruptly.When something like what you experienced happens to me or my DH, we think  it is something that we have said or done. When , in fact, , it was an issue that the other person(s) were dealing with and had nothing to do with us only that we were witness to questionable behavior.

       When there is a large dining table at some event we are attending , it is the luck of the draw as to who our table mates may be. We have been seated at formal affairs such as weddings and charitable fundraisers where others at the table have had too much to drink, want to discuss politics, overtake the conversation or don’t talk at all. On other occasions we have met some very interesting people who have become friends or at the very least added to an enjoyable evening.

          Now on cruises,we insist on tables for two. At least we know who our company will be at the table !

         I wish you and Edward continued interesting and enjoyable voyages !    

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Great blog and review, thank you!  How much did you use your balcony? I've never done a trans-ocean cruise and am curious whether and how much people use their balconies and how the weather and sea conditions might impact that (e.g., for any meals, a glass of wine, reading, relaxing, etc.).

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