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“Family” movie scheduled for 10 pm....are they nuts?

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51 minutes ago, CAicruiser said:

Nothing wrong.Dinner time in Spain start at 12 midnight.


Spain operates on a different clock and they ignore their time zone.  This is unique to Spain, but not the rest of the free world.  It goes back to Franco changing the clocks in Spain to be in sync with the axis during WW2.  Franco wanted to show allegiance to Germany, but the Spaniards never bought in.  To help them cope, they take two hour siestas.  Equating this with an American cruise line showing a kids movie at 10 pm doesn't wash.  OP is correct and it's foolish to show Dumbo at 10 pm.

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Are there many young kiddos onboard?   Most should be having early dinner.


If folks ask,  maybe  they can do another showing at a decent time...7:00 p.m. or a even a matinee sounds  right esp for a  2 hr long movie.


I  generally do not like movie  re makes but sounds like a nice family event!

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Doesn’t look like good planning to me...


I think most parents would think 10pm too late for a family film and I can’t see many adults choosing Dumbo as a 10pm entertainment slot...


We rarely choose to watch films on board...prefer to watch the stars in the sky.

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I had researched the movie when our granddaughter stayed with us for a few days, and decided not to take her. Perhaps whoever scheduled the movie for this time slot had read many of the articles criticizing the movie as inappropriate for younger children.

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Showing a "kids" movie at 10pm gives adults who would enjoy it the chance to see it without so many "delightful" kids running around. 


My brother and mom like Disney movies. They always go to matinees when kids are in school.

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Still.. a 10 pm start of a 2 hr which is  billed as  a family movie geared to children is a   poor choice! 


Even if the schedule  on vacation is stretched and disrupted, a midnight bedtime for young children  is a bit much!


Fouremco...The original Dumbo was fine for kids but maybe the new one is different...have to read some reviews! If too adult, then why show it at all.?



.??? Not sure how  discussing  an appropriate movie time leads to an excuse to knock the US  but some never miss the chance!

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I enjoy Disney films 


I am not a child, nor do I have any.


I occasionally stay out past 10:00 p.m.


I hate guns and violence, and would rather watch this movie than most "action" films.


I like much about European culture.


I am from the USA.


But, darnit, if that was my one chance for Celebrity to market specifically to me, I'm disappointed.😂



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Got the chance to view DUMBO the movie on our SW Air flight  today until the wifi conked out just after Dumbo flies,,,,The description said it was an expanded story of the original...yup!


 In my opinion,  it is not really really for young kids whatsoever,...Some very dark and violent parts.   I now  think 10 pm  for showing it was a good call and adults could  very much enjoy it....even if different from our childhood cartoon,

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