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Medallion Cruise Card question


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This is just one of many problems with the Medallion.  For example:  On our recent CB cruise (just back this week) we walked down to Deck 7 for the usual muster drill.  When we arrived at the bottom of the steps a crew member asked us "which station" and there happened to be two choices.  We did not remember which muster station (we just remembered it was on Deck 7) so the crew member pulled out her portable scanner to scan our medallions (which would tell her which station).  Her scanner failed ("dead battery as usual") and she had to ask another nearby crew member to scan our medallion.  But the system was working very slow and we waited nearly 30 seconds while the crew member finally determined our muster station.  By this time we had been standing (near the steps) for over 2 minutes and having a friendly chat with another crew member.  With the old cards we could simply glance at our card and immediately know the proper station.  With the new system that is no longer possible.  I wondered (aloud) what would happen in a real emergency when hundreds (or more) might not remember their muster station (and could not return to their cabin to get their life jackets which do have that info).  Rather then quickly glancing at their cruise card there would be a huge mess as crew tried to scan medallions (assuming that the scanners were functioning).


We also had to smile when during a "crew only drill" during a port day we happened to be aboard and heard some "interesting" announcements as the Officer of the Watch had to give instructions (over the PA system) on how the crew should set their "tablets."   I am in favor of technology but only when it is an improvement!  Consider that your old cruise card clearly listed your muster station, folio number, drink package (on some lines), dates of your cruise, etc.  They were easy to read.  With the Medallion, when you return to the ship, the port security need to carefully look at each Medallion to read the very tiny cruise date (to make sure you belong on that cruise).  That info is only on one side and is hard to read from a distance.  Port security does not have scanners but must rely on the small print located on only a single side of the Medallion.



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59 minutes ago, Hlitner said:

This is just one of many problems with the Medallion. 



During a real emergency you would have to be ready for a failure in the computer system. The hard copy card would have the information. I have nothing against the medallion system, but the coin sized medallion does not seem to be the correct choice for the RFD device. A cruise card sized RFD device would work just fine, and you and port security would be able to read your name, DR, muster station, folio number and other information. You are actually provided a cruise card size carrying device to carry the medallion. Seems silly to me.

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