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Carnival Breeze out of Port Canaveral

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My husband and I just got back home from our cruise on the Carnival Breeze to Bermuda and Grand Turk.  We had a great time and it turned out to be one of our best cruises.  Everything seemed to go right.  I'm not going to give a detailed report, but will go over a few of the basics for people who may be cruising on this ship soon.

Day before the cruise:  
Shuttle: We flew into Orlando and took the Cocoa Beach Shuttle to our hotel near the port.  The shuttle was $58 plus tip for the two of us.  We arrived at the airport a little after noon.  While we were waiting for our luggage, the shuttle driver called us and let us know that he was there and told us where to meet him.  We got our luggage and easily found the location.  There was just one other couple on the shuttle and we left immediately. The driver was friendly and it was a nice ride to our hotel.  

Hotel: We stayed at the Homewood Suites, which is close to the port.  Our room was large and clean.  We were on the ground floor.  The laundry room, gym, and quick entrance to the pool were located near room 122.  Breakfast was included and was decent.  We took the hotel's shuttle to the port. 


Port on day 1: We arrived at10:45 am, but our appointment time was 11:30 to 12:00, so we went to the early/late line.  Shockingly, there was no wait and we walked right through check-in and sat in the A section.  Boarding for A1 began at 11:05 am.  We got something to eat and explored the ship until our room was ready at 1:30.  Our luggage arrived immediately after muster.

Cruise Director:  MarQ was one of the best we have ever had.  He was entertaining, funny, energetic, and everything you would want in a cruise director.  He was all over the ship, interacting with the passengers.  

Comedy: The lineup for comedians was great.  Two of them were some of the best we have ever seen.  
Country Theater Show: The Country theater show was average. Nothing special.  My husband commented that the person choosing the songs for that show should have been someone who actually listened to country music.  We thought the song choice could have been so much better.  The male performers were average, but a couple of the female singers were exceptional.
Love and Marriage Show: This show was hosted by John Heald and was the best one we have ever seen.  John was awesome and so funny.  It was a different format than the usual show, so we were really able to watch John's talent for comedy.
Quest: What happens in the Quest stays in the Quest, but I can honestly say that I saw something that made me laugh harder than I have laughed in a long time.  It was unexpected and hilarious.  This show is NOT for the easily offended and is an adult show.  MarQ hosted this show and was very funny.
Lip Sync:  MarQ hosted this show.  The two contestants are chosen early on in the cruise and practice until the final show.  It was a very good show and I really admired the two people who were brave enough to get up in front of everyone and do it.
Singers:  The male and female country singers, who were actually from the UK, were great.  We had a good time listening to them throughout the cruise.
White Hot Party:  This was held in the atrium area and hosted by MarQ. Glow lights were passed out to everyone and people sang along to a lot of songs.  They also had a dance contest where three females and three males were selected to compete.  It was a fun party.

Other:  We have cruised on Carnival before, so we didn't attend everything.  There was a Mega Deck Party on the lido deck after the White Hot Party.  They also had several Bingo games, trivia, 88 Keys, karaoke, Hasbro Game Show, Motor City and a few others.

Cabin:  Our cabin was on deck 10 and was a balcony.  We had plenty of room with three closets, one that had shelves and the other two had rods for hanging clothes. The desk had four drawers and there were tiny nightstands on each side of the bed.  The nightstands did not have electrical outlets on them.  There was a small bathroom, a couch, a small table.  The safe was locked with a four digit number.  The balcony had two chairs and a small table.

Laundry:  We used the laundry room located on deck 10.  It was $3 to wash and $3 to dry.  They sold detergent in the laundry room.  Looking at the form that was put in our room, it states that there are launderettes & ironing rooms across from the following staterooms:
I believe these are the laundry rooms:

Deck 2 across from 2375

Deck 7 across from 7347

Deck 10 across from 10262

These are listed, but might only be the ironing rooms (Maybe someone else can confirm or correct me):
Deck 1 across from 1423

Deck 6 across from 6360

Deck 8 across from 8395

Deck 9 across from9403


Last Day:  If you have an early flight, you can go to guest services, give them your flight information, and get a letter that will allow you to meet in a special area.  I did this the day before we got off of the ship.  Even though the letter stated to be in the theater at 7:15, I knew that people always lined up early so we showed up at 6:15.  There were already other people there.  They had the Faster to the Fun people on the right side of the theater, suites were in the middle, and early flights on the left.  They were VERY organized and had employees directing people where to sit.  This was 1000% better than what we experienced on the Magic in June.  The Breeze staff really has their act together.  They had everyone sit in order and they released everyone in the same order.  So, the first to arrive were the first to leave.  The Diamonds and Platinums met in the restaurant on deck 3. We were led off of the ship at 7:05 am.  I assume Diamonds and Platinums were let off first.  Then Faster to the Fun, then Suites, and then early flights.  It took no time at all to get off of the ship.

Shuttle to Airport:  We booked Contrans Shuttle for our trip back to the airport.  It was $40 plus tip for the two of us.  When we got outside, we were directed where to go to wait for the shuttle.  The shuttle arrived and we were on our way at 7:25.  We arrived at the airport at 8:10 and were waiting at our gate at 8:30.  We checked two bags and had pre-check.  This was a great time to arrive at the airport because the lines were so short.

In summary, it was one of our best cruises.  Everything seemed to go right and we feel fortunate to have had such a great CD and very good entertainers.  The staff was constantly cleaning the ship, picking up used dishes, and were very friendly.  Our cabin was cleaned well each day.  The food in the MDR was good.  Buffet was average.  Guy's and Blue Iguana were very good.  Anyway, we returned home very satisfied.


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8 minutes ago, Butterbean1000 said:

I love hearing this.  We'll be on the Breeze next month for the first time.  I wonder if MarQ will still be there.


I heard that Schwartz was going to be on the Breeze next month. He is also a great cruise director.


To the OP, thank tou so much for your review. It seems like debarkation has become much less tstressful than in years past. That makes me so happy.

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11 minutes ago, Butterbean1000 said:

I love hearing this.  We'll be on the Breeze next month for the first time.  I wonder if MarQ will still be there.

It looks like he will be there until 09/28/19. Then it's Steven Schwartz who comes on until 11/30/19.  I don't think I've ever seen Schwartz.



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2 minutes ago, vicky3vicky said:


I heard that Schwartz was going to be on the Breeze next month. He is also a great cruise director.


To the OP, thank tou so much for your review. It seems like debarkation has become much less tstressful than in years past. That makes me so happy.

Yes, they have their act together.  The only other time I have seen it this organized was on the Vista out of Miami with Matt.  I like it when the crew takes control and it's not a hot mess.

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17 minutes ago, vicky3vicky said:


I heard that Schwartz was going to be on the Breeze next month. He is also a great cruise director.


To the OP, thank tou so much for your review. It seems like debarkation has become much less tstressful than in years past. That makes me so happy.

I've heard good things about Schwartz.  Every time I hear that name, I think of the movie Space Balls - May the Schwartz be with you. 🤣😂😃

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I forgot to post about the most important things.  LOL

Butter - Butter was served in a crock at the buffet.  It was messy, as usual, so the only time I got butter was when they put a new crock out in front of me while I was in line one time.

Cereal - It is served by dispensers in bulk. People who like to use the cereal boxes for their kid's snacks throughout the day might want to just bring some plastic baggies.

Straws - Plastic straws are still being handed out with drinks.

Hand Washing machines.  I only noticed one hand washing machine on the ship and that was located near the BBQ area.  There were several on the Magic in the buffet area.  Also, the Magic had a few more hand sanitizer dispensers. Maybe the Breeze will add more hand washing stations the next time the ship is in for service.  I really like those because I use them after I handle the utensils at the buffet. I know soap and water trumps hand sanitizer.

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19 minutes ago, TravelE said:

Did you change time for Bermuda, if so when did that happen? Did they have you change back for Grand Turk? How was transportation in Bermuda?

Yes, the time moved up an hour the morning we were set to arrive in Bermuda. My husband just told me that it was the day before we arrived, so I am not positive.  They made several announcements ahead of time.  We changed back the day after we left Bermuda.  I think they should have just left it on ship time since we were only in Bermuda for 24 hours. They will make several announcements and you can also check on the Carnival Hub App on your phone for the correct time.

Transportation in Bermuda was by bus, taxi, and ferry.  For the ferry and the large buses, you can buy tokens at the visitor's center near where you get off of the ship.  The prices and schedules are posted on a large board near the visitor's center.  There is also a courtesy open-air shuttle that makes the rounds, beginning at the port.  I believe that is free, but I didn't ride it so I am not sure.

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18 minutes ago, stellarose said:

usually formal night is the second night. we did pride two summers ago. 


Yes, the first "elegant night" (I think that is what they call it now) was on the 2nd evening, which was Sunday.

I must add that it is NOT enforced by any measure. Two women (not teens or even young women) came in and was seated while wearing what some of us would remember as "Daisy Dukes."  I am only mentioning this because one should not avoid going to the dining room because you feel you didn't pack something more dressy. Seems anything goes regardless of the evening.

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We were also on this cruise, it was great and TNcruising02 gave a great review.  The elegant nights were Sunday, the first sea day and the second was Wednesday before Grand Turk on Thursday. I do disagree with something someone said about letting people in the MDR on elegant night, at least at our 6 pm seating. There were a couple of people who were turned away because they were dressed in shorts and tank tops, so yes they actually do turn people away sometimes.


The steakhouse was pretty good, although to me it isn't as good as it used to be, not quite the "fine dining" experience it used to be, but still enjoyable.


Straws are mixed usage. Some drinks have them and some don't. The pina coladas and kiss on the lips type drinks do have the sugar straws and yes, they do clog up, get sticky and will just bend over! My friend wrote to John on FB about them and his assistant Jacinta said that changes are coming soon with the straws. 


The butter is in a crock, but there are clean knives to use and place in the soiled container. 


No time for more comments now, all in all a good cruise and a great review. Agree with the country singer duo, High Dynamics, they were awesome!



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Bostwick girl, we never had the "good luck" to get the sugar straws.  We only got alcoholic drinks during the comedy shows and always received a plastic straw.  The sugar straws don't sound good at all.

Although there were clean butter knives for people to use, often that doesn't happen.  I've seen the same knife left in the crock. Plus, when the butter gets low, but there is still butter on the inside all of the way to the top, people can get it all over their hands when they reach in to get it.  I've seen it happen, so unless it's a fresh crock I skip it.  Not a huge deal, but I'm careful when getting stuff at the buffet.  We eat at the buffet a lot though.  It would be nice if they served the butter the same way they serve the cream cheese, which is in small containers.

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