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Departure from Vancouver

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We will be on the Orion next August 2020. Flying from the East Coast, does anyone recall what time the boat departs from Vancouver? We have been to Vancouver several times so would prefer not to do the pre Viking Vancouver excursion. Trying to decide if we should come in a day early to Vancouver on our own or just fly in day of departure. Long travel day but next next day is scenic cruising, the Inside passage.

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In our original booking documents there is a page with the schedule for arrival and departure for each port. I don’t know that the same info is in the cruise booklet, but you can go back to your booking material and find the listing. Hope that helps.

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We are doing the Alaska cruise in June 2021, and our Guest Statement says the Orion leaves Vancouver at 5:00 pm.  We're planning to fly in a day early (also from east coast-ATL) just in case there are problems with flights, etc.; don't want to miss the ship that day.

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7 hours ago, Krisval said:

In our original booking documents there is a page with the schedule for arrival and departure for each port. I don’t know that the same info is in the cruise booklet, but you can go back to your booking material and find the listing. Hope that helps.


And it is shown on MyVikingJourney.com, the passenger interface for managing our bookings. https://www.myvikingjourney.com/.  After registering, click on the menu in the upper left hand corner and choose MY ACCOUNT from the list. Scroll down and you will see the itinerary with arrival and departure times.


You must register for the site with your booking number and other information. Once you have registered, you will not have to register again for your next cruise.



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We departed at 9.30 - 10pm as we did not have a berth booked in Vancouver until 5.30 pm. Our documents said we were departing at 5pm and they didn’t change. 

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I think that’s a good idea.  We’re in your area - Arlington - and more often than not, when we fly out in the summer months, we end up with delays or outright cancellations due to thunderstorms.  Going out a day early helps eliminate a lot of potential stress.  Important:  If you’re making your own air & hotel arrangements, it’s not too soon to book a hotel.  The prices for Vancouver hotels during cruise season do nothing but increase, so I’d encourage you to find something now.  

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17 hours ago, Hottubmomma said:

Thank you everyone for your help. Looks like we will probably fly in a day early. 

I suggest flying in a day early is highly recommended, especially for a stress free start to the cruise.


With the exception of the initial departure, I believe Orion departed Vancouver about 17:00 on the subsequent visits. However, at embarkation you must be aboard about 2 hrs before departure. Vancouver airport can also be busy, especially during 3 cruise ships days, especially if your arrival coincides with the multiple wide-body Asia & Europe flights, which start landing shortly after 11:00.


Clearing the airport within 30 - 40 mins of arriving at the gate is certainly possible, but I have seen it take 1.5 to 2 hours when the arrivals hall at Immigration is backed up to the stairs. Time between YVR & the port can also vary significantly depending on time of day & summer road maintenance. Getting to the port can be 40 mins to well over 1.5 hrs.


Therefore, unless arriving early morning before say 11:00, I would fly in day before. 

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3 hours ago, Hottubmomma said:

Very helpful information, thank you! I think our flights are part of our package with Viking...need to check on that. I assume if we are booked with them, they won't leave without us. But as you said if we come in a day early it is stress free...



Never assume. It depends on so many things whether or not they can wait for you, even if your flights are booked with the cruise line.


Having decided to come in early, there is a lot more that you should know.


Now is the time to start thinking about flights. You can let Viking choose them for you or, for a fee,  you can have a say in the process and choose now. IMHO, pay the fee. Having some say in the process and being able to choose your flights now is a lot better than waiting until Viking assigns them and then trying to change them. Do you homework. Know what is out there. Have a feel for what works best for you.


The next thing to know is that the flights the Viking airfare price only covers certain flights plans, not all possible flights plans and it covers only flights that land on embarkation day and take off on disembarkation day; if you want to deviate from that plan, there is another fee (called a deviation fee) and there are no transfers included on any leg that deviates.  In other words, if you decide to come in early, there will be a fee for using custom air plus a fee for deviating plus a possible increase in fare imposed by the airlines (depending on which flights you choose) and no transfer from the airport to your hotel or from hotel to ship. (Adding a Viking pre or post-extension is not considered a deviation and does include transfers airport to hotel to ship).  You will still have the transfer from ship to airport at the end of your cruise in Seward, as long as you are heading straight to the airport.


Unless, free air is part of your package, you might do better booking your own flights and transfers -- unless it is the Viking transfers that you really want, because it is just easier and less stressful to let Viking take care of those kinds of details.


Still, the bottom line, is that it is your choice and now at least you have a bit more understanding of the process so that there won't be too many surprises down the line.









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