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Wheeled cooler for carry on drinks?

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Cans or bottles of soda or water bursting all over other people's luggage is one of the reasons why HAL requires you to carry on all soda and water.   Another reason is if the 6, 12, or 24 pack of cans is inside a bag or wrapped in duct tape, those cans could be soda or beer.   HAL doesn't want their employees scrutinizing every piece of luggage to determine if the cans or bottles of liquid they see on the x-ray are legitimate soda, or maybe beer.   You can't bring beer onboard, no matter how you attempt to smuggle it.  

I agree with others who say that they don't need to be humping 30 pounds of soda or water onto a ship to save $100.   

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Sorry, but the point of the post was that 6 of us are going.  6 bottles of wine, 30 cans of soda and 30 water provides less than 2 drinks and less than one glass of wine per day for each person.  Ship retail value:  wine $300,  Soda $150, Water, $120 for a total of $570.  Cost off port about $70.    Paying corkage at dinner for 6 bottles on the ship will add $90 and I get to drink the wine I really love instead of the cheap crap they serve on board.  SO, humping 30 pounds on-board actually saves over $400. Sorry but to me that is a lot of money.  Enough to allow us to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks on board giving the ship some profit and allow us to enjoy our vacation.   


In the end, I think 6 of us with backpacks or canvas bags carrying their own bottle and several cans of soda is best.  Also bring a refillable water bottle in lieu of water, I like that idea and got something from this post.   


Thanks everyone for the spirited conversation!  Happy Sailing:)


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7 minutes ago, Iwantacruisenow said:

Ship retail value:  wine $300,  Soda $150, Water, $120 for a total of $570. 


30 sodas on the ship @ $2.25 per = $67.50 + service charge. 

15 1L waters (the equivalent of 30-750 ml) on the ship @ $5 per = $75 + service charge.


But you can save the cost of the water and soda by drinking the ship water and included beverages (ice tea, lemonade, juice, etc).  Cost = $0.00


Just as a heads up... corkage is now $18 per bottle.

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