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I wish Princess would....

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9 hours ago, SinbadThePorter said:

I wish Princess would provide a non-formal dining room during formal nights.

I don't see why all the dining rooms need to be dedicated to the fashion police.


I don't think Princess is a line with strict formal dress code.

On all sailings including European many people don't even wear sports coats in MDR much less tuxes or dark suits.

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16 hours ago, JimmyVWine said:
  • ...build Promenade Decks with full (or almost full) walkways, even if they have to incorporate $$$ venues into the planning, the way NCL has done with its "Waterfront".
  • ...put an "Alfredo's" on every ship, at which point being lied to about which MDR is open for lunch on Embarkation Day is a moot point. (Though to be honest, I haven't been confronted by "the lie" in many, many years.)
  • ...do some mock bookings of their own prior to announcing their latest "sale" to see if the "sale" that starts on Tuesday is really offering a better value than the pre-sale price being offered on Monday.
  • ...serve the Pub Lunch in the Wheelhouse
  • ...stop removing or minimizing the size of the Wheelhouse on new ships
  • ...bring back the Explorer's Club Lounge and realize that Princess Live is a failure. (They seem to have come to terms with the fact that the pool fountains were a flop, and that the Sea View Walkway was a waste of time.  Next thing on the list for retirement should be Princess Live.)
  • ...move one or more dining/entertainment venues to the top of the ship.  Love the placement of Sabatini's,/Share, Adagio and Skywalker's on the last of the Grand Class ships.  The Royal Class ships have nothing interesting up top which is pretty unusual in the cruising industry.  People love top-side venues.  A nightclub on the interior of Deck 6 is pretty lame. Especially when you put the number "5" in the name, as they did on Sky. Apologies to Dave Brubec

We actually really like Princess Live and try to participate in a lot of shows there. Also could care less about Promenade deck (isnt it what Lido is?). Explorers club lounge was a waste of space IMHO, it was always empty. To each its own I guess

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Why all the hate for Princess Live? Shows there take away from people hogging the seats for early theater show, so you guys should say "thank you" (kidding about that). But seriously, many times we would rather go do a trivia or a game show in Princess live instead of seeing a comedian or magician in main theater, thus freeing up space to whomever wants to go. Plus all the trivia and gameshows that used to be in Vista Lounge are now in Princess live, freeing up space for whatever goes on in Vista lounge (bingo? Ballroom dancing? we only visit for platinum/elite party and disembarkation).

Now to wish list:

  • change up 7 day Eastern/western Caribbean itinerary a bit
  • offer cruises from San Juan again (please!)
  • more NYC departures (probably wouldnt happen due to Celebrity/Carnival competition)
  • offer cruises from Baltimore (definitely wouldnt happen)
  • itinerary to just Bermuda 
  • make it easier to refare online if booked directly with Princess instead of calling an agent every time. Probably cheaper for Princess since they can reduce number of agents
  • I like the idea of covered pool on every ship. We enjoyed one on Coral even during Panama Canal cruise
  • hurry up and combine those apps for Medallion already
  • interactive TVs on every ship (i think someone already posted that)
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1 hour ago, MissP22 said:

It sounds like they're regressing with the announcements. 

Was there still room for everyone to find seats in the Show Lounge?

Yes.  It was a female vocalist,  and there were still plenty of empty seats in the theater.  Princess should enforce no seat saving policy if saving more than one seat.

Why do groups of PAXs need to sit together to watch a show?  I do not get it.

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I wish Princess would:


Bring back the BOGO Happy Hour. It was very popular with cruisers; I'm sure it was still quite profitable for the cruise line; It was good for the bartenders in additional tips: and I still haven't seen the replacement program that Princess promised us. 


I also second the comments on the loud music that is damaging to my hearing and hate the lights boring into my eyes in the theatre.  



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36 minutes ago, Kingofcool1947 said:

Yes.  It was a female vocalist,  and there were still plenty of empty seats in the theater.  Princess should enforce no seat saving policy if saving more than one seat.

Why do groups of PAXs need to sit together to watch a show?  I do not get it.

Wow, on the Regal last November and then the CB in March they announced it continuously before the show started.  There were also ushers walking around helping people find seats and preventing people from saving seats.  It was nice!

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13 hours ago, dcruisers said:

I wish Princess was nonsmoking inside all ships like Celebrity.  Hate the smoke in the casino and you can smell it before you get there!

trust me- they would not lose money!  

I think they would.  I say this by comparing how busy the casino is on smoking nights versus non smoking nights.  

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We like everything just as it is. We just got finished jumping ship from HAL and Oceania because of all their cutbacks and had a simply wonder time on our recent U.K. cruise on the Crown and can’t wait to go on our next one. No cruise line is perfect, but for us Princess is just fine the way she is. 

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21 hours ago, gotta cruise again said:

I wish Princess would:


—turn down the volume of the shows in the theatre and music venues



The levels are deafening. 


I wish Princess would sail to ABC islands during Thankgiving. We fell in love with ABC islands but can only sail during school breaks.

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On 9/23/2019 at 2:29 PM, jasbo49 said:


... design new ships to include a sofa in standard balcony cabins like the rest of the civilized world. 



Couldn't agree more. If you have to remove the barrel chair and round table to make room then the rooms are poorly designed. Get rid of that closet and add a loveseat and a shower that the average human can fit in without being attacked by a curtain.  Since I have sailed on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean in both ocean view and balcony rooms I have become spoiled. I used to think that I only used the room to sleep and shower but after sailing on other lines I now realize that I just didn't like the accommodations.

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