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Security outside a cabin


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On 9/25/2019 at 4:02 PM, MandyMooToo said:

Oh ship security is the real thing!  I had a case of identity theft years ago.  A woman went to a county clerk's office and obtained a driver's license in my name with information she had stolen (from who knows where).  It was apparently a nice little operation as many, many people were victims.  After it happened a flag with a password was placed on my driver's license so if I ever had to identify myself with it my identity could be confirmed.  Well a year or so later, at the end of a cruise, my husband got the BONG as we tried to leave the ship.  He was ahead of me in line and the security officer asked him if he was traveling with me and my husband sold me out soooo fast🤣  He pointed over his shoulder and said "There she is!"  They then took my passport and pulled us to the side and escorted us off the ship to a customs agent.  I was ice cold and scared to death, I mean it was only one Cuban, come on!!!  Anyway, we were taken to a deserted customs line, no one but us anywhere nearby, and the agent waved my husband through without even talking to him or looking at his passport and started to look me up and down.  I truly thought I was going to the little room with the bright lights and latex gloves but then he asked if I had ever been a victim of identity theft and what my password was.  Shew!  That was close!  I had no idea it would also be on my passport.  So now after every cruise I get the bong and have to be escorted off the ship to get a grilling by customs.  When I try to explain to security what it is about they just give that "Right lady, sure...." look.

Did it get you off the ship and to your luggage faster?

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13 hours ago, brillohead said:

Had a guy get cut off from his drink package on Majesty a few weeks ago.... he was definitely "drunk and disorderly" at the time.  He later tried to steal a bottle of booze from one of the bars, and found himself with a security officer stationed outside his stateroom for the duration of the cruise!


Had a friend who joined us on a cruise a couple years ago get a 24 hour alcohol package ban for pretending to be drunk. Not entirely sure if security actually knew he was faking or not (The very ill thought out plan was to avoid a confrontation with his extremely possessive/jealous (soon to be ex) boyfriend) His boyfriend fell asleep early and he wanted to hang out with my husband and me, which he was strictly prohibited from doing when his boyfriend wasn't around. Boyfriend woke up and texted my husband if we had seen him, and our friend's bright idea was to pretend he was passed out drunk on the staircase and have my husband and his boyfriend "find" him.


About two minutes after they got back to the stateroom security showed up with a wheelchair to see if he needed any assistance, said they saw him passed out on the cameras, and put a 24 hour hold on his drink package. They said they'd check in again at the end of the 24 hours but they never did.


For what it's worth, I still say he should have just gone down to Cafe Promenade, claimed he woke up hungry and wanted a snack and his phone was dead. Way easier than faking being drunk, but whatever.

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To my knowledge it is very common for not complying with quarantine!🙄

They quarantine you VERY fast -> ruining your day!

Even if you only ask them for a Pepto-Bismol or Tums!🙄😱👎

So NEVER go to them - when you have a digestion - problem....bring your own stuff!👍


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On 9/25/2019 at 3:22 PM, queenfrostine22 said:

Maybe you are not taking the right cruise.

Every short cruise I have been on has at least one "way too drunk and almost naked" female.



Hmm, I need to book some short cruises. 😄


Although, I am sure many of them are ones that you would prefer they leave their clothes ON. 😄


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On 9/24/2019 at 9:06 PM, hallux said:

FYI - there are 3 ships that can be abbreviated AOS...


Why can't this happen when I'm on board/near the pool?

Happened to me once, but she was a little more discrete and didn't get into trouble.  

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