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Thank You Celebrity

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I have been following this board... good gravy... has it been a decade??  Maybe!  


I've read a lot of critical notes about Celebrity.  Some deservedly so, some where I'm left going, ooof... I'm glad I don't work in the customer service department of a cruise line like Celebrity!

Well, I've contributed over the years to the negative - always deservedly so, of course (ha, ha, ha... at least to my mind!!)

And I've been generous with the praise when deserved.


This cruise line... allllllll these years later... is still stellar.  It still is a fantastic vacation.


I've been on it with a 7 year old.  I've been on it with a 77 year old.  And soon I'll be on it with a 17 year old.  It has always been a fantastic vacation for all those who were part of our party.. sometimes with some improvements needed... sometimes not... but, this is our wonderful home base while we explore the world.


Why do I share all of this with you?  Well, I want you to know that this cruiser received a most lovely sympathy note from Celebrity.  We were SO excited about our cruise with Celebrity.  But the unexpected most definitely happened: my dear mother-in-law was diagnosed with brain cancer and quickly, peacefully, but sadly, died rapidly, just 2 moths after diagnosis.  We were devastated... and near the lower end of the sad devastated list of why was that we would not be able to take our cruise.  


We did not get insurance before hand.  Why would we... everyone was in excellent health... but this is a good lesson as to why that extra few hundred bucks is a worthy investment.


But let me tell you... Celebrity was notified of our situation by our TA... just a day or two before our sailing... and we received the most wonderful note of sympathy.  Are we frequent cruisers by them... sure... is it good business sense... sure... but this was not form letter type of sympathy... it was a personally composed note, a recognition that our room was sailing empty without us, and even a bit of credit toward a future sailing.


Listen, I'll pile on with the next person all over big business when deserved, but I think it is wrong to not clear one's throat and say wow when big business does something exceedingly human.


Way to go RCI... your Celebrity Branch handled this with great grace and compassion.  We can't wait to sail on you in December and next year.  


Frankly, we need the break!!


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My sincere condolences for the lost of your MIL. This type of moment is unique in one’s life, intense, demanding and where we become more vulnerable.


It’s touching to hear that Celebrity Cruise Line was able to take your unique situation in consideration and support you in this difficult time,


Thank you for sharing your experience and best wishes for healing and serenity.

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11 hours ago, MaggieAtSea said:

Listen, I'll pile on with the next person all over big business when deserved, but I think it is wrong to not clear one's throat and say wow when big business does something exceedingly human.


Way to go RCI... your Celebrity Branch handled this with great grace and compassion.  We can't wait to sail on you in December and next year.  



Thank YOU for posting such a lovely and warm note extending kindness and gratitude towards others, in this case - 'big business', when there are so many examples of the opposite around us. 

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Sorry to hear of your loss.  It's refreshing to hear a positive "Thank You", especially considering the circumstances.  And thank you for sharing this experience.  Happy to hear you are excited to look forward to your cruises.  We've created a practice of toasting those who are no longer with us, each night on our cruise... 

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Very sorry for your loss as well.  Celebrity was wonderful to my husband and I this year.  We were scheduled to cruise on the Equinox this past April but my husband became extremely ill do to a botched colostomy reversal for which he almost died.  We also did not have trip insurance as we were both very healthy when we booked the cruise.  With a doctors note regarding his illness and almost 4 month hospital stay, Celebrity allowed us to extend out our cruise up to a year with no penalty nor loss of payment (final payment had already been made).  I worked with a wonderful customer service woman over the past few months and we were able to book the 7 day, March 21, 2020 voyage with all 4 perks included and only owe an additional $112!  We thank Celebrity more than we can express for their understanding and amazing customer service.  We have been loyal to Celebrity since 2002 and with this, we will always be loyal to Celebrity!!

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I am so sorry for your loss!  That was very kind of them to send you a condolence note!  They are such a large company for someone to take out the time to send something to you shows not only good business but that they do care . Celebrity is our favorite  cruise line !

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I know no words can help, but I am so very sorry for your loss.   And thank you for taking the time to point out that there are still good examples of customer service out there.


I think everyone has a more negative view because it is rare for people who are pleased to take the time to post the good things.  But boy does it feel good to rail publicly when things go wrong!  That tendency is perfectly normal, but it can skew perception.


I personally love Celebrity.  I've only been on one cruise with them (next is in November so soon!), but had another booked for Hawaii to Vancouver in 2021.  They cancelled it on us as they changed their ships "Revolutionized" schedule and I was very sad.  We've never been to Hawaii and the only other option was a lot more money for one extra day when I originally booked.  I looked at repricing because it wasn't clear that Celebrity would do much for us more than $100 OBC and it was going to be $2500 more for the same class of cabin!  I contacted my TA and they worked with Celebrity who honored my original price and all perks and the taxes and port fees and moved me to the other cruise!  So we got an extra day and a stellar rate.  They didn't have to even though they did cancel my cruise, but they made it right.  And that is rare these days.  (Don't get me started about American Airlines right now.  I am livid about how many schedule changes they've made on our flights to San Juan and all without any acknowledgement of how bad our travel day will now be.)


Again, thank you for your story and condolences for your loss! 



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Sorry to read about your loss; please accept our condolences.  There are good stories and bad stories; praises and complaints; but, it's great to hear how a big company did such a great gesture and, I'm sure there are a lot of other great stories and gestures that are not posted here.

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