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Paris Tours from Le Havre that aren't just drive by

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We are booked on the Apex in April and stopping in Le Havre.  Unfortunately, most of the tours through the cruise line are drive by tours where you sit and the bus and see the Eifel Tower from your bus seat and that's it.  There is one that appears to drop you where you can pick up the HoHo bus.  Can anyone suggest some other tour options?





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5 hours ago, Tenderpaw said:

Unfortunately, most of the tours through the cruise line are drive by tours where you sit and the bus and see the Eifel Tower from your bus seat and that's it.

Due to the distance from port (approximately 3 hour drive to Paris) and the need to return to your ship in time for sail away, most tours from Le Havre to Paris are of the drive by variety. Paris is a large, historic city and there is much to see - we love the city and have visited multiple times for extended stays. Is there something in particular that you wish to see or visit in depth? If so, perhaps it would be best to search for tours of that particular venue.

The HOHO bus will allow you the opportunity to get off the bus and explore an area in a little more depth but keep in mind that you must make it back to your ship on time (unless, of course, you are disembarking in Le Havre and remaining in Paris).

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My wife would like to see the Eifel Tower for sure.  I was actually surprised they didn't have a tour with lunch at the tower.  She'd also like to see the Arc.  It would be nice to actually get off the bus to take some pics rather than be jammed in next to someone and shooting through a dirty tinted window.


She's also a Disney nut.  Could she visit Disneyland?  Is there direct transportation there from Le Havre?  Ship arrives at 8AM and sails at 9PM.



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As someone has already pointed out, you will be spending approximately 6 hours in a coach getting to and from Paris and assuming you need to be back at least 30 minutes before departure, that leaves you barely 6 hours in Paris. Disneyworld is a 45 minute train ride from central Paris, so that's another hour and a half travelling. So seeing the sights in Paris is now down to 4 and a half hours.

But why would you want to go to an American theme park when you're in Paris?? I really don't understand this - it's not exactly a "French" experience!

I have read somewhere on these boards there's an option which gets you to and from Paris/Le Havre but leaves you to explore on your own.

Lunch at la Tour Eiffel will cost approximately 135 euros per person without wine.

My advice, for what it's worth, would be to use the ship's transfer to get to and from Paris and do some research of your own to decide what you actually would like to see in the time available.


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Sorry,  but what you need is a land visit to Paris, not a one day cruise stop. There is far too much to see, even on a "drive by" visit. 

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Many years ago we did one of the port day Paris excursions from Le Havre.  It forever changed the way we handle cruise ports.  There is no way we take day trips with 5+ hours of transportation!   If you really want to see and experience Paris (DW's favorite city in the world) do yourself a favor and go to Paris for several days or even weeks.  Trying to enjoy the city on a port day with over 5 hours of bus  transportation just getting to and from Paris is not my idea of fun.  


What would you plan on doing if you could choose your own day.  Perhaps you would want to visit the Louvre where you could spend a week and still not see all the Masterpieces much less the entire museum.  You could go to the Musee D'Orsay (our favorite museum) and rush through the place in about 2 hours (there goes half your day).  or Perhaps you want to visit the Eiffel Tower where you might spend a couple of hours waiting in line to take the elevator to the top.  Your cruise ship probably has a "Paris on your Own" excursion where you will get a few hours in Paris to do as you please.  That might be your best option since you can do pre-trip homework and spend your few hours focusing on a few things that most interest yourself.  I


Paris is a large city where even a week is not enough time to even explore part of the city!  And doing the HoHo bus on a port day is really crazy as you will spend a good part of your limited day just waiting for the bus, sitting in the bus waiting for it to move, being stuck in traffic, etc.  If you did a Paris on your Own day you might want to consider choosing 2 or 3 things to do...and it still might be difficult. 


I do agree with your feeling about a drive-by trip.  That is why we suggest leaving Paris for a trip where you can spend days/weeks in the city and perhaps going to the D-Day beaches, Honfleur, etc.. for your day.  A few years ago, while we were spending a week in Paris, DW and I were strolling down the Rue de Rivoli on a gorgeous spring day.  Traffic was awful and a large tour bus was stopped next to where we walked.  As I glanced at the bus all I saw were noses pressed against the sealed windows.  It was sad because those folks were seeing Paris through a bus window.  They did not hear the sounds, music in the background, the wonderful smells coming out of Angelina's, etc.  


But if this is going to be your only opportunity to get to Paris then certainly go for it.  If nothing else, it will leave you wanting to return for a few days (or longer) when you not only have time to explore the city, but you can also enjoy long lunches, romantic dinners, etc.



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