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Silhouette 24 Oct TransAtlantic Live Posting

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2 hours ago, Denny01 said:

Our Cruise Director is hilarious. He’s Alexandro. A funny well liked Argentinian who jokes about soccer, sorry Football and England. And is very self depreciating. Great guy. 



Ah, you have really had some luck!  Steven Friedman (thanks for providing his name for me) and the wonderful CD Alejandro on the same cruise!

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No special groups that I can tell and no venues closed up. All normal for a TA with lots of experienced at Elites. 

I think that person was just guessing or heard an unfounded rumor. 


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Nice sailing along with you. Alejandro is great. He wasn't on our last Silhouette crossing in April. You're lucky to have him

Is one of the Beyond The Podium speakers photographer Ian Wright? He was on our April crossing and I thought he said he would be back on the westbound. I found his sessions to be quite interesting.

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8 hours ago, Denny01 said:

Our Cruise Director is hilarious. He’s Alexandro. A funny well liked Argentinian who jokes about soccer, sorry Football and England. And is very self depreciating. Great guy. 



Do you know how long he will be onboard?  We are on the 2nd sailing back in the US so following along in anticipation.

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Tuesday 29 Oct

Weather is much better. Still cool (cold for Floridians!) but wind is down and sea is pretty smooth and the outside decks are open. Was able to enjoy our balcony.


Our SR is 1243, a Concierge. OK additions, but we selected it because it is on the bump out with a larger Balcony. Nice location on deck 10. Quiet and close to the elevators. Like it a lot. Excellent steward. Very responsive.


We had a light breakfast at El Bacio, then lunch at the Oceanview. today, they had special Greek specialties and enjoyed it. Each day the Ocenview adds a special focus on extras.  Lots of options. I can never understand the comments about not finding what they can enjoy in the buffet aboard these ships........so many options.


Tonight, we will celebrate Halloween with what looks like a lot dressing up and a parade. Our roll call has an ongoing card games setup in the main dining room then later we had a chocolate sharing we all brought from our home towns. Fun. Very active Roll Call. And more than a few who stepped up and took on setting these up.


Stopped at the Martini Ice Bar this time and had a nice drink and watched the bartenders do their tricks. Although we are Elite+ and have the happy hr, the drink package is very handy - don’t have to crowd in 5-7pm; for early/main diners don’t have just the 45min-1hr only; can get a free wine at dinner; get a drink at any of the bars during the elite happy hr and so on. Nice choice with the 2 or 3 benefits even though we have the Elite happy hr. May do it again. Like the flexibility and options it provides.


The Halloween costume parade and contest was lots of fun. Many people participated and did some really funny ones. About 6 little girls were all dressed up and they had a kids contest too. Then good dance music on the Foyer followed by a band in the Sky Lounge were we danced more. Great dancing and fun for all.


Wednesday 30 Oct

Weather is great, almost flat seas and little wind. Much the same as our other more Southerly crossings. Nice. Cool but nice.


Up for breakfast. the Elite breakfast is very nice as is the selections at the Oceanview. The main dining is open and serving a number of selections. All enticing.


Been taking a document scan of the daily so have it on our iPhone - using Notes, selecting the camera icon at the bottom of Notes and selecting Scan Document. Then you can take a photo and crop it of 1/2 the Daily Planner list, add the 2nd half and then the hrs of operation. very handy.




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Wednesday 30 Oct Cont


More people around the pool and outside all today. Temp was in the 60’s, calm seas all day and low wind. Saw a couple of pods of dolphin. Starting to see more fishing boats as we pass the New England coast. 


NYC looks like it will be rainy, but will see. We’d put in for tickets for the Colbert Late Night show, but got an email saying we didn’t make the cut. So we went on today Txt and got tickets to ‘Dear Evan Hanson’ which sounds outstanding. Going to wander to old garment district and shop a bit, grab a lunch at Ben’s Deli then to the play later. 


All well aboard. Good Podium talks - one on Boston: not a ship tour infomercial! History. And what to do and a lot of what to do in walking distance of Boston piers. 


Going to have breakfast on the balcony so we can watch Miss Liberty go by!


Post more later.

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Thur 31 Oct - Happy Halloween!

We pulled into NYC on time and in fact a bit early. Low clouds and a bit rainy and cool, but ready for NYC!


Passed the Statue of Liberty with lots of photos and Ellis Island - people were taking photos, but using their flash - remember, flashes only work for about 10ft or so.


Into Pier 88 on the Hudson. Tall buildings all in the clouds - no tours to see NYC panorama from Chrysler or Empire today.


Got an Immigration letter the day prior telling us what to do and assigning us a group time to depart and not to go until the call our group number. Our estimated time is 9am. Gangway is on Deck 4 next to the Cellar Masters.



- The Immigration Letter they put in your SR the day prior.

  • Passport/Perm or Alien card, copy or digital ESTA  form.


they put a sticker on our seapass after immigration and we can then depart or go back aboard. The form says time cannot be modified so keep that in mind for private/early tour plans. If you arent going ashore, you still need to go off the ship to go through immigration.


Went into town and walked over to 6th Ave and 36th area to shop and sightsee - did a lot of special shops for crafts and beading. Great stores - Beads World on 38th past 6th Ave was the best for us.


Dined at a deli on 6th Ave - too rainy and getting tired lugging bags so caught a taxi back for $13 from 6th Ave. Not bad. We walked 10K steps or 4 miles from 10am to 2pm. Going to rest and catch a taxi at 6pm to head to our play, ‘Dear Even Hanson’ tonight. Rain should stop by then.


Ship has limited dining in port. But we’ll use the Tea time 4-5pm in the Oceanview since main dining is later.


NYC has a Halloween parade at 7pm near Bryant Park on 6th Ave tonight. Looks fun but will be at the play.


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By the way, we found NYC people to be very friendly and helpful. Stopped in a cafe for just a coffee and they waiter told us normally we had to order food, but he let us have just the coffee and then refused to charge us. We tipped him!! Another person saw we were a bit confused and asked if we needed help. Nice.





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31 Oct - Cont

Got back after our evening in NYC. Instead of light dining on the ship and heading to our play, we took a taxi to the Playwriters Pub on 8th and 46th. Had a quick pub meal and a nice Tullamore. Then walked to the Music Box Theatre where we had tickets for ‘Dear Evan Hanson’. Got tickets via todaytxt.com which you can get tickets for the next day plays (no idea if longer) which we did yesterday and had tickets on the 4th row center for about 1/2 price. You don’t get tickets at the theatre office, you get them from a TodayTxt rep who shows up about 1/2 hr prior to the production. You’ll need the email/conf# then send you. Worked just fine. great seats.......and a fantastic play. I won’t go into it, it’s a universal story of love and rejection and very interesting people. One of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.


Started walking back because the taxi’s are taken near the theatres. Got one on 9th St and it was much quicker and saved our poor legs after 8miles of walking for the day! $11. Well worth it. Watch out, there’s a lot of non-taxis running around offering rides after the shows close and they can be expensive, and I’d not trust them. That’s me.


Got back aboard. Dropped stuff off and changed, then up the the Sky Lounge for a Toasted Almond and a view of the city. Clouds are above the buildings so beautiful skyline. Sky Lounge - the best view in Manhattan....best drinks in Manhattan.....best prices in Manhattan!!


Had a note from the Capt in our cabin. We have a major front coming through at 1-2am and strong winds after it. with the Hudson tide and strong winds, we may not make it out at 2am and have to wait until morning. Note said we’d have a nice view of NYC again, and would work to not be too late IF we had to wait until morning. And if we were late in Boston, we’d stay later. So we’ll see how it goes.


tomorrow is a sea day. I’d be surprised if we were late getting to Boston with a sea day tomorrow: Boston isn’t exactly that far from NYC even sailing around Cape Cod, but what do I know!?!


Going to bed and giving my poor knees a rest.




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5 hours ago, NewCruiserSpooner said:

We've booked 1243 for the Feb 2020 cruise, right after dry-dock.  Would it be possible for you to post a few cabin pics so we can do a before and after refurbishment ?  Thanks.

Will do tomorrow. Great SR. Has the foward bump out Balcony that is larger and protected from the wind. Bed is next to the BR and it is very near the aft elevators which go down to El Bacio and Main Dining, and up to Oceanview. It is very very quiet. 


Love it. 



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01 Nov Friday - At Sea


Well, kind of ‘at sea’. we left at Noon instead of 0200 or even in the morning. The storm came through and the ship’s connection with the gangway was damaged. It took until 12:00 today to get it fully fixed and off we went. It was kind of neat in that we got great views of NYC and Lady Liberty mid-day. 


No idea of impact on Boston yet.



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Fri 01 Nov - NYC-At Sea


The Wx is clear and beautiful - cold and windy but not a cloud. Going to get to Boston at Noon and stay until 7pm which is nice. Sea state is fine so steady deck. Went to the iLounge iPad/iPhone class and it was very informative on organizing photos. Went to the IOS-13 class earlier and to a Tips class also. Strongly recommend them. My wife and I taught iPad classes for seniors and we learned a lot in these classes. Glenn and Francis are excellent and easily understood.....and patient!


Had dinner in the Tuscan Grill. Outstanding. had the ribeye and fillet. Had a table right at the stern and watched the sunset. Loved it. One suggestion: let your waitstaff at your regular main dining table (if you have set dining) know you will be gone.


Enjoyed the day and ready for Boston. We will take a shuttle from the dock to Quincey Market (Bostonians pronounce it Quinzay not Qunsee). As the do the town......but with John Quincey Adams, they pronounce it Qunsee - they do that on purpose to confuse us!


Good Night.


Sat 02 Nov Sat - Boston

In on time and all well. Clear, cool, nice. Up for breakfast and then watch the docking.


The shuttle to Quincey Market area is $20pp/roundtrip. Worth it and quick. It’s about a 2mile walk.


Quincey - disappointed. the ‘market’ is almost entirely chain stores we have everywhere. Few special local art or neat stuff. Lots of food vendors - tons of lobster rolls. About $20. We ate at the Bostonia Pub nearby. Fun, neat place Lobster rolls were a few bucks more but inside seating and relaxing. Had a combo playing live music and lots of locals along with us. Bought a wine class with the Boston cityscape on it, and in the Marketplace, bought PJ’s with lobster all over them - Do Not Make Fun of Me!!


wandered a bit more. I’d suggest not coming over to the Market but taking a tour, or going to the JFK Library. For some reason, the ship didn’t have that as a tour, but it’s close and you can taxi there and it is extremely interesting. Should have done that again instead.


Interesting watching the crew run back to the ship. they had to be back at 4:30pm and that was tight for them since there isn’t much close to the dock and they had to shuttle in and back.


Out on time and enjoyed the evening. The big show was the Runaround Kids. Very odd name but a quartet playing 50’s and 60’s rock and lots of very funny skits/jokes. Huge energy. We had them on the Edge and it was great seeing them again! A great show - hope they can work them in again. If you have them on your cruise.....do not miss them!


Sunday 03 Nov - At Sea

No time changes, but our electronic watches and iPads/computers did the Daylight change so we had to change back this morning.


Up in time for the Podium talk on the assignation of Robert Kennedy - the podium speakers are great: True Crimes, an LA prosecutor Ronald Bowers who wrote a number of true crime books; Hollywood Movies/Actors, Harry Murphy; Broadway musicals, with Steven Friedman; the Beatles with Ian Wright; Ports Info (not tour or shopping infomercial!) with Martin Lee. All were excellent. But Steven Friedman was a standout singing many of Broadway songs, and Ron Bowers with 1st hand info on many of the famous LA murders.


relaxing until lunch - doing my craft Kumihimo while my wife makes a necklace. then probably cards with the Roll Call people we’ve met. Very active roll call. Lots of fun. 


the Silhouette doesn’t have an App yet for daily info and so on as more of the other Celebrity ships do. We had it on the Edge in March, but it was very temperamental then. I understand it does better now. what I do is take a photo of the daily using my iPhone Notes Photo Document and have it handy. I always misplace paper!


Post later. 



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7 minutes ago, 39august said:

Do you know if the Spa Cafe was open for lunch on embarkation day, please? Will be boarding in 4 weeks and curious as  on Equinox in Sept.  it was not open that day, nor the next week either. 

Spa Cafe was open from 11:30 - 1:30 on Edge embarkation day.

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Monday 04 Nov - Bermuda


Into Bermuda on a beautiful day. In the 70’s no rain and the colors of the sea and harbor are fascinating. My wife does beading and is going to capture the colors in a necklace.


We went ashore on our own. Wandered the shops which had some local artists and not nearly as many ‘international diamond/watch/trinket shops as other islands. Bermuda is not a Caribbean type stop - very unique. We’ve done a number of tours prior when staying here 3 days so we re on ou own this time. I’d recommend a general bus tour ship or private, to see the island, or take the ferry to St George and wander, and the Crystal Caves which are neat. Most of the buildings have limestone roofs in steps to capture rainwater in cisterns. there are no natural water sources, just rain and desalination. Bought a map placemat (I like ‘useable art’) showing the reefs and shipwrecks; large cruise ships come into Bermuda from the northeast near St George and sail around the west side using the channel. There’s an ongoing argument in Bermuda on whether to deepen the channel for the mega-cruise ships.


Had lunch at the Frog and Onion. Neat pub but I’d only have a drink there - the fish/chips were $26. By the way, they take US$; the Bermuda dollar is always equal to the US$. Had a Dark and Stormy, à Bermuda dark rum and hunger beer; wife had a Swizzle, a mix of rums.


Back on board for dinner; then at 10:30pm they had the ‘Runaway Kids’ playing at the poolside and we all went up and danced and sang - a great time. First time the weather and temp would allow big dance time outside. Hope they do it more. A great turnout.


Tuesday - 05 Nov Dep Bermuda At Sea


Departed Bermuda on a beautiful day at 11:30am. First time I’ve seen so many coming onboard so close to departure time. My favorite was at 11:30 a woman with a walker was coming down the wharf. I’m afraid I spent too many years in the Navy when Missing Movement, even late aboard was a major offense. And could be if you are too late out of Bermuda!


And be of a quiet day today. we are sitting on the balcony enjoying the sail away and beading/Kumihimoing (if thats a word).


By the way, for breakfast, I love Eggs Benedict: the M-Class ships have an Eggs Benedict ‘station’ on Oceanview, and I didn’t see one here. But then realized they do all the different Eggs Benedict at the Omelet Station - most all probably know that but I forgot!!


One correction: if the cruise ship comes into Bermuda from the south, there’s a direct channel from the open ocean to the naval dockyard we are traversing now. Lots of reefs!




Edited by Denny01
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I’m all messed up on the channels and Bermuda. I thought we were sailing south out of the wharf and we are sailing back along Bermuda the same way we came in. There’s only one channel in and out for cruise ships. So much for my maritime navigation!!


Bermuda is on the other side of the ship as we sail back northeast then past St George and turn back south for Nassau. 


Oh well, that’s what happens after a few Dark and Stormy’s!!



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Tue 06 Night - At Sea


We ate at Lee Petit Chef at QSINE. Wow. Fantastic. I’m not a big one on the animated chefs displays on the plates/table but it was fun. There were two seatings: 6pm and 8:30pm. You need to be a bit early, not late! They run the animation and serve all at the same time. You have 4 servings. the salad was a killer, but the ravioli was to die for. Great sauce. then the excellent steak fillet. I thought was good if not better than Tuscan Grill. Fun dessert, a light layered cake. Fun and well worth it. There are an alternative to each of the 4, but I’d recommend staying with the set one unless you are allergic to something.


Back for a 9pm show and then relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Went to the late night Lier’s Club show with Alexanjdro, Peter and the Capt Paul, the 2nd in command. Colorful and really funny. Adult.



Wednesday 06 Nov - At Sea


Slept late (Even later than normal!). beautiful warm day, calm seas. Sailing to Nassau. Not one of our favorite ports - been there done that more than a few times - so will spend all day aboard.


Today is last of the Podiums so will go to them as possible. Also this is the ‘Big Sale’ day..that should be fun with 1,000 people at the tables.



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Wed 06 Nov - At Sea (Cont)

Yup, big sales - most things $10 and buy 4 and get one free. Not a huge crowd! This cruise has many experienced and repeat cruisers, especially Celebrity cruisers so they’ve seen and bought most of this stuff prior. We did buy with all my ‘comments’ about sales. Celebrity has these neat zipper bags that are very handy for carrying stuff around the ship and so on so bought some for us and gifts.


Played cards with our UK friends then ready for dinner: lobster and Beef Wellington. It was cold water lobster so had it - enjoyed it. It wasn’t Fla ‘Langosta’ warm water lobster. Tipped our waitstaff and thanked them since we’d probably not make main dining last night.


then off to entertainment. It was a magician and I didn’t really enjoy him. good magic, but he was too swearing and putdown for me. Im not into cheap shot artists. You know us Navy guys aren’t use to bad language (he just didn’t use it properly with any fun to it). 


Will post tomorrow and then after the cruise, post a general review of the ship and answer any questions......I can answer!


We did make a another future cruise purchase. We were set for a 2021 Japan to Vancouver TransPacific (yes, we love at sea days!!) on the Millennium. But found that the Eclipse leaves a week prior and was cheaper so went for it.


07 Nov - Nassau

Been there done that. we stayed on board and enjoyed. I think I’m running out of stuff to report on so this is short. Did the grill and had a nice hamburger and sat in the smoking side because of the shade. It’s outside and not an issue for us since a bit of whiff doesn’t bother us, realizing it does for others. It is where smokers have a nice place to sit, smoke one and enjoy a drink and food.


Spent afternoon packing and reorganizing. All went well. Did do dinner at the Oceanview instead of main dining. I wasn’t that impressed with it. Nothing wrong with the choices, lots of them, but porkchop was med well and so on. what you expect of a nice buffet. I’ll stick with Main dining unless there’s a big reason to go for dinner there.  Tipped our steward. Outstanding. then into bed with an early wake up. Our number departure time is estimated at 7am. The walk offs are 6:30am.


08 Nov - Ft Lauderdale

Got up early and got ready. Had quick breakfast. Ship was released and walkoffs with their own luggage were called at 6:45am. the 1st tags were called at 7:15 and we were called at 7:25am. All very smooth. Lots of people standing around at the gangway which isn’t necessary. Lots of seating other places. For those that think they can go prior to their luggage # call: when the people got to the luggage area and if they had come down early, the were asked to wait off to the side so sneaking off early doesnt work too well. We had Global Entry but that wasn’t set for there, but lines were Very short. we picked our luggage up, through emigration and out to find a taxi to the airport car rental and in a taxi by 7:40!


By the way, there are good car rental choices near the port instead of the airport but my company had better rates front the airport. $15 taxi ride to airport. Taxi dropped us off inside the car rental parking building - have them drop you off at the departure of the terminal so you don’t walk all the way through the parking lot to the front to get your car info. Drive out was smooth and all went well.


Summary to follow.


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