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What happened, did I miss something?

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3 hours ago, Curly-Q said:

Given the suggestion to research hotel directors, does anyone know how can I get the current list of hotel directors by ship?


27 minutes ago, *Miss G* said:


I believe there is a fairly recent “who is” thread somewhere on this board.  I will see if I can find it.  Hopefully someone who knows where to get the information reads your post.


Search was hard but the answer might be in this thread.  It appears that @Copper10-8 knows everything!

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I read with interest your critique of the food.  On our last two cruises (one a Grand Cruise)  I found the food to be less than good.  I agree completely with your "cleaning out the pantry" description.  Really, beets on top of a hamburger; New England clam chowder with the wrong kind of clams and in the shell to boot; unknown toppings on meats to disguise their poor quality.  One of our tablemates said he never knew what he was going to get when he ordered an item; usually it was something unexpected.  Of course there were also some people who thought the food was great.  But  I'm glad to find that I am not the only one who thinks the food on HAL has really gone downhill.  I think the problem are the "celebrity chefs" trying to show off.

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11 minutes ago, 3rdGenCunarder said:

I don't understand what good it does to know who the hotel director is. If you've already booked your cruise, he/she is there whether you like him/her or not.



So true.

And as far as the dining, that is very much determined by how the executive chef runs his area.  Sometimes  there will be great talent running the Lido; sometimes the MDR; sometimes the PG.  So many departments!

I say forget about it.  Hopefully the overall good stuff outweighs the bad.  Typically it does.


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We love HAL and have enjoyed many varied itineraries over the past 10 years.  But we do find the food at the MDR to be on the decline. We do not enjoy buffet style meals, so prefer to avoid the Lido and cannot speak to that (we would rather just order room service).  We have found the Pinnacle to be hit and miss on different ships. One thing we've learned is if we don't like something, we can almost always get it replaced with something we do like.  


We are pretty critical of food, so we chalk it up to being foodies and picky about what we eat.


When budgeting the trip, we assume we will eat at a specialty restaurant at least 1/2 the nights.  


I don't know if the OP is experiencing something specific to the ship, or HAL in general.  But to me, after being on several different HAL ships now, I find that food is hit and miss, just like an all-inclusive resort.  No, it isn't all great, but you can usually find something yummy by trial and error.  Just don't be afraid to ask for a replacement if you don't like something and you should be ok.  

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Having been away from HAL for some years, we returned for a great itinerary of Japan on Maasdam beginning July 31 for two weeks. Sadly I have to agree that the food in every venue was subpar compared to our previous cruises. One example in the MDR was a “rustic lasagna” that tasted like it was made with ketchup. We eat out a lot and go to lots of buffets here in Vegas. We aren’t picky or overly critical. Based on the food alone we will be highly unlikely to cruise HAL again. 

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17 hours ago, 3rdGenCunarder said:

I don't understand what good it does to know who the hotel director is. If you've already booked your cruise, he/she is there whether you like him/her or not.




Many of us    here who have sailed a very large number of cruises know or ar e familiar with lots of crew/officers   on t he ships  It   is nice to know if we might have the c hance to see an old friend on an upcoming cruise










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