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Club Royale vs CAS?


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Any players who played on and/or have status with both programs - would love to hear your thoughts on how you think the programs compare in terms of on board perks and future comps based on similar play.


I understand Club Royale is a lot more transparent in offering future certificates and monthly offers while with CAS you have more flexibility in getting comps (as opposed to just casino rate) on any cruise you are looking to book, but the comps are hit or miss and no real certainty. Which do you feel offers more for their players?


Thinking of trying NCL and want to know what to expect.


Any other info greatly appreciated!

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I hate the admin. fees that CAS levies on every cruise. The fees make CAS cruises always more expensive than Club Royale cruises. What's nice about Club Royale is the ability for some of their offers to have a trade in value that you can use to book almost any other cruise (other than holiday sailings). We're going on a Suez Canal cruise next month on Royal that was totally comped using a Club Royale certificate's $2,500 value which covered the entire cost of a balcony cabin, with NO ADMIN Fees like CAS!


Edit: It's ashame that Celebrity's Blue Chip Club is such a mess considering Celebrity has such nice ships and it's a great cruiseline. Carnival as a great program and nice casinos but limited itineraries and lowbrow ships. 

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1 minute ago, kwokpot said:

 We're going on a Suez Canal cruise next month on Royal that was totally comped using a Club Royale certificate's $2,500 value which covered the entire cost of a balcony cabin, with NO ADMIN Fees like CAS!


$2,500? Nice! was that a monthly offer or 2 onboard JS certificates combined?

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1 minute ago, seasidemama said:

Very nice! Enjoy 😃

Thanks, and full disclosure, my husband is the gambler. Despite be Asian I'm not big on gambling. I spend $20 a night gambling, he does that on one spin!


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There are pros and cons to each.  Yes, NCL has the admin fee and you pay the gratuity if you choose the drink package and/or dining perk. 


That said, you get the perks.  On Royal, you're buying a drink package. If you're diamond and get your happy hour drinks and your casino drinks, that may be enough for you.  I prefer to have the full drink package I can use anywhere. 


NCL, like you mentioned, isn't transparent, but they're also flexible. You can get casino rate on any sailing and if qualified, you free cabins on any sailing, where Royal you're limited to your offers or the trade in values.  


I'm hearing more and more often lately that people are receiving great offers, but when you call the cabins are all gone and you can only upgrade if you can first get that cabin - and you can't downgrade to a lower offer, even when you've seen it and know it's out there for others. 


Royal's comp program is clear and actually pretty easy . . . which means people are qualifying in droves and that makes availability tighter.  I'd also expect them to change the program at some point. 


I uploaded my land offer to urcomped, and have comps booked on MSC and Royal for 2020.  


Finishing out my 2019 NCL cruises and will be deciding in 2021 who will have my loyalty. 

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No current knowledge of other clubs, but  I've stuck with NCL- CAS as I like the benefits with the CAS Tiers.  Yes, I wish I didn't have to pay an Admin fee of $20 per person per day but I still like knowing what I will be comped.   Each cruise I start with a guaranteed amount of OBC which doesn't limit the additional comps they give me at the end of the cruise.   Now that I'm Ruby with them (35,000 points earned per year) I start with $400 OBC, 400 wifi minutes and Ultra Drinks in the casino.   At the end of the cruise CAS will then give me additional comps off of my onboard charges.   Then I just call CAS when I want to book another cruise and ask about two or three I'm interested in.   The cabin category they will offer me depends on the current cost of those cruises/cabins.   

I find this a very easy and dependable comp system.   I compare it to comps I get in Las Vegas.  Caesars (CET) casinos guarantee me best room (usually suites) and I know how many comp $$ I have to spend.   When I tried MGM, they comped me a room and then told me to 'charge everything to your room and then we will see if we can comp anything more'.   Hated that.  I want to know that the expensive meal I am enjoying is comped before I 'charge it to the room'.  

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