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LIVE Equinox 8 Night Eastern Caribbean!!!!

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Such a crazy day. I was up by 7am and enjoyed my coffee. We took Uber to the port it cost $19.95 And we were there in less than 10 minutes. We arrived about 10:45am.  It looked like we were the only ship in port but we moved so quickly into the building I didn’t really get a chance to check it out.

WOW what can I say through security checked in and on the ship in about 10 minutes that’s a new record for me, it was so easy. This is the first time I used the electronic boarding pass.

After dropping off our carry in at our cabins and picking up our keys we stopped at Cafe AL Bacio for a quick latte, then off to the Martini Bar to met our friends, a great reunion!! We are all having dinner in Murano tomorrow night. 
The lifeboat drill was at 2:45pm short and sweet, thank God we didn’t have to sit though that movie again.

My luggage was there when I returned and met my steward Antonio from Goa India, so far very nice guy.

I stopped at the World Class bar for a drink and met Pedro the bartender, he has worked for Celebrity for some time but we had never crossed paths before.

They offered 30% off speciality restaurants do we decided to go to Tuscan Grill, it was good and the service was great. It’s almost midnight and I am ready for sleep more tomorrow.One last thing I did get the bag that others have said Celebrity isn’t giving out any more.






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It’s Saturday morning and I managed to sleep till 745. Could it be that I’m in an inside cabin thats pitch black, The answer is yes. Since I booked at the last minute it’s really all I could get and I did end up in an accessible cabin so that is a plus. I’m going to make several post so they don’t have an issue with taking forever for the photos to load. This morning is the captain club get together at 10:15 in Craft Social and then to slot pull us at 11 o’clock so I have a busy morning ahead of me. The first set of pictures I’m going to post or all of the literature that was in the cabin when I arrived. The second post will be pictures of my cabin and the last post will be pictures of various things that happened last night













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We disembarked yesterday, happy to be able to follow along with you! 

Jesse Hamilton performed on our cruise, we dont go to a lot of shows but went to both of his! If you have the comedian, Rich, he is also very good. Just don't arrive late!

Pedro and Jay were among our our fave World class bartenders. I hope they get a few more customers this cruise!

I noted in your Daily - the smoking section on deck 5. We we quite disappointed on our itinerary they had smoking on deck 5 port forward and starboard mid. That was our only “complaint” of the trip!



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I went to the Tuscan Grille for the elite breakfast it was not that busy in there so I had a great view of the ocean. Here are some pictures from breakfast and then I went onto the cruise critic meeting at 10:15 in the craft social bar and then followed up by the slot pull in the casino. That was a lot of fun I got to meet a lot of different people.  When all was said and done I think we ended up with $18 a person and we had all contributed $20. Someone made a suggestion that we take all the money and go to the roulette table and bet on black everybody agreed to that decision off we went to the roulette table and we doubled our money all of us won $38 each and we agreed to cash out at that point.













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On 10/25/2019 at 12:58 AM, HAM said:

See you @ the Martini Bar !!!


1 hour ago, h20cruzer said:









Hi George.

Just happened to be scrolling the Celebrity board and I FOUND YOU!!!

Have fun.


To the OP -

Sorry to hijack but I couldn't resist.

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7 hours ago, chamima said:




Hi George.

Just happened to be scrolling the Celebrity board and I FOUND YOU!!!

Have fun.


To the OP -

Sorry to hijack but I couldn't resist.

Hi Karen !!!

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Enjoying your review. Nice format and photos!


Does the Elite breakfast  include a Bellini,  Mimosa or Bloody Mary?


Is it just me or does the Sail Your Way  Program,  sound like  the former Go Big, Better,  Best program ?    There was was no asterik indicating an added or higher cost if you select the the  alcohol perk with Sail Plus as one of the 2 perks...(We will be checking it out in Nov, if still offered)

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15 hours ago, hcat said:

Enjoying your review. Nice format and photos!


Does the Elite breakfast  include a Bellini,  Mimosa or Bloody Mary?


Is it just me or does the Sail Your Way  Program,  sound like  the former Go Big, Better,  Best program ?    There was was no asterik indicating an added or higher cost if you select the the  alcohol perk with Sail Plus as one of the 2 perks...(We will be checking it out in Nov, if still offered)

Yes to all the drinks still included. Not sure about the sail

plus haven’t read it yet, I have 4 cruises booked..so haven’t been looking to book any more, sorry. 

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Some how the time is slipping away from

me . Last night we ate in Murano, I only managed a couple of pics.  After that we went to the Sky lounge on 14, sorry no pics. What happens in the sky lounge stays in the sky lounge.










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Today’s program. Today we arrived in San Juan Puerto Rico around 3:30pm and are leaving about 11pm. Lots of people got off however lots of people didn’t leave the ship. Sun was out today and many were enjoying the pool. Pretty lazy day for me. I had room service for lunch with s green salad and grilled salmon, it was delicious.












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It’s Monday and we are in St. Maarten. 
cloudy and a little rain. Had breakfast in the Tuscan, good as always. The captain came on this morning and said there were technical issues last night so we would not be docking in St. Maarten until 10:30 instead of 10 o’clock. He also stated we would be staying an hour late to make up for it. By the time all was said and done people are not getting off the ship till almost 11:15. I was sitting in Café Al Bacio  enjoying my coffee and watching the people waiting in line to get off.

last night we ate at sushi and everything we had was delicious. I will post photos of the daily and a couple other random shots.

everything has been excellent so far with the exception of 2 small issues and those are service in the martini bar and service In Cafe Al Bacio. We have been to the martini bar all three nights and it takes at least 20 minutes to get a drink in my opinion unacceptable. I have never had it take that long to get a drink there I don’t know what the problem is but I’m going to be asking to speak to the bar manager tonight. Cafe Al Bacio seems to be understaffed in the morning they’ve had two people here and they cannot keep up with the crowd now I’ve sat here for three hours chatting with friends and finally had to get up and take my card to one of the waiters to order ice tea after trying to flag someone down for 45 minutes.’














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Tuesday, St Thomas

When I went To the Tuscan Grille for breakfast yesterday there was a rainbow on the horizon it was very beautiful however it didn’t show up very well in the picture. As usual I did not get off the ship yesterday but my friends did so I ended up at the Sunset bar having a mudslide, just one it was delicious.

This morning I was awake at 5:30 AM go figure I’m on vacation.

We had dinner in the Tuscan Grille last night everything was pretty good except I ordered a ribeye steak and what appeared before me was a fillet no big deal the fillet was good but I don’t know how you could mix up a ribeye for a fillet. 
Again photos of the daily program and some random shots from yesterday. Today I have no plans to get off the ship I’m just going to relax some people watch. Not sure why but the are not posting the pictures in the order I select them, ugh, and no idea how to rearrange them.















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