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John&LaLa Live B2B from Symphony 10/26 and 11/2, Great Expectations 🎂

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2 hours ago, Mikew0805 said:



1 hour ago, HBE4 said:


I was thinking the same thing.


Then I started thinking as to why John would know this....😂


Just kidding....

Most likely it is Bella that puts him up to this deviant behavior. Sometimes living with a pup can drive you crazy and lead to poor decision making.

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15 hours ago, vettprincess said:

2 inches-not even noticed.   

The problem in the south when it snows...the roads get icy quickly. Cities don’t have sand trucks for something that seldom happens, so bridges have to be closed, and there are a lot of 

fender benders. 

If the people who live with snow every winter only had snow once a decade, believe me, they’d notice it. 

We have to drive 8 hours to enjoy snow. 

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2 hours ago, jagsfan said:

The problem in the south when it snows...the roads get icy quickly. Cities don’t have sand trucks for something that seldom happens, so bridges have to be closed, and there are a lot of 

fender benders. 

If the people who live with snow every winter only had snow once a decade, believe me, they’d notice it. 

We have to drive 8 hours to enjoy snow. 

I fly 3 hours to get away from it.

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22 hours ago, Bailey & Sophie said:
On 10/31/2019 at 9:47 AM, John&LaLa said:

2 inches of snow shut down a city of 5 million people.


In Minnesota we don't even grab a coat for 2 inches of snow.

I'm a little late to the party, been dealing with a vehicle that is broke down and over an hour away from where we live.  It decided to die on the way home from work in the middle of a thunderstorm on Wednesday.  Lovely.  😆


Anyway, have lived NW of Atlanta for over 13 years now and through Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snow Jam, and any of the other snow and ice storms that have brought the city to its knees.  Last year they finally worked with our northern neighbors to design a comprehensive cold weather plan, seem to be including members of all counties and school boards, added additional trucks, salt and sand stores, etc.  Powers that be finally realized that just handling the streets ITP didn't help the traffic problems on the interstate and outer communities.


Last year we were supposed to get a dusting of snow, caught many of the schools in a bind.  The first pic is our neighborhood about 0930.  The second is our back deck around, 1800, hubs shoveled some snow out the way so the pups could have a quick place to go.  The third is the front yard again the following morning and the last the back deck from overnight.  We ended up with about 12 inches of a light dusting. 🤣







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Off to the comedy show. Going solo again. Laura is tired. At least she's not sick this year.


Simeon was good again, Mike was better than the other night


Simeon ended his act reading comments from the surveys. Corny, but funny. 



Mike played off of Simeon's set fairly well



That's about it for day 5. Halloween tomorrow 



Comp drinks today were

2 Amstel 

3 Cape Codders 

2 Newcastle 

1 dbl Bailey's with espresso


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Day 6 - Halloween at Sea


Apparently it's also Thursday



Busy day today, Theater tour, Pinnacle Lunch, haunted house, Flight, Halloween parade and balloon drop.


For now, let's enjoy the sunrise



Promenade decorations seem complete.



Pub was nice


Headed to theater, noticed it was lazer tag again. Maybe next week



At the theater. Of course the signer is here. Kind of surprised he's on stage since only about 4 of the 400 or so deaf cruisers are here.



Bright lights, big city 



My dome needs powder, to much glare



The ISS prop is cool up close



This is not the Show ending plane.😉



Gotta run, time for lunch

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2 hours ago, Yorkvillain said:

Lol. They were sold out. 

I got mine back in September. Gonna wear it to the next 70s party, and maybe tomorrow tonight too. 😉

1 hour ago, John&LaLa said:

Absolute worst Love & Marriage show ever. Dont know where to begin. I'll just answer like the wimpy husbands and say everything is perfect



LOL, no spine. Bet they weren’t brow beat back in the cabin though. 😂


Amazed that you made it to dessert at JR.  I only ever made it that far once. Well done. Well done. 

Edit: amazing sunrise photo. 

Edited by A&L_Ont
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Lunch with an Officer,  AKA Pinnacle lunch 


Symphony doesn't use the names American Icon, Silk, or Grand. Just MDR 5



Our table hosts were Nissan - Head of Security, and Allister - Manager Hotel Operations. We had nice wine. Kim Crawford and Bell Glos. I had a lot of my favorite Pinot Noir. 🍷🍷🍷🍷


Menu was kind of foo foo



This was very fishy



Arancini is basically deep fried risotto,  much better than the one above.



I got the halibut,  Laura the short rib



Cheesecake balls



Chocolate bar



Had a nice visit with both officers. Allister was on Harmony for this cruise last year.  He says this one will be more elaborate. 

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Huge line for haunted house, all the way from Attic to casino. Took us about 25 minutes to get in, then just few to go thru. It was ok. Very low budget.


Our position after about ten minutes.



How far we had gone






Bouncer. They let about 20 people in at a time



Cute Kid


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