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Tales from the Journey Transatlantic 5 November 2019

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We really did enjoy the Cuban buffet. We are not experts on Cuban food and were not able to judge whether it was genuine Cuban food or not - we did hear a couple complain to the maitre d’ that it was not a fair representation of the food of that country. Whether it was a fair representation or not the plantain chips and spiced pork pork were particularly enjoyable. As was the creole paella pictured below. 

We are now well settled into a pattern of Sea days. Typically each of thing happens at the same time every day but you have to be careful because sometimes something changes time for example a lecture can move from 11 to 4. 

Since I last posted there have been Mediterranean buffets and North Sea buffets and I believe tonight is a Baltic buffet whatever that entails. Both nights we have been in the speciality restaurant which we have enjoyed greatly. 

The sea conditions remain quite calm however we are on a warning of much rougher seas for tonight and tomorrow so I will post back what that really means in reality. Unfortunately we are also going to pick up some quite heavy rain for our entire time in Bermuda. Husbands shore excursion was cancelled four days ago a cycling trip due to lack of bookings unfortunately they continue to promote it on the front of the insider as a must do excursion after the cancellation notice which was a bit of a lack of attention to detail. That said the excursion would’ve been cancelled anyway now given the rain that is expected so we have more on-board credit that we have no idea what to do with. 

An outcome of the expected  bad weather is that they will not be doing White Night on the evening we are in Bermuda there only option weather and wind wise is now to try and do it tomorrow evening when we are at sea hoping that the seas have calmed down. To be honest we don’t find an indoor white night that enjoyable and so are now planning an extra trip to which ever speciality restaurant is open.


Entertainment on board has been fine they are having to juggle it around a bit with the change to white nights. Mel Mellors will

be back tonight for us he was eye watering funny. Others did not like him - maybe his British humour got lost in translation.  We did not see Tango show but heard mixed reviews i think it depended on your own level of dance expertise what you thought


The photos are still all being rotated 

never had this issue here before this week. I’m going to leave posting them all until

cruise critic sorted the bug out. 



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I am also really enjoying this. A transatlantic cruise is on my bucket list and I am keen to hear whether it translates into enjoyment in reality. Particularly if you have heavy seas - good luck with that!

I am also following this as a lead in to joining the ship in Miami so I don’t actually mind the rotated pictures 😎

Thanks for keeping at it. 

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Just now, excitedofharpenden said:

Such a pity the weather forecast isn't so great, but hope you manage to at least get off for a much needed stretch of the legs and fresh air. 



Oh I will a Dark and Stormy with Goslings has our names on it

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The last two sea days have been extremely enjoyable.  

The seas have moved a bit and the Captain had to give out warnings yesterday morning I think following a few people taking tumbles.  Although we had passing showers, the weather has been nice and very pleasant to sit out in, not too hot, not too cold and not too windy.


The staff onboard continue to work above and beyond to make the cruise an enjoyable experience for all despite any behind the scenes issues they are facing.  There is an issue with the phones not working and the poor housekeeping crew are now having to give up well deserved breaks to be posted in corridors in case someone needs something.  I understand why that has been done but on the other hand, unless you have disability issues, its very easy to walk short distances and organise what you need yourself and make allowances for something outwith the crews control.  The interactive TV is still there for the usual orders and information (menus, shore ex etc).  Its just not affecting us at all but maybe we are used to doing things for ourselves onboard.  The engineers are being flown to meet the ship in Bermuda to try and fix things.  


There has been a full programme of activities but I am sure there are some who are still feeling they want more.  We have been fine mixing ship run activities (art class and the occasional talk) with our own entertainment (books and knitting).  We also catch up on the talks when it suits us, not necessarily when they are on.  That way we work around our schedule and use the interactive TV as our best friend.


As a result we say a very useful talk by Alme and Lichen (Both from South Africa) helped with amazing photos by that well known traveller Heike on South Africa and what you should and should not expect.  We are already booked but I think it might have encouraged/reassured others.


Food continues to be excellent, we have had one minor glitch with one course one night but this was offset by the fact that the replacement dish was the best I have ever had that dish served.  Last night we enjoyed our favourite buffet the Greek buffet - the tossed to order authentic Greek salad was just the best ever and my plate of desserts was bad bad bad (but good good good). Not very clear photo below too much Reisling .....


White Night is being moved from our overnight in Hamilton (you cannot trust Mother Nature and she has decided after 6 days at sea it should probably be two days of thunderbolts and lightening in Bermuda.  Its our third cruise to Bermuda and we have never seen it dry, sorry fellow cruisers, we are the jinx).  The only option they have wind and weather permitting is tonight at sea and possibly inside.  We will see what happens....


Mel Mellors did his second show, we enjoy his humour, but humour is a personal thing.  We have also had two shows by Cervillas Gaucho Review, a duo who perform argentine Tango and also the drumming and rope spinning routines used by the gauchos.  It was good, just felt a bit out of place as we are not a South American cruise (it did make us think back to the dire entertainment on our South American cruise last year and muse how much more positive we might have felt then had that been offered then).  I believe this duo will be back on for the Christmas cruise on Journey.


Another busy day ahead - now for that first world problem, where will I have breakfast today......






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What a great morning onboard they had an Expo. We had seen one on another Azamara ship but this one was far better. It let the crew shine and the various departments interact with guests. It was such fun. We could try our hands at things (I’m not on the crew reserve list for napkin folding, towel animals, accurate free measure pouring or cocktail shaking and I cannot even lift the engine spanner). The demos against the clock every 15 minutes were so great, quick costumes change by a dancer was good. Staff captain getting into a survival raft was impressive but the best was the third officer getting fully into fire gear in under two minutes despite I think some sabotage of the zip of his top by his colleagues. All impressive and great to see. 




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Just now, Belfastman said:

We have experienced the Expo on two occassions,one on Pursuit and one on Quest. They are very similar and follow a set pattern.

Actually they don’t. Well certainly this one did not the teams were given free rein as to what they did and some thing’s weren’t from the other ships. The pattern of using the back room guys is the same but that’s where the set ends 

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We have been lucky enough to see at least 3 Expos...and they have all been such fun!!! ...and give us such an "insider look"!!!!  What goes on behind the scenes is amazing...and so much to see and learn!  LuAnn

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1 hour ago, Covepointcruiser said:

Sorry we missed it, looked like a lot of fun.    Your thread is much easier to read without hundreds of photos that never fully load.   You have just the right amount.

Another vote for your thread! 😉

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On ‎11‎/‎12‎/‎2019 at 9:46 PM, hamrag said:

I know it is not necessary in any sense, am simply trying to establish the proportion of jacket wearers. Thanks.

My husband always takes a jacket and tie for more formal meals...Aqualina, Prime C, dinner with officers or the captain and of course... Azamazing Evening...if required. A Scottish thing maybe? Never been 'not worn' on 18 Azamara cruises. Hope this helps.


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5 minutes ago, uktog said:

I hope this video of the new Azamara dance troup works 


Downloaded without issues.

I'm quite impressed and a little relieved. We are on Pursuit in a few weeks. I will be casually working along the way and uploading small files in emails for my clients to download will be necessary. I have been stressing a little about it for the last few days.

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5 hours ago, Host Grandma Cruising said:

I hope we get an expo on our Pursuit TA. Looks fascinating. White night looks good too. Ours is planned to be in Salvador de Bahia.

There was an excellent expo on Pursuit Rio to Lisbon cruise in March. It was much as described above.

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