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Internet package question (platinum)

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3 minutes ago, CineGraphic said:

If you are Elite or Platinum, the first day offer shows up on your device before you sign in for the first time on embarkation day.

It gives you the choice to use your free minutes or trade them in for the slightly discounted unlimited package. It's the only time you'll see this offer.


It didn't on the Caribbean Princess.  That could have been part of the "glitchiness" we experienced.  The price difference pre-cruise and a possible discount on embarkation day doesn't thrill me enough to worry about it.  I'll just take care of it pre-cruise and not have to worry about the other discount not being there when we get there.  Bird in the hand vs two in the bush sort of thinking.

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1 minute ago, CineGraphic said:

We were on the Caribbean Princess in late July/early August, and the offer was there. It could have been a glitch or you may have missed or overlooked it when signing in.


Yeah, things were a mess on our cruise.  But we had the internet café manager helping us with one of the glitches for my husband's package and he said point blank there were no discounts beyond the free minutes available for me and he knew we were platinum.  So ...


Anyway, it wouldn't have made that much difference anyway.  When I was out of minutes I just used my husband's connection.  Plus we were in port so often (stuck in port because of weather for some of it) that I always had connection most of the day anyway.

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5 hours ago, Cruzer1001 said:

Good luck figuring this out. Princess has no idea what its own prices are. Keep contacting them until you get an answer you like. We are finishing 47 days on the Ruby and apparently there was a secret, pre-departure “special” which was good but I was and still am unable to find out what it was. Online there were packages offered indicating percentage discounts but the numbers were all screwed up and made no sense. Each agent at Princess had a different version of what the internet costs. Got on-board in Vancouver and immediately paid $150 for unlimited one device for our 47 day B2B2B cruise. I have no idea why princess insists on making their internet service so mysterious and difficult.


$150 is exactly what you should have paid on board the first day as shown on the chart below for your 47 day cruise.


This represents a $30 savings over purchasing it pre-cruise for $180  where there was no platinum/elite discount.


5 hours ago, CineGraphic said:

Here is a break down of the pricing.

The embarkation day discount amounts to less than 10% of the pre-boarding price available to everyone online.



To summarize, using 7 days as an example:


Pre-cruise price for anyone including platinum/elite passengers: $60. This is supposedly at a 50% discount which would make paying the daily price $120.


Onboard first day special for those without platinum/elite status: $70. This is higher than the pe-cruise price, but still less than paying the daily rate . Obviously, those without platinum/elite status should purchase the package pre-cruise.


Onboard first day special for those with platinum/elite status: $52.50 which includes a 25% discount from the onboard price for non platinum/elite passengers.  $70 x 75% = $52.50. So those with platinum/elite status would save more by purchasing on board the ship compared to the $60 pre-cruise price.


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2 hours ago, voljeep said:

so nothing has changed since post # 2 ... :classic_wink:


Correct - many of us are still confused. The figures in the graphic are nothing like what I get quoted on my Personaliser, even allowing for exchange rates. I am going to throw my toys out of the cot and just pay before the cruise for a full unlimited package and screw my free minutes.

At any rate it seems that on board discounts plus the hassle of having to sort this out on board are not worth the trouble. I might add that the graphic shows $75 for a 12 days cruise and $75 as the discount price. We are doing a 12 day cruise.

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11 hours ago, leck57 said:

At any rate it seems that on board discounts plus the hassle of having to sort this out on board are not worth the trouble. I might add that the graphic shows $75 for a 12 days cruise and $75 as the discount price. We are doing a 12 day cruise.


Right. The one example where it makes no difference when you book it.

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Chatted online with a Princess rep and he told me there was no additional discount for a Platinum member purchasing unlimited internet on board the first day. I was just trying to get in writing that there was such a discount as has been stated many times here.. including from several who have experienced said discount. You'd think there would be an option pre-cruise to sign up for unlimited and use one's Platinum status for the small discount. It really shouldn't be that complicated. If it's only a difference of $7.50 I am probably going to save my sanity and just sign up pre-cruise and not have to worry about finding the right person in the internet cafe who is familiar with the rules. Still feel like it would be easy for Princess to explain this in simple language on their website.... if in fact they want people to use this discount.

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