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Refused refund due to medical heart condition

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Correct, that’s what I meant.  I would have thought good medical care could have been sought further south than Boston.  I hope the man is doing better.

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If Tortola was the last port stop, and the medical event happened when they were already underway for home, there's not a lot between BVI & Boston... maybe they could have stopped at Bermuda, but running hard for Boston was probably deemed to be his best chance.  

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On 11/9/2019 at 11:26 AM, stargard1 said:

I arranged for a 3 week for me and my wife on Norwegian cruise lines out of LAX. (3.5K USD trip). We had saved an planned this trip for almost 2 years.

One month prior to travel I found that I had a blockage on one of major arteries. The doctor recommended That I do not travel until the heart procedure is completed. The condition was serious enough that the medical procedure was scheduled within 3 weeks of the initial diagnosis which would have been right in the middle of my cruise trip.


contact American airlines, Airbnb and told them of the situation and provided them with the proper documentation, they graciously gave me a emergency medical reprieve and refunded me my ticket and booking fees. I suppose neither one them wanted me to die on the trip, I appreciated that.


Norwegian Cruise lines however flatly refused any refund, even after I showed all the medical documentation. I was shocked. They said there is no reason that they would provide a refund, I suppose they expected me to make the trip and maybe die on the trip just for kicks….. soulless company

I even asked them to keep the cruise ticket refund in my account, so I could use it in a later date, they refused.

They were required to provide with a partial refund, because I cancelled early. They said” you should have travel insurance with your credit card, we suggest you claim it there”. I did not travel insurance with my credit card company, so at the end, I have not got the partial refund and or a medical reprieve refund. They even stopped answering my emails.


Norwegian is a soulless company that simply does not care about you. If there is a lesson here that I would advise anyone looking for a cruise, avoid vacationing with Norwegian, they are a company that has simply no character, loyalty or care for their customers.


I'm so sorry this happened to you but you choose not to get insurance.

My dd and her boyfriend are both attorneys with very demanding schedules and I had them take out Cancel For Any Reason Insurance in case a case comes up and they cannot go, which was about another $800 on top of their cruise fare.  It sure would have been a nice thing to do if you could prove your illness and they give you back your money, but then why would anyone bother to get insurance.  Hope you are on the mend or getting there shortly.


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On ‎11‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 2:44 PM, Homosassa said:

As we are not fools, we have talked directly to the companies from which we have bought our travel insurance and we have specifically asked about "cancel for any reason"  and pre-existing conditions for any policy we have purchased.


For any of the policies that we have purchased, there is fine print for the "cancel for any reason" and preexisting conditions in the fine print for the cancel for any reason. We have also never found a policy that waives pre-exisiting conditions with the cancel for any reason clause when we purchase at the time of booking that is not way more expensive when the pre-exisiting condition criteria are not met at the time of booking.


So, in our case, your post does not apply to our situations.


In any case, my post was just intended to give the OP the head's up about what could be in the insurance policy.


I'm confused. Doesn't a "cancel for any reason" policy mean that you can cancel for ANY reason. So, your dog has a cough the morning you leave and you'd rather take him to the vet or you see a expensive bag you'd like to purchase and would rather cancel the cruise and get 75% back to buy the bag. Why even mention a medical condition or pre-existing condition at that point. Just cancel cause you can and be on your way.

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